Chapter 2047: The Spell Cast By the Crowning Empyrean Pill

Leader of the alliance!

Everyone from the Eternal Sacred Land was overjoyed. Elder Ziju Min was the most excited of the lot; he was the one who had discovered Jiang Chen, bringing him into Eternal against all opposition.

At the time, the numerous advantages and conditions he had pledged to Jiang Chen had elicited a lot of pressure upon him from his faction. However, all of it turned out to be worth it.

Everything that the Eternal Sacred Land had done for Jiang Chen paled in comparison to his reciprocation today.

“Congratulations, Daoist Eternal!”

“The Eternal Sacred Land is on a lucky streak. In the next few millennia, young Jiang Chen is sure to become Myriad Abyss’ new yardstick.”

“We’re all expecting great things from you, young man. Myriad Abyss’ future is in your hands.”

Many took the initiative in congratulating Jiang Chen, stooping to do so despite whatever lofty positions they occupied.

Jiang Chen took all of the attention and civility in stride.

However, Shi Qinglu’s presence was among the well-wishers defied his expectations, even though the way she uttered her acknowledgment was… rather special.

“Hmph! Don’t be proud, you scoundrel. I lost to you last time because of my own incompetence. I’ll pay you back thrice over for the humiliation one day! The Eternal Sacred Land leads the alliance now, but don’t think you can forget about the promises you made. I’m keeping an eye on you!”

“Haha, I’m grateful for whatever additional oversight you might provide, Miss Shi.”

“Really?” Shi Qinglu grinned mischievously. “I hope you won’t be scared out of your wits.”

Jiang Chen laughed, but said nothing. His ideas might have seemed like idle boasting to outsiders, but he knew their utility and applicability.

On a technical level, concealing planar coordinates was very doable.

In contrast, adjusting the orbit of the heavenly axis was much more difficult. Without reaching advanced divine realm, Jiang Chen surmised it impossible.

This meant that it was all but out of reach for the current Divine Abyss Continent.

Hence, he didn’t really want to go into detail.

Truthfully, it was very difficult to reach advanced divine realm on a normal plane. Such a world couldn’t contain a cultivator with that amount of strength.

One that did arise would be expelled by the plane’s rules, forced to ascend to a higher minor—or major—heavenly plane.

Divine Abyss Continent however, was a bit more special. Many gods had existed in the ancient times, and Myriad Abyss possessed more than a handful even in this age of decline.

These gods were largely initial divine realm, which made advanced divine realm rather shocking.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t discouraged. He had a strong feeling that this land was connected to his fate and fortune in mysterious ways.

If he could get to the bottom of this, perhaps everything would be made clear. He had more than enough reason to believe that all this had to do with his father the Celestial Emperor.

If that was the case, his father was likely the orchestrator of all this. That made all the impossible, possible. Therefore, advanced divine realm was surely possible upon Divine Abyss.

It was quite conceivable that there had been cultivators at that level in the ancient or primordial times.

Jiang Chen smoothly responded to felicitations from every party, both young and old.

Many of the younger geniuses changed their minds about him because of how easy he was to talk to.

The older generation, on the other hand, perceived his poise and maturity. He lacked the customary arrogance and naivete that his peers often possessed.

Though the Flora Sacred Land had been defeated, the other sacred lands didn’t purposefully exclude its members.

The Eternal Sacred Land as a whole was the image of cordiality. Regardless of whether there was actually a grudge, everyone maintained a surface friendliness.

Even Wu You and Gan Ning suddenly tossed aside their indignation from earlier in favor of displaying a leader’s charisma.

It was suggested in the amiable atmosphere that Jiang Chen should take out his Crowning Empyrean Pills for everyone else to admire.

Now was no longer the time for modesty. The Eternal Sacred Land was already the leader of the alliance. To refrain at this juncture was a matter of trustworthiness.

The pills were a feast for the senses.

High-quality pills were as eye-catching and noticeable as prominent treasures. The presence, aura, and beauty of these Crowning Empyrean Pills caused many observers’ breaths to falter. Their minds and hearts were set uncontrollably ablaze.

“What wonderful pills!”

“These pills are of exceptional quality. Artfully wrought indeed.”

“They seem to have a spirit of their own, as if they could come alive at any moment.”

“Such is the case with anything extraordinary. As some of the best pills in this world, these Crowning Empyrean Pills are naturally animate.”

“I would die to have one of these!”

“I’ve always heard how legendary your pill dao skills are, young friend Jiang Chen. After seeing your pills in person, I finally believe the rumors. There are many masters under the heavens, but none can refine pills as wondrous as these!”

“One doesn’t have to be old to be capable. Look at how youthful Jiang Chen is! He has only a handful years of expertise under his belt, yet he’s more learned than masters who’ve lived for millennia.”

“Shall we begin the auction immediately, then?”

Praise piled up on Jiang Chen’s ears. The Flora Sacred Land felt deeply helpless at this. If he had taken these pills out earlier, there would have been even less of a question as to the leadership. These pills were too spectacular for this world.

It was as if everyone here had their souls sucked away by the pills. Aside from the divine forefathers, no one could resist their allure.

Each and every one of them felt their gazes almost magically affixed to the pills.

“Young friend Jiang Chen, how many of these Crowning Empyrean Pills are you selling today?”

He had a number of them on hand.

“I must first thank the Eternal Sacred Land for preparing the materials for me. I will give two out of the cauldron back to the executives as recompense. The other nine will be auctioned.”

He’d come up with this plan after quite some consideration.

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