Chapter 2043: Handling With Ease

Everyone in attendance was shocked by Jiang Chen’s outstanding performance.

How old was this young man? It was unbelievable that he’d thought of so many details. Lu Mingye, silently drafting his speech off to the side, blanked with shock. His speech paled in comparison to Jiang Chen’s.

Nonetheless, someone immediately spoke up to question Jiang Chen. Naturally, it was an ally of the Flora Sacred Land.

“The picture you paint is appealing, young Jiang Chen, but even the divine forefathers of the ten sacred lands can’t solve the problems you bring up. How dare a young man like you arrogantly claim to have a solution?” The man was forceful and assertive. If it’d been anyone else, the target might have been intimidated.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t at all fazed and responded calmly, “Which exactly are you referring to?”

“Everything you claim is outlandish!” the man scoffed. “You say we should change the orbit of the heavenly axis and hide the continent’s coordinates. How are we to do that? Your empty promises do nothing but play up to the crowd. I’d hoped to hear something concrete, but you build a fanciful castle in the sky. Do you take us as fools?”

The man didn’t even try to be civil.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. He wouldn’t give an inch. “Insects born in summer know not the ice of winter. You see only a small circle of the sky from that well of yours, and think everyone is as ignorant as you are?”

“That’s right, Jiang Chen has always been good at achieving the impossible,” someone called out in support. “Before him, no one refined pills like the Taiyi Skymender and Crowning Empyrean Pills either!”

“Did anyone think he’d be able to help Martial eliminate the rebels? Likely no one did.”

“A real genius is always ahead of his time. What he’s doing is what regular people don’t even understand. However, results will prove to us that he knew what he was doing all along.”

The skeptic wasn’t convinced. He scoffed, “Alright, since he claims that it’s possible to adjust the heavenly axis and hide the coordinates, why don’t we ask him how he’s going to do that?”

That was the general question on people’s minds.

They’d all thought about obscuring the continent’s coordinates, but even the divine forefathers couldn’t do it. Therefore, thoughts had never translated into real action.

All eyes were on Jiang Chen.

Even Eternal’s forefather looked at him encouragingly and expectantly. From what he knew about Jiang Chen, the lad wasn’t one to make outlandish claims. The young man must have something to back himself up.

Jiang Chen took the scrutiny in stride. This was a challenge, but also an opportunity. If he could convince this crowd, they’d be more inclined to support Eternal, and the sacred land would naturally take the alliance head role.

“To my knowledge, there are many ways to change the orbit of the heavenly axis. It can be changed from within or via outside forces. It’s a difficult task that requires a powerful cultivator with a secret method. We can achieve that only if there’s an advanced divine realm cultivator on this continent.”

Advanced divine realm?

Everyone fell silent. That was impossible, given the current power level of the continent. They wouldn’t be worrying about the impending threats otherwise.

The skeptic sneered, “I thought you’d propose a good solution, but again, you give us something empty. If there’s an advanced divine cultivator in our plane, the offworld invaders would be nothing. They wouldn’t dare come into our world.”

The others were disappointed as well. Jiang Chen’s words might not be completely worthless, but they were close enough.

He could sense their expectations taking a substantial drop, but he wasn’t going to appease them.

“Changing the orbit will solve the problem once and for all. We’ll no longer face any threats from outside the continent.

“Concealing the coordinates, on the other hand, is a temporary solution. The disease won’t be cured, but we alleviate the symptoms. And that is something our continent is able to do at the moment.”

Curing the disease? Alleviating the symptoms?

The audience recovered from their disappointment and perked up.

“What exactly do you mean?” asked someone curiously.

“It’s simple. Hiding the coordinates will give us a reprieve and prevent outsiders from finding our continent for now. These dimension adventurers frequently move around the different planes. Each time, they calculate the cost and benefits in doing so. 

“If it’s too difficult to locate a plane and the cost too high, they won’t do it. They’ll target a plane that’s easier and cheaper to crack. Once we hide our coordinates, these offworld invaders will be less likely to find us. Those who are less powerful won’t even be able to find us.

“Of course, that’s only going to prolong the time until we’re discovered. It’s not a permanent solution.” Jiang Chen made himself clear.

“Adjusting the heavenly axis will solve the problem once and for all. It’ll be next to impossible for the adventurers to enter our continent through regular means once that is accomplished. Those who can do it won’t be interested in a regular plane like ours.”

The crowd digested what Jiang Chen had said. The young man had given them a detailed explanation. Only a fool would be unable to understand him.

“Young friend Jiang Chen, do you know the way to hide the coordinates?” someone asked immediately.

“Yes, there are several methods. The most viable one is to hide the coordinates with a formation. It’s difficult to set up, but the success rate will be higher. Even if someone powerful discovers it, the formation can hinder them and buy us some time to react.”

“Do you know how to set it up?”

“I do, but I need a divine cultivator to work with me. It’s impossible for me to do so on my own, unless I ascend to mid divine realm.”

He was completely matter-of-fact and didn’t make empty promises. There were no holes to his explanation.

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