Chapter 201: Dan Fei’s Punishment

Chapter 201: Dan Fei’s Punishment

The spirit medicine gave off a chilly warmth as it was slathered on Dan Fei’s buttocks. The medicinal effects it had gave off a weakening and itchy feeling, nearly making her entire body feel weak and powerless. She felt the weakening and itchy sensation seep down into her heart from the surface of her skin. There was something that was scratching at her heart, it was an indescribable feeling.

In that moment, she wished both for Jiang Chen to hurry and finish applying the liquid, and she vaguely felt that this feeling didn’t seem that bad and she didn’t want it to end so quickly.

However, her sense of shame triumphed in the end and she cleared her throat, about to speak.

Jiang Chen had already finished applying the antidote and he pulled up her leather shorts. “I’m done.”

Although he only applied a bit of healing liquid, it had been a great test for him. Despite seeing countless numbers of beauties in his past life, the body of his current life was still that of a hot-blooded youth.

Dan Fei’s figure was indeed very worthy of pride. When Jiang Chen was applying the antidote, he’d been able to feel those extremely perky buttocks. It would be a falsehood to say that he wasn’t disturbed with a woman on his lap at all.

It was a good thing that there was only one injury here, decreasing the amount of time that Jiang Chen spent in awkwardness.

Dan Fei was also quite embarrassed as she stood up and she didn’t dare meet Jiang Chen’s eyes. She only said lowly, “Thank you.”

Jiang Chen smiled dashingly and he walked a distance of about twenty to thirty meters away, leaning against a tree as he sat down cross legged.

“It’s still some time before daybreak, get some rest.”

Dan Fei didn’t sleep at all that night. All sorts of notions flitted through her head throughout the entire night. She berated herself for her willfulness first, then she was excited about capturing four baby spirit animals. She was then still a bit panicked about the poison, but then, she celebrated surviving a disaster.

But mostly, the moment and sensation of Jiang Chen slathering the spirit liquid on her buttocks seemed to be frozen in time. It was locked to and deeply imprinted in her consciousness. It wouldn’t go away no matter how much she refused to think about it.

Before today, Dan Fei wouldn’t even roll up her sleeve when she interacted with men in the outside world. Very few touched even her arm, much less than such an embarrassment inducing place.

And today, without any forewarning, she had been touched by a man in such close quarters, and in such a sensitive place to boot.

Dan Fei had always preserved her personal purity, and thus, it was difficult for her heart to not pound like a madly dashing fawn at this moment. She would occasionally become lost in a deep reverie, and sometimes, she couldn’t help but revisit the sensation in her mind.

Utilizing the cover of night, she cast a guilty look at Jiang Chen. When she saw that Jiang Chen maintained his stance of sitting cross legged and that he was an unmovable as a mountain, Dan Fei’s thoughts were even more in a disarray.

“What is wrong is me?! This brat Jiang Chen hasn’t done anything to me. He can treat this calmly, so why am I the one thinking wild, random thoughts?” When Dan Fei saw that Jiang Chen was unmoving as a mountain, she both slightly admired him and also felt slightly depressed.

In her view, Jiang Chen should be like her, unable to find peace all night long as well.

Her thoughts had free rein all night until the faint rays of dawn scattered down from the sky. Dan Fei only came to her senses when a night’s worth of ridiculous thoughts were dispelled by the morning light, and her mind regained its clarity.

When she checked herself again, she noticed that the injuries had already healed. The most amazing thing was that there was almost no trace of any injury on the surface of her wounds.

“Just what miraculous medicine did Jiang Chen use? It healed my external injuries quickly, and there’s no trace left on my skin at all It’s as if it was never injured!”

Dan Fei discovered that the more time she spent with Jiang Chen, the more she discovered that there were many unfathomable secrets hidden on this young man’s body.

The lordmaster had an eye for them alright, he had long since discerned Jiang Chen’s unique aspects.

Dan Fei hadn’t come into much contact with Jiang Chen before, and now that she had many opportunities to interact with him, she realized that he appeared harmless to man and beast, and even a bit of a lazy scoundrel when she thought about it.

However, there seemed to always have been a mysterious halo hidden on Jiang Chen’s body.

From that day at the banquet, he’d used a jug of wine that seemed so poor that one almost couldn’t bear to take it out and turned it into the best gift with a shake of his body.

The Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon had been more dead than alive, and so many experts had been unable to give a conclusion. He’d shed light on this mysterious matter with some careless words.

Elder Ning was more than forty years old, but one Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill had immediately made her twenty years younger. Dan Fei had found out, through private investigation, that this pill did indeed have something to do with Jiang Chen.

When she took another look at how Jiang Chen had made almost no major movements since arriving in the capital, she realised that he had turned situation in the capital inside out unbeknownst to all. Even the usually calm and steady first prince Ye Dai had ended up with dust on his face several times, and he almost departed from his usual urbane grace and lost his composure several times.

The usually well-behaved fourth prince Ye Rong, who seemed to hold himself aloof from the world, had suddenly risen to fame, his influence rising to prominence. He almost had the air of being on an equal footing as the first prince.

The Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion hadn’t made an appearance in thirty years, yet, the lordmaster had abruptly given it to this young man all of a sudden.

A large number of bizarre things had cropped up after they made it into the maze realm.

The mortal rank creatures had circled around them whenever they saw him, as if there was a miraculous halo around Jiang Chen that caused even the mortal rank creatures to give way.

Jiang Chen’s methods in that fight against the giant ape had caused her to be even more shocked. The throwing dagger techniques that he deployed at the end gave even Dan Fei, someone who regularly watched the lordmaster practice, a sense of gazing upon a high mountain and being unable to see through him.

