Chapter 199: Victory from the Jaws of Extreme Danger

Chapter 199: Victory from the Jaws of Extreme Danger

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to curse at her or feel touched at this moment. She wasn’t a cold-hearted, vicious woman after all. She hadn’t left him behind to make good on her own escape.

Dan Fei was like one of those orchid flowers blooming in the night that were spoken of but never seen. Her slender body stood atop a large tree as she gazed anxiously in Jiang Chen’s direction. Deep anxiety was written all over her incomparably beautiful face. The surge of stubborness that was usually flittering deep around the corners of her eyes was now fully displayed.

“This crazy woman…” Jiang Chen knew that it was pointless to curse at her now as he prepared to stop and once again engage the enemy.

“Jiang Chen, take three steps to your left to avoid an area of 100 meters, then take another three steps right to avoid an area of sixty meters and finally, fly over an area of 30 meters without coming in contact with the ground!” Dan Fei’s deeply worried voice rang through the night sky like the startled calls of a nightingale.


Jiang Chen had planned on slowing down his footsteps when a thought struck him as he listened to these words. Had this crazy woman not made it far because she was laying traps here?

He was a resolute man and didn’t hesitate under these circumstances. He took a turn...

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