Chapter 200: Jiang Chen, Can You Help Me?

Chapter 200: Jiang Chen, Can You Help Me?

Jiang Chen’s expression was quite grave as he picked up another few ape fur-spikes and inspected them carefully. He nodded his head with great certainty. “They’re poisoned alright. Look at these spikes. They’re starkly white, an obvious sign that they embody a strong poison. It’s a good thing that your level of training is within the spirit realm. If you were within the true qi realm, you’d probably be a corpse by now.”

Even though Dan Fei was usually calm when anything cropped up, she was still a woman and so when she heard there was a deadly poison, her charming face was also aghast as a sense of panicked fear was evident in her beautiful eyes, something that would’ve usually never been visible.

“Jiang Chen, will… will I die?” Dan Fei bit her lip lightly, her voice was coated with some tragic tones.

Jiang Chen really wanted to sweet talk her, but everything had happened so quickly that he too was uncertain whether or not any hope remained for Dan Fei.

“Don’t talk for now and sit cross legged. It’s best if you meditate and keep calm. Remember, don’t circulate true qi and give pressure to your spirit ocean. Otherwise, once the poison attacks and breaks through the spirit ocean, you’ll be dead without a doubt.”

Jiang Chen warned her severely.

Dan Fei was like a docile little bride at this moment as she nodded with...

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