Chapter 201: Dan Fei’s Punishment

Chapter 201: Dan Fei’s Punishment

The spirit medicine gave off a chilly warmth as it was slathered on Dan Fei’s buttocks. The medicinal effects it had gave off a weakening and itchy feeling, nearly making her entire body feel weak and powerless. She felt the weakening and itchy sensation seep down into her heart from the surface of her skin. There was something that was scratching at her heart, it was an indescribable feeling.

In that moment, she wished both for Jiang Chen to hurry and finish applying the liquid, and she vaguely felt that this feeling didn’t seem that bad and she didn’t want it to end so quickly.

However, her sense of shame triumphed in the end and she cleared her throat, about to speak.

Jiang Chen had already finished applying the antidote and he pulled up her leather shorts. “I’m done.”

Although he only applied a bit of healing liquid, it had been a great test for him. Despite seeing countless numbers of beauties in his past life, the body of his current life was still that of a hot-blooded youth.

Dan Fei’s figure was indeed very worthy of pride. When Jiang Chen was applying the antidote, he’d been able to feel those extremely perky buttocks. It would be a falsehood to say that he wasn’t disturbed with a woman on his lap at ...

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