Chapter 2020: The Gray Wolves' Alpha

The first mission was simple enough. The key challenge of the island was the fog. It obscured one’s view and clouded their judgement. Reaction times would also be longer when danger struck.

Thankfully, none of these were a problem to Jiang Chen.

His senses had been perfected through training. His God’s Eye could see in the night as clearly as he could in the day. He focused his God’s Eye and expanded his consciousness to the utmost, looking for the Door of Silver Chains.

The door should be hidden somewhere obscure, or it wouldn’t be picked as the mission of the first forbidden island.

Jiang Chen didn’t utilize the Goldbiter Rats. Neither did he ask for help from the Vermilion Bird or Long Xiaoxuan. He wanted to find the door on his own.

He had a clear advantage in this aspect. His sight and consciousness were several times more sensitive than the other cultivators’.

He spotted a silver glow after roughly an hour. It was too faint to be clearly visible in the fog, but with the God’s Eye, he tracked the flash of silver without trouble.

“Judging from its name, the Door of Silver Chains must reflect silver light.”

Jiang Chen decided to check it out. Even if it wasn’t the door, it’d be at least worth his attention.

With Kunpeng Meteoric Escape, he moved toward the silver glow at great speed.

As he flew, creatures such as goshawks and eagles attempted to attack him, but were all swatted away by a swift wave of his hand. Creatures at their level wouldn’t survive a simple slap from him.

He soon reached his destination.

The rays of silver light were obvious from a distance, connecting the two sides of the valley like bridges. The silver lines zigzagged and seemed to form rows of teeth, appearing quite eerie.

Jiang Chen considered the door from a distance and wasn’t in a rush to enter it. After a pause, he smiled with comprehension. The door had some sort of restriction around it.

Without further ado, he made for the door.

Activated by his attempted entrance, two rows of silver light gnashed down like teeth. The frequency of the bites was astounding.

However, Jiang Chen was even faster. Without breaking a sweat, he seized an opening and entered the door.

This first mission was easier than expected. Granted, it was just the first island. It made sense that it wouldn’t be too challenging.

As soon as he passed through the door, the jade slip displayed the symbol of success. He’d conquered the first island and received ten points.

Past the door was a bridge. A blinding light swallowed him and carried him away.

Moments later, he was teleported to another bridge. The jade slip informed him that he’d entered the second island. The mission was also imparted as well.

“Pass through the Valley of Grey Wolves and acquired three hairs from the alpha wolf?” Jiang Chen wasn’t sure how to react. The mission was rather ridiculous.

Three hours was the time allotted. If he failed to complete the mission by then, that would be a failure to pass the second island.

The countdown started the moment he set foot on the island.

“Damn, I don’t have a lot of time. Six hours!” Jiang Chen smiled wryly. “That alpha is in for a world of pain. Everyone is looking to yank its fur! That’ll hurt.”

He pitied the alpha wolf, but not for long.

He quickly found the Valley of Grey Wolves and discovered a mind-boggling number of wolves occupying the place. A regular person would’ve shuddered at the sight. The valley was absolutely overrun with wolves.

“It’s not going to be that easy to identify the alpha.” Jiang Chen occupied high ground and cast his God Eye’s into the distance, observing the wolf pack.

Every wolf pack had an alpha. The alpha might be better hidden since this pack was particularly large, but it must be somewhere. He focused his gaze and scanned the valley.

He could feel within his consciousness an enormous wolf suddenly looking about coldly, giving voice to desolate howl into the sky. All of the other grey wolves followed suit.

Jiang Chen took a careful look and realized that the giant wolf was coming his way, which meant that he’d been exposed.

He paused. He hadn’t put in that much effort in keeping himself hidden, which was why the wolf had spotted him so easily.

He took a good look at the giant wolf. There were seven white spots on its grey coat. Each was the size of a human fist. They formed an orderly pattern like they’d been carefully painted on the canvas of the wolf’s body.

The alpha wolf howled, sending several hundred of grey wolves charging at Jiang Chen in frenzy. He sniffed and roared back with a dragon howl. In a flash, he rushed toward the wolf pack rather than retreat.

In fact, Jiang Chen had exposed himself on purpose. The wolf that had detected him first and given the order must be the alpha.

The Eternal genius was fast, much faster than even the wolves. He’d made his way through the pack with a dazzling flash of an eye.

Traumatic memories surfaced in the alpha’s mind when it saw Jiang Chen flying its way.

It had to flee!

Crooning with a bizarre whine, the wolves surrounding it threw themselves at Jiang Chen like they’d gone mad. It was obvious that the alpha recognized Jiang Chen as a threat.

The young human’s speed and power made it fear for its life when it realized how formidable the human was.

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