Chapter 2031: A Stubborn Black Tortoise

However, that wasn’t near enough to change the Black Tortoise’s mind.

“What? Are you trying to talk me into joining you?” The tortoise’s tone was mocking. The notion was utterly ludicrous to it.

The Vermilion Bird grinned lazily. “What’s so wrong about that? Given the circumstances, it only makes sense for the four sacred beasts to come together and achieve greatness.”

“The four sacred beasts have never been on friendly terms since the ancient times,” the tortoise denied lazily. “In fact, the dragons and tigers often fight to their deaths. I don’t know what’s making you three live in harmony. I can’t imagine myself co-existing with all of you.”

“We might not have been able to, if it wasn’t for our young master,” admitted the Vermilion Bird. “He’s our backbone and gives us a common goal, which is the basis of our friendly relationship.”

The bird did want to convince the tortoise. Successful or not, it was doing its best.

The Black Tortoise was proving difficult to persuade. It was as stubborn as a donkey, unlikely to change his mind after it was made up. A few words wouldn’t be enough.

“You may have a common interest, but I don’t. I don’t even share a common language with you. Don’t bother trying to recruit me.” The Black Tortoise yawned indifferently, its eyes flashing with a ferocious glint as they settled on Jiang Chen. “You were going to be my food, kid, but you managed to surprise me by resolving my gravity manipulation and soaring to the sky. Most human cultivators are cowards. It’s rare to see a real talent like you. Those who have come before all ended up being my food. Hahaha!”

With an impassive expression, Jiang Chen said in the ancient beast language, “Given your age and cultivation, I should call you Senior Black Tortoise. However, you don’t seem to deserve that respect, given the way you act.”

“Ha, you’re bold, kid. If not for this flat-feathered bird, this seat would’ve devoured you in a million different ways, even though you’re up in the sky.”

“You’re being overly confident,” Jiang Chen said coolly. He knew the tortoise was powerful, so much that it could rival the Vermilion Bird, but Jiang Chen himself was no longer easy prey. He wouldn’t go down without a fight.

It was true that he couldn’t defeat a sacred beast head on. Nonetheless, he had the means to protect himself. He was sure he’d have a fighting chance facing the tortoise.

The Black Tortoise smirked. “Oh? Do you want to try me?”

“I do.” Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “If you can’t devour me like you have the other young geniuses, what will you do?”

The tortoise paused. “Oh? How do you know I have a devouring technique?”

It was a powerful heritage of the black tortoises. Normally, any being with a lesser cultivation wouldn’t be able to escape from the devouring force once they were in range. Thus, Jiang Chen didn’t doubt that the tortoise had indeed devoured some human cultivators.

However, that must have been a long time ago. Otherwise the ten sacred lands would’ve warned them about the danger of the tenth island, and the jade slip would give them some information about it.

Jiang Chen flashed a half-smile. “In addition to the devouring technique, I know you also have the Black Tortoise Festering Gas at your disposal, which is powerful as well.”

A black tortoise had many natural talents. The devouring technique was one. The festering gas was another.

Back in the primordial times, the Black Tortoise was considered a judge of life, which made it a deity in charge of death. Death-related techniques were among the tortoise’s heritage.

The festering gas was a powerful example.

The Black Tortoise had other tricks up its sleeves. As a sacred beast in control of the water element, its water techniques were also unrivaled.

This particular tortoise also knew how to manipulate gravity, adding to its arsenal of attacks.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen believed he could at least keep himself alive, even if he couldn’t defeat the tortoise.

The tortoise considered Jiang Chen with a doubtful expression and scoffed. “This damn bird must have told you about me.”

The Vermilion Bird shook its head with a wry smile. “Your kind has always been paranoid. You’re no exception. What a mistrustful coward you are. There’s a reason the Black Tortoise traditionally ranks fourth among the sacred beasts.”

The True Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and the Black Tortoise.

That was how the order went, but just as a general rule of thumb. The individuals had to be tangibly compared to determine which sacred beast was more powerful.

This tortoise was old, but it had an immature mind. It was easily provoked. The bird’s words was very upsetting.

“Hmph, screw that bullshit ranking. Now that the three of you are here, come at me! We’ll see if the ranking is accurate!”

The tortoise immediately added, “You have to fight me one by one, not as a group. Otherwise it won’t be an honorable victory even if you do win.”

It was no fool.

The Vermilion Bird smiled genteelly. “Protest all you want. It won’t change the fact that the Black Tortoise has ranked fourth since the beginning of time. Young master Chen, let’s not waste our time persuading this stubborn tortoise. Perhaps it’s meant to become a slave of foreign races. Let it stay here and count its days. Its peaceful life will soon come to an end.”

The bird knew the tortoise well. Every word it uttered hit the tortoise where it was most tender.

Becoming a slave and living a shameful life in shackles was the tortoise’s biggest fear, and the last thing it wanted to hear about.

“It’s a real shame, young master,” muttered the bird. “You’ve said you’d be able to refine a divine pill that gives us an unconditional boost to our cultivation. Alas, only the three of us will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

The Black Tortoise’s eyes flashed. It sneered, “Do you think I’ll believe you, raggedy feathers? A divine pill? This kid is just an empyrean cultivator. If he can refine a divine pill, I can carry the Myriad Abyss on my back! You should think of better lies!”

The bird perked up. It knew it’d hooked the tortoise.

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