Chapter 2002: A Terrified Poison Consort

Shi Qinglu didn’t give an inch with her response, but her confidence wavered.

It was strange. In theory, even if Jiang Chen had been hit by only one of her thirty-six formations, he should’ve collapsed by now. No matter how powerful he was, over time, the poison would’ve spread through his body and weakened him to the point of being a defanged tiger.

A man inflicted with potent poison shouldn’t be capable of what he was doing.

The strange vines possessed not only great physical strength, but also the ability to create illusions, which confused Shi Qinglu’s understanding of things.

As the top young genius of Flora Sacred Land, she was above average in all aspects, including her level of consciousness. However, not even she was able to see through the illusions of the vines, proving how exceptional Jiang Chen’s technique was.

It didn’t seem to be deployed by a poisoned man.

Preoccupied by a tangled mess of thoughts, Shi Qinglu quickly recovered from her shock. After all, she was one of the finest cultivators among the youths. Geniuses at her level had more than a few trump cards.

Her expression hardened and a strangely-shaped talisman manifested in her hand.

“Heaven falls and earth crumbles,” she chanted. “All spirits meet their doom and nothing living finds succor...”

The talisman activated and formed a vortex around her, flaring outward at an amazing speed. A terrifying force of corrosion that was impossible to resist spread throughout the area.

Whatever vegetation it hit, be it bushes, trees, and vines, immediately wilted into dried husks at supernatural speed.

Surprised by the corrosive force, Jiang Chen hurriedly pulled his Lotus back. He could tell the corrosion was not to be underestimated. It was powerful enough to destroy his treasure.

If he’d reacted even a little slower, the corrosion would’ve spread through the Lotus and ruined its core. Not even Jiang Chen would be able to restore it then.

Shi Qinglu did live up to her reputation as the Poison Consort alright! The talisman was at least at demigod level.

He could also tell that the talisman was most destructive to plants. It worked on other living beings too, but not as well. And it had no effect on treasures.

Jiang Chen came out of hiding and looked at Shi Qinglu from outside the area of corrosion, a half smile tugging his lips.

Surprise and disbelief flashed through Shi Qinglu’s eyes. She didn’t expect Jiang Chen to not be harmed at all!

How can this be?! He couldn’t have rescued Wu You without losing a hair! All thirty-six of my formations have been triggered. No one should be quick enough to avoid them all! Even if he had anti-poison items on him, he couldn’t have resisted every type I threw in there!

Considering Jiang Chen’s reputation, she’d made use of her best techniques when setting up the formations, using every trick she knew. Moreover, she’d incorporated many powerful treasures she’d inherited from Flora.

In other words, she was in top form.

Under the circumstances, she’d set up the best poison formations she was capable of. In her eyes, it was using a spear to kill a fly. It was more than what a threat like Jiang Chen warranted.

Never in her wildest imagination had she anticipated her target walking away from all that unscathed!

He’d turned her world upside down.

She considered Jiang Chen with inquisitive eyes, trying to figure out what had happened.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. “Miss Shi, I’ve not only won the challenge according to our deal, but also rescued Wu You. What are you going to do now?”

Frustration, confusion, and defiance flickered through Shi Qinglu’s face, but she didn’t argue the facts. She had to admit that him had gone above and beyond their bet. Still, she wasn’t going to admit defeat. 

“You’ve rescued him, but you haven’t saved him. Do you know what poisons he’s inflicted with? Can you cure him?”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. “Very few poisons in the world can enter my eyes. None of the obscure poisons you set up managed to get me, did they?”

His response hit Shi Qinglu where it hurt the most. He was saying none of her poisons worked on him!

Shi Qinglu huffed and insisted, “It’s impressive that you’ve persisted until now, Jiang Chen, but it doesn’t mean none of my poisons will work on you!”

Jiang Chen knew she hadn’t given up yet. Instead of explaining himself, he summoned his golden bell.

Shi Qinglu tensed. She’d heard that Hu Lei had been beaten by a bell during his fight with Jiang Chen.

“There’s one thing you’re right about, Miss Shi. I haven’t had the time to check what poisons Wu You has been hit with. However...”

Shi Qinglu knitted her slender brows together. “What?”

“Once I take you down, I can just check what poisons you have on you. Besides, you’ll tell me everything I want once I capture you!” His expression dropped and he made a hand seal. The golden bell rammed at Shi Qinglu with a low rumble.

Shi Qinglue knew how powerful the golden bell was, but she believed she was better than Hu Lei. Therefore, she was surprised, but not afraid.

Nonetheless, if she let Jiang Chen manipulate the bell and passively defended against it, it’d put her at a disadvantage and she might end up like Hu Lei.

This was her territory. She had to take the initiative.

With a wave of her sleeves, she spun like a top at high speed. Her colorful clothes fluttered in the air like dancing butterflies.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Colorful strands of silk shot out, intertwining in the air and obscuring the sky. The fabric ensconced the entire area in an instant.

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