Chapter 2032: The Black Tortoise’s Challenge

It seemed to Jiang Chen that this Black Tortoise was a rather simple-minded spirit creature. It liked to pretend to be clever, but was easily manipulated.

Just now, the Vermilion Bird had successfully grabbed its attention with only a few words.

He had a very good chance of taming a beast such as this. Jiang Chen fell silent and awaited the Vermilion Bird’s further efforts.

The Vermilion Bird laughed. “You’ve hidden in this patch of ocean for too long. Get with the times, old turtle! Before young master Chen’s appearance, Divine Abyss didn’t have that kind of pill for the emperor, great emperor, and empyrean realms either. But now, the entire continent knows his name! All in the world of pill dao recognize his unrivaled skill.”

The Black Tortoise tilted its head. Its lantern-like eyes rolled around in their sockets, scrutinizing Jiang Chen with careful consideration.

It wouldn’t relent verbally, however. “He’s so young. Is there really no one his equal in the whole of Divine Abyss?”

Obviously, the tortoise was doubtful of the claim. Still, it found it odd that several other sacred beasts—proud as they were—were willing to be such loyal pets of a human youth.

There was something else to all of this.

Though the Black Tortoise was haughty, it knew full well that its race really was ranked last among the four sacred beasts. The three creatures here were every bit as pure-blooded. This was a rather confounding fact. How could a young human have won their proud hearts?

“I know you’re still hesitant, fellow daoist. However, one thing is for sure: your days of cowering here will soon be over. Whether you like it or not, the ravages of war will sweep over you. The grasping claws of alien races will reach out for you soon.”

The Vermilion Bird took advantage of the Black Tortoise’s psychological weakness to scare it into submission.

“Hmph. And do you have any way to deal with disaster when that day comes?” the tortoise retorted stubbornly.

“We don’t necessarily have a solution just yet, but we’re strong in our unity. Fellow daoist, imagine for a moment what kind of strength lies in the gathered might of all four sacred beasts! Even alien invaders wouldn’t be able to do anything to us. 

“Our bloodlines are among the very best in the heavenly planes. We are only in such a disadvantageous position because there are so few of us. If our progeny were numerous enough, would we be scared of a few paltry outworlders? We would become kings of this continent ourselves.”

The Black Tortoise sank into thought.

It had to admit that the Vermilion Bird had a very good point. The four sacred beasts were paramount existences in the heavenly planes, but that didn’t much matter when they were alone.

The tortoise’s eyes rolled around for a few moments before it came up with an idea. “I won’t believe any part of your boasting about this human youth just yet,” it declared, “unless he can prove that he really is exceptional. Then, I’ll consider it.”

“What kind of proof would you like me to offer?” Jiang Chen smiled coolly.

He desired the Black Tortoise very much. Why would he be wasting his time here otherwise?

Time was short these days. The continent was on the verge of war. The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement needed him to reactivate it. Every moment was precious.

If he was just a moment late to anything, the ensuing chaos was virtually unmitigable.

“Easy enough. Let us spar with each other,” the tortoise cackled.

The Vermilion Bird frowned. “Fellow daoist, we’ve both lived over two hundred thousand years. Young master Chen is only a human youth. Don’t you think you’re abusing your seniority a bit much?”

“What if I am? If he’s as great as you make him out to be, he’ll have the courage for that, at least.” The Black Tortoise wouldn’t budge.

Jiang Chen nodded. “Sure. Let’s spar a bit, shall we?”

The tortoise nodded. “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you or anything. You don’t look like you’re much past a hundred, so you’re pretty good by human standards. As long as you can block three of my attacks, you pass. How about it?”

Jiang Chen secretly found this rather amusing. Was this a popular pastime for cultivators to suggest?

But he found no reason to refuse.

“It shall be as you say. Three attacks, and no more.” His affirmation was smooth and agreeable.

The Vermilion Bird paled. “Young master Chen, the Black Tortoise is already a divine in its own right. The attacks of a god are far above those of a demigod. You shouldn’t force yourself to go beyond your limits.”

Jiang Chen knew well the truth of the advice. Heaven and earth trembled at a god’s blows.

However, he had to take the risk. Moreover, he felt the chain seal in his consciousness becoming more and more active. It could unlock at any moment. The mysterious force enshrined within gave him the confidence that it would come to his protection in key moments, as it had already done countless times in the past.

A voice in his mind cheered him onward, supporting him in his decision to bravely face the tortoise. In this moment, he could take on any god.

“Trust me, Old Brother Vermilion. This is an undeniable opportunity.” Jiang Chen looked at his feathered friend with clear eyes.

The Vermilion Bird knew it couldn’t talk him out of it. The Black Tortoise was too important for the youth.

Jiang Chen had once informed his friends that the confluence of the four sacred beasts would give arise to some sort of historic fortune.

In this moment, it saw an unrelenting firmness in the young man’s eyes.

“Be careful. If it seems impossible, quit early,” reminded the bird.

“Daoist Black,” it loudly proclaimed, “we are both sacred beasts. You have our admiration, and we hope that you will be a commensurate gentleman to honor our races’ good names.”

These words warned the tortoise that although sparring was fine, anything more than that was too far out of line. If a god used his full strength against a human empyrean cultivator, that would be utterly shameful behavior.

“Heh, don’t worry. I won’t kill him. Still, if he turns out to be a knockoff, don’t bother talking to me again.” The Black Tortoise was no fool. It wasn’t interested in risking a fight against the three other sacred beasts here.

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