Chapter 2034: Another Blow

Once the devouring ability was fully deployed, the velocity of airflow sped up ten thousand times in an instant. Anything caught up in the rapid flow was consumed without exception.

The dimming of the heavenly radiances astonished the three sacred beasts watching from outside. They gained a newfound respect for the Black Tortoise’s capabilities.

“Old Brother Vermilion, is that Black Tortoise going at it for real?” Long Xiaoxuan was a bit unhappy. If he was a god, he wouldn’t be nearly so courteous.

Though he tended to be rough around the edges, he was the first one to meet Jiang Chen among the trio. He valued his relationship with the human youth deeply.

As such, he was filled with indignation on Jiang Chen’s behalf.

A solemn expression was present on the Vermilion Bird’s face. “Usually, an advanced empyrean cultivator would have no hope against a god. However, young master Chen may prove the exception to the rule. I am confident in him because he is who he is. For him, nothing is impossible!”

The bird’s confidence didn’t have much basis in foreseeable fact. Rather, it was born out of instinct and past anecdote.

Nevertheless, it was confident that the Black Tortoise wouldn’t dare land a lethal blow. As long as that was established, there wasn’t much else to worry about.

Even if the young master couldn’t take three attacks today, he would only have a bit of a harder time taming the tortoise. Given his talent and potential, he’d definitely be back sooner or later.

Long Xiaoxuan didn’t consider nearly so many things. “If that old bastard hurts young master Chen,” he huffed, “I absolutely won’t forgive him!”

The dragon wasn’t quite at the level of the Black Tortoise yet, but his words, spoken in vehemence, weren’t to be discounted as hot air. True dragons could make that claim with certainty and assurance.

“Don’t worry,” the Vermilion Bird comforted. “First, the Black Tortoise won’t dare hurt young master Chen. I’m sure of that.

“Second, I think the young master has his reasons for doing what he’s doing. Don’t forget, he’s a reincarnated god. He’s no stranger to what other gods are capable of.”

Long Xiaoxuan snorted. His eyes focused eagerly on the scene of the combat.

“Brother Long.” The Astral White Tiger piped up. “Why give yourself an unnecessary headache? Shouldn’t you know young master Chen better by now? What’s ever stopped him from winning, huh?”

As the youngest of the bunch by a long shot, the tiger was definitely somewhat more simpleminded. Its impudence drew Long Xiaoxuan’s disdainful eye roll.

The Vermilion Bird smiled, but stayed quiet. It had high hopes for the Black Tortoise to join their ranks. If the four sacred beasts could be gathered together… what a sight that would be!

If Jiang Chen’s dreams could come true, that would be absolutely perfect.

“Look!” The Astral White Tiger pointed at the sky. The intense energies in the air were dying down, allowing the roiling storm clouds to clear. The sun’s illumination gradually filled the sphere once more.

A wide swathe of space had been torn asunder. There seemed to be absolutely nothing remaining in the destruction’s wake.

The Black Tortoise gasped for breath, its eyes filled with peculiarity. The air suddenly rumbled.

Shortly after, Jiang Chen emerged from a fissure in space, his forehead beaded over with sweat. Evidently, his series of extradimensional moves and manipulations had cost him a fair amount too.

The same was true with the Black Tortoise and its inner energy expenditures. The two opponents traded enduring looks. The tortoise was perplexed, even a little angry.

“I didn’t expect you to deal with my devouring ability like that, kid. You’re the smartest human I’ve ever seen.” The Black Tortoise finally spoke up. Though it sounded rather irritated, there was a note of preliminary approval as well.

Jiang Chen wiped away some of his sweat, then smiled. “If I’d been just a little slower, you would have drawn me in.”

“Hmph, that’s because I only used seventy percent of my strength. Do you think you can avoid me at my fullest?”

Jiang Chen laughed. Though he was a bit drained, he hadn’t pushed himself to his own limits either. Plus, his chain seal lay dormant still.

It had actively wanted to help him several times, but he managed to survive using his own strength alone.

“One more move,” Jiang Chen reminded.

“Heh. You’re sweating and panting for breath already. You think you can take one more?” the Black Tortoise poked at the human’s mental fortitude.

Jiang Chen chuckled. He was sweating profusely and pulling the stunt just now had exhausted him somewhat. However, pills had allowed him to recover eighty percent of his energy.

He had time yet to muster up a strong defense as his opponent gathered energy for the third attack.

“You’re not at peak form either after using that ability. It’s not like you can bring your full strength to bear. Am I wrong?” The young man smiled coolly.

The Black Tortoise harrumphed. “Even so, I have more than enough energy left to beat you.”

“You said that two attacks ago. I’m still here, aren’t I?” Jiang Chen shrugged easily.

The Vermilion Bird was secretly anxious on Jiang Chen’s behalf. It thought the young human’s strategy of provoking the tortoise unwise. 

All sacred beasts possessed a certain amount of pride, and aggravating the Black Tortoise so would only enrage it. The tortoise had only used seventy percent of its strength before, but that may well become a hundred now.

That eventuality would be quite troublesome for Jiang Chen to deal with. Messaging the youth to warn him of this, the bird received only a confident nod in response.

He had his own ideas. Yes, offending the Black Tortoise would rile it up, but winning over this tortoise necessitated eating an attack at its full strength regardless. The psychological shock that delivered would be much stronger.

He wanted to fully tame the tortoise in a decisive win.

Moreover, he guessed that this Black Tortoise would resort to its ace-in-the-hole—the Black Tortoise Festering Gas. Jiang Chen knew the properties of this gas well. He was confident in his ability to remain relatively unscathed.

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