He then healed her wounds. His knowledge and manipulation of all sorts of spirit medicines and poisons had demonstrated a level of ability that was absolutely not something that a young man would possess.

When he’d administered the antidote to her just now, Dan Fei had even been mentally prepared to allow that darned brat to take a small bit of advantage of her. However, Jiang Chen had been refined and civil, as if that dratted rogue from before wasn’t him at all.

He was at times lazy, and at times like a thug. Sometimes violent like a demon, other times as unfathomable as a sage. He was also sometimes as courteous as a gentlemen.

These drastically different traits actually appeared on the same person. Dan Fei had to admit that she really couldn’t understand Jiang Chen.

Dan Fei once again prepared breakfast when she got up. She then found a source of water and immersed a piece of cloth in it, not wringing it dry.

She walked to Jiang Chen, “Stop pretending to be asleep and wipe your face.”

When she saw that Jiang Chen still retained traces of her graffiti, Dan Fei felt amused and she suffered from a guilty conscience.

Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes, “Offering your attentions for no reason whatsoever, something is definitely up. This is your second attempt to get me to wash my face, is there something on it?”

Jiang Chen stood up and went to find a water surface to take a look at what was going on with his face.

Dan Fei was greatly worried and she cast away all thoughts of demureness. She grabbed Jiang Chen’s arm and swiped at his face with the cloth.

Jiang Chen grabbed her jade hands and yanked the piece of cloth down to see the black charcoal marks on it.

“Sister Dan Fei, to think that you have such a child’s heart to draw on my face. It looks like you won’t know that I’m not one to trifle with if I don’t punish you!”

Having said that, he hauled Dan Fei up with his left hand and smacked her butt, slapping her seven to eight times in one go.

This change was extremely sudden, and Dan Fei hadn’t thought it was at all possible that Jiang Chen would use this sort of method to punish her.

After being swatted a few times, the pain on her butt was one thing, but Dan Fei was acting like her entire being had been electrocuted and she stood there, petrified.

“He… he hit my butt?” Dan Fei’s brain was a muddled mess. She only felt that Jiang Chen had domineeringly broken through a territory that no one had ever trespassed before. A sense of embarrassment and shame surged up as she fell onto the ground, crying with a sense of aggrievement.

Jiang Chen had completely forgotten Dan Fei’s identity in his vexation.

He suddenly came to himself after the seven or eight hits had finished.

He seemed to have gone overboard? If this punishment had landed on that little girl, Eastern Zhiruo, the little girl would’ve chuckled merrily and acted even more wildly.

If it’d been on Gouyu before she’d become his follower, she would resist unto her death and maybe even fight him. Now that she was his follower, she’d likely take it quietly and then be sullenly angry at him.

However, Dan Fei, a woman who usually looked quite open and accepting, had actually burst out crying!

Her charming shoulders were shaking slightly. Although she hadn’t broken out into loud sobs, she couldn’t help but sniffle and appeared to feel quite wronged.

Jiang Chen had handled many problems in his past life, but he never had much talent at handling a woman’s tactics of crying, making a fuss, and then threatening to harm herself.

He wanted to say something when his consciousness suddenly shifted and his entire being shot through the air to a region in the west like a javelin.

“Who is it? Sneaking around, show yourself!”

When Dan Fei heard Jiang Chen’s words, her body also wavered slightly as she also stood up, carefully concealing her slightly reddened eyes.

There were disciples of the Skylaurel Kingdom all over the maze realm. Dan Fei didn’t want her current condition to be glimpsed on by others.

“Liu Can, is that you?” Jiang Chen’s tone chilled.

A dark figure dashed out of some shrubbery in the west. It was the Azure Heaven Northern Palace disciple, Liu Can.

“Liu Can, what are you doing here?”

Liu Can looked at Jiang Chen and then looked at Dan Fei, smiling coldly, “I was just passing by, what does that have to do with you?”

“Get out of my way.”

A beam of killing intent flashed through Liu Can’s sinister face, “Jiang Chen, this is the maze realm, you better keep a clean mouth and don’t give me an excuse to kill you.”

“Kill me?” Jiang Chen laughed leisurely. “You, eunuch?”

When Liu Can heard this degrading term, the expression of a poisonous viper surfaced on his face, “Jiang Chen, you dumb animal, I’ll let you strut around for a while!”

Contrary to expectations, Liu Can, who had a bone deep hatred of Jiang Chen, actually didn’t continue making trouble for him. Liu Can’s figure flashed as he vanished in the vast plains.

Jiang Chen’s brow furrowed as he looked in the direction that Liu Can had vanished in, contemplating something.

Dan Fei had already walked over by now. Her expression was faint as if nothing was out of the ordinary. It was like the matter of swatting the butt hadn’t happened at all.

A woman’s heart was unfathomable. Although Jiang Chen saw Dan Fei like this, he didn’t actually dare to treat her like nothing had happened.

“This maze realm is expansive, but he happened to pass by coincidentally. Do you believe that?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Doesn’t matter.” Dan Fei’s attitude was detached. “He wouldn’t dare to act wildly in the maze realm even if he had ten people’s worth of guts.”

“Although that’s the case, I still feel as uncomfortable as if I’d eaten a mosquito, thinking that a pair of eyes is taking furtive glances at me in the dark.” Jiang Chen was still ticked off.

“Kill him if you find him an eyesore!” Dan Fei said noncommittally.

“What?” Jiang Chen started. “Wasn’t it said that personal grudges can’t be settled in the maze realm?”

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