Chapter 1981: Final Preparations

The rules were indeed unconventional. Teamwork was particularly emphasized.

The difference in strength between top geniuses of the ten sacred lands wasn’t that great. Even if someone was powerful enough to face three opponents at the same time, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to persist against wave after wave of attack, giving that robbing others was allowed under the rules.

As a result, many would be plotting, attacking, and scheming against one another.

Under the circumstances, one’s teammates were not only an additional pair of hands, but also psychological reinforcement. It would be difficult for lone wolves to do well in the competition.

“Teamwork is crucial for the group match. I hope you’ll understand the organizers’ painstaking intentions and work together for a good score. Lastly, the competition will last for fifteen days. You’ll be separated and sent to the island one by one, far away from the others. Don’t think that you’ll be lucky. This round requires intelligence, strength, patience, and cooperation. The team leaders will play an important role as well.”

They had half a month! It wasn’t that long a period of time, but it wasn’t short, either.

“I must also remind you not to assume the trial orbs will be placed in plain sight. We’ve carefully considered where we’re putting the orbs. They’ll be hidden away and require some effort to discover. You’re not only facing down other young geniuses, but fortune itself and the challenges of finding the hidden orbs!”

The rules had been explained. If evenly distributed, every participant would get ten orbs out of the six hundred. Since each orb was one point, that meant ten was the average score for the participants.

Of course, one would have to earn much more than that to rank among the top. Every participant had to do their best to win.

“Teams will have an hour for discussion before the first round begins. After an hour, all participants will be separated and sent to the island.”

One hour wasn’t short, but it was limited given the tasks at hand.

Each team had to formulate strategies and settle on a plan to accommodate teammates of different levels of power. That was a serious challenge to the participants’ wisdom.

Wu You and Gan Ning huddled close to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen took them to an unoccupied corner and activated a quarantine glyph. That way, no one would be able to overhear their conversation.

“Speak your mind, gentlemen.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Wu You thought for a moment. “Competition is going to be fierce. Many will do whatever it takes to earn points. Therefore, our priority is to find each other and avoid being alone. Otherwise, it’ll be easy for people to pick us off.”

“Brother Wu is right.” Gan Ning nodded. “I’ve been wondering what I’d do if I encounter opponents who are weaker than I am. The best strategy is to knock them out and hide them. That’ll ensure I have one less competitor without breaking the rule against killing.”

Gan Ning was among the weaker participants. It was typical for people like him to consider themselves the underdogs and calculate the risks.

There was no denying that he had a point. Geniuses who cared about their reputation might think that such a strategy was beneath them, but there would be plenty more petty-minded or insidious participants who wouldn’t shy away from doing so.

If they could take out the teammates of their main rivals, it’d be a serious blow against the competition.

A team was composed of only three people. One person less was one less pair of hands.

Jiang Chen agreed with Gan Ning’s analysis. He was also very certain that he would become the prime target for many teams.

It was time to face reality.

“Gentlemen, many in Myriad Abyss are eager to knock me down. I can’t tell you if it’s a blessing or a curse for you to be on the same team as me. However, since you’re my teammates and you’ve picked me as your leader, I will take responsibility for your score,” promised Jiang Chen. 

Wu You flashed a faint smile. “I’m not afraid. Besides, I know my place in Myriad Abyss. I don’t intend to get first place in the grand competition. Whether I get a good score doesn’t matter that much to me.”

Gan Ning chuckled and touched his nose. “I’m at the bottom of the participating geniuses. I don’t have to care much about my score, do I?”

Jiang Chen waved a hand in the air. “As long as you’re in the competition, your score matters. Don’t worry. I have a plan. Let me explain.”

The two were all ears.

“Once you enter the island, keep a low profile. If you have a way to hide yourself, do so. I’ll do all I can to locate you and contact you.”

“I’m sure they won’t let us use any communication tools,” Gan Ning cut in.

Wu You nodded. “They won’t.”

“It doesn’t matter. We may not be allowed to use communication tools, but I have many alternatives. Listen carefully. I’ve come up with three plans with different orders of priority. We’ll change our execution as the situation calls for it.”

Jiang Chen explained his three plans in order of priority.

Gan Ning and Wu You’s excitement was visible. They had faith in the plans. It was encouraging that Jiang Chen had come up with so many tricks in such a short period of time.

His confidence was contagious and some newfound conviction sprang forth in their previously empty hopes.

Jiang Chen gave them a few more pointers. The three of them worked well together.

However, he could also feel the glances the other teams were casting his way. Some were hostile, some casual, and some amused and unreadable.

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