Chapter 204: First Prince, We Meet Again

Chapter 204: First Prince, We Meet Again

His two personal guards were just about to notify Lin Qianli after Ye Rong gave his order, when Xue Tong’s ears suddenly twitched, and his facial expression changed.

“Someone’s entered the valley!”

Ye Rong’s face turned frosty. His two personal guards were deathsworn who’d followed him since he was young. They took up positions on his left and right, protecting Ye Rong behind them.

The other members of the team also quickly gathered after hearing these words.

Lin Qianli, in the midst of hunting the spirit creature, also seemed to sense the danger. He dashed back to the team with a few bounds. Everyone within the team gathered on a patch of empty ground in the mountain valley.

“Hahaha, this maze realm is indeed small. Number four, who would’ve thought that us brothers would meet here in this place.” Ye Dai led the way and strode in with large strides through the entrance.

A large group of people followed behind him. He had nine people in his team to begin with, not to mention third prince Ye Zheng’s eight members.

The two teams combined numbered seventeen people in total.

Out of these seventeen people, there was...

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