Chapter 1994: Poison Consort Shi Qinglu?

On the fourth day, Jiang Chen and Gan Ning finally picked up news of Wu You’s whereabouts.

The Goldbiter Rats delivered an unfortunate revelation: Wu You was in the hands of someone else.

The rats had no idea who his captor was, but they did mention a rather large band that included Qin You and his friends – yes, the very same ones Jiang Chen had beaten up a short time ago.

“Qin You?” Jiang Chen frowned. Rather than locking up the six geniuses after overpowering them, he had knocked them out and tossed them in a corner somewhere.

It had only been two days since then. The troublemakers were out and about already?

“Gan Ning, I know where Wu You is.” Jiang Chen glanced at his...

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