Chapter 1972: A Cruel Drafting Process

The ranking for the selection was shown to all the participants.

Jiang Chen observed that aside from Bluesmoke’s uncommonly impressive performance, no two geniuses among the remaining seven in the top ten were from the same faction.

Though Heavenlight was ambitious in its own right, twelfth place was the best it could dono doubt a painful wake-up call to its confidence.

Rejuvenation and Tritalent’s geniuses managed to place in the rankings, but the former was around sixtieth, while the latter was below ninetieth.

Such scores were appropriate to the factions they represented, to be sure. In the immensity of Myriad Abyss, Rejuvenation and Tritalent were only third rate at best.

“The rankings are quite telling. I personally don’t think these factions sent their best here,” Ziju Min remarked.

Jiang Chen nodded. “Elder Ziju, these factions are weaker than us, but they have their own ways of living and surviving. I think they would rather keep the best talents for themselves. What if the genius they sent to the competition was recruited? The geniuses here today definitely have potential, but they’re not necessarily the strongest.”

“Hmm, I suppose you have the right of it. We would do the same if we were in their shoes, no?” the elder mused.

“They want to get on our good side, but not at the cost of their own future. If it were us, we would only send our most promising, or most ambitious geniuses.” Jiang Chen voiced his perspective.

Ziju Min inclined his head in agreement. “Any takeaways after watching for so many days? Do you have a few that you particularly favor?”

None of the geniuses had made a deep impression upon Jiang Chen. Fifteen days wasn’t nearly enough to display each and every talent from all the entrants, and the more dominant personalities often got more time in the spotlight. It was very hard to thoroughly get to know a specific genius.

Still, Jiang Chen looked at the world differently from everyone else. He didn’t use ordinary methods of determining a person’s worth.

Measuring a genius’s capabilities required lateral analysis of the finer details. Everyone came from different backgrounds, which meant that the experiences and resources they’d had were completely divergent. Their development so far generally reflected this nurture far better than anything in their nature, and the fortnight or so of time wasn’t nearly enough to bring the latter into the open.

Yes, using cultivation level to decide potential was simple and straightforward, but it was also prone to error.

Jiang Chen firmly believed that barely any among the top ten were worth his attention.

If the sacred land was willing to spend the resources and effort, geniuses of this caliber were a dime a dozen. Why take someone in from the outside just for that?

This was why Jiang Chen was loath to give a concrete answer to Ziju Min’s question.

“Don’t worry, speak your mind. This selection isn’t that important. We’re just having a discussion about it anyway.” Ziju Min looked at his former charge encouragingly.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to vocalize his ideas. Instead, he smiled. “Let’s talk more when the drafting process begins.”

The elder knew Jiang Chen to be a driven individual. It was clear that he’d already made up his mind; Ziju Min looked forward to hearing it.

A hundred fifty elite geniuses had been chosen to be ranked. The draft then, began from the hundred-fiftieth.

Number hundred-and-fifty was a young, burly man. His cultivation was robust and virile, which didn’t win him any points with the sacred lands. Cultivators like him weren’t likely to display delightful surprises, but they were decent candidates for stalwart warriors.

According to the rules, any of the ten sacred lands could bid for him by raising their signs. The bidders could then attempt to recruit him using promises and speeches.

Once chosen, the winning sacred land was obligated to give a present to both the cultivator himself and his faction. As for exactly what that present was, that depended on the gift-giver’s generosity.

This compelled the ten sacred lands to avoid malicious interference.

This burly youth quickly became rather embarrassed. Those from the sacred lands pretended he wasn’t there. They were clearly not interested in making an investment that seemed like it would have a poor return.

Resources were limited, and this wasn’t the right caliber of person to use them on.

Anticipation written all over number one-fifty’s face turned slowly to entreaty over time. That no one raised a sign to signify their interest in him was a tremendous blow to his self-confidence.

Jiang Chen glanced at the first prime and the others, but they kept their eyes meditatively half-closed. They obviously had no interest at all in this bulky youth.

Sighing to himself, Jiang Chen noted the lack of compassion in this selection’s details.

If the genius onstage wasn’t chosen, his self-esteem wouldn’t be the only thing hurt. The worst consequence would be that he would no longer be able to make any further progress in cultivation.

The allotted time was about to tick down when he cleared his throat. “What is your surname, friend?”

Life returned to the well-built youth’s despairing eyes when he heard a word from the sacred land factions. “I am Gong Hu, from Greattusk Island.”

“I see. I am Jiang Chen.” The young man smiled. “I speak not on the Eternal Sacred Land’s behalf, but only for myself. I’d like to take on a few retainers. Are you interested?”

Gong Hu’s body shook. He didn’t bat an eyelash before shouting, “Yes, yes, absolutely!” He had already given up all hope of being picked for anything.

Being offered a position as a retainer was something, at least!

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Wow.. this is... beyond cruel isn't it? It's almost like a slave bidding auction. O_O First the 'wares' showed off their skills, and now their price is to be decided upon. Am I cray or what?