Chapter 198: Thank Goodness for Jiang Chen (Teaser)

Chapter 198: Thank Goodness for Jiang Chen


Dan Fei breathed out a long sigh of relief from her low vantage point. That was truly dangerous. The spirit beast had been so close to jumping down and attacking her.

She didn’t think that she could fend off a furious below from this spirit beast in such confined quarters.

“It’s a good thing that the lordmaster’s Mind Enchantment Powder is strong enough. However, that was also good luck just now. If it hadn’t been leaping towards me, and if I hadn’t used double the usual amount, perhaps it wouldn’t have fallen so quickly if the medicine hadn’t been as strong. I would’ve been the one suffering from bad luck had it been that little bit slower.”

Dan Fei was still in a state of shock when she jumped up, she wanted to kill the spirit creature while she was at it. However, she also knew that the spirit creature had a tough pelt and thick flesh. It’d take some effort to kill it.

“Forget it, let’s grab the babies first and assess the situation later.”

Dan Fei’s flitted forward on lotus steps and swept into the cave. She saw four babies with their heads back, their stomachs gurgling as they called out.

They were furry and fuzzy, obviously having just been born.

Dan Fei had no time to determine...

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