Chapter 1967: Meeting Acquainted Beauties Again

The Eternal Sacred Land’s first prime was practically radiant at the slew of earnest greetings. She responded to them with a practiced hand.

Jiang Chen had no intention of being the spotlight. In fact, he didn’t really want to be here in the first place. His heart was no longer set on winning against his peers.

Unfortunately, the Eternal Sacred Land had strongly requested his presence.

The first prime evidently had different designs, however. Whenever anyone expressed the slightest of interest in him, she used that opportunity to introduce him with great enthusiasm. Sometimes, she did so even when no one asked.

“You know, Jiang Chen,” she prodded, “the geniuses who came here today are the cream of Myriad Abyss’s crop. You should familiarize yourself with them. Myriad Abyss Island will belong to you lot someday.”

Jiang Chen could barely laugh internally, but he had to cooperate anyway. The Eternal Sacred Land had paid dearly in order for him to participate. It would be wholly ungrateful for him to not take the event with as much gravity as possible.

All ten sacred lands viewed the competition with the utmost solemnity. All of their geniuses were present in order to show their abilities off upon this stage.

Therefore, not everyone he met was friendly. Many young geniuses were rather frosty.

He understood the reason for their indifference. They thought his reputation overblown, given their own propensity for vanity and self-importance. It was like this anywhere, in any plane.

Jiang Chen didn’t mind this kind of reception. His life rule regarding this was simplehe was perfectly civil toward anyone who showed him that civility.

As a whole, the ten sacred lands were rather close-knit. The older generation didn’t share in the younger geniuses’ competitive spirits.  

The only faction lukewarm to Eternal was Flora. The enmity between the two divine nations had been exacerbated because of the Shi Xuan affair.

The Martial Sacred Land was the most intimate. Prime Puresmoke was in attendance today, as was her true disciple, Holy Girl Yu Ling.

The prime approached him warmly when she saw him. “Young master Chen, it hasn’t been long since our last meeting. Your cultivation has increased considerably since, has it not?”

Having seen him in action, she knew exactly the kind of strength he possessed. He was definitely one of the top candidates for the crown.

Therefore, the Martial Sacred Land had overall chosen a low-key strategy. If any of theirs encountered Jiang Chen in the competition’s rounds, there was no shame in concession. He was probably going to win first place regardless.

As for the ten sacred lands’ alliance, Martial didn’t believe it had the ability to take charge here.

To the contrary, if the Eternal Sacred Land intended on taking command, Martial would offer its full support. It was already on good terms with Eternal, which meant that it would benefit from having its friend in the leadership position over anyone else.

Jiang Chen laughed. “I appreciate such high praise, Prime Puresmoke. You and your student look sharper and prettier than ever.”

Holy Girl Yu Ling hid behind her master. She blushed when she heard the compliment, but inclined her head in acknowledgment. “Hello, senior brother Jiang Chen.”

When the sacred lands’ geniuses were on good terms, it was normal for them to call each other ‘senior brother’ and ‘junior brother’.

Still smiling, the prime gazed inquisitively at Jiang Chen. “So, do you have anything you want to accomplish at this competition? I’m rooting for you.”

“My thanks for your gracious support. It’s a good chance for me to face off against the best in Myriad Abyss, I think.” Jiang Chen’s reply was gracious and measured.

Puresmoke appreciated his humility. “Very good. Your composure and coolness are rare in light of your strength and renown. Yu Ling, you have much to learn from senior brother Jiang Chen, understood?”

“Yes, master,” the holy girl quietly agreed.

She had been somewhat suspicious of Jiang Chen at their first meeting. When she’d first heard that the Eternal Sacred Land had only sent a single young genius to help, she had been doubtful whether he would be of any use at all.

His subsequent performances quickly put their worries to rest, which had left her with a very strong impression of him.

“That’s right, Jiang Chen. What about the formation you were studying last time? Any progress on that?” Prime Puresmoke asked with some concern.

“I understand it for the most part.” Jiang Chen sighed. “Alas, I’m still short some resources.”

The prime was immediately in awe. “You managed to figure something as difficult as that so quickly? Truly prodigious!”

She quickly followed up. “How many spirit stones are you missing? I have a few spirit stones tucked away here. Not much, but consider it as a token of my gratitude.” Saying this, she took out a storage ring and handed it to him. “Don’t think it too meager. Take it!”

Jiang Chen was initially a little embarrassed. After all, the Martial Sacred Land had rewarded him plenty already. Taking an additional gift was a bit much.

Prime Puresmoke’s refusal to be denied won him over. He knew that she really meant this contribution to count. Far be it from him to refuse such generosity!

He respectfully took the ring with both hands. “Thank you very much, Prime Puresmoke.”

Holy Girl Yu Ling suddenly spoke up as well. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, I heard about your urgent need for spirit stones as well. I’m too young to be particularly wealthy, but I have a few that I’d like you to take.”

Jiang Chen was astonished that she had something to give him as well. Similar to her master, he couldn’t refuse her serious look.

Instead, he cupped his fist to salute her. “I cannot turn away the assistance of my seniors, but neither should I spurn the kindness of my junior sister. I do have something as a return present. I’d really like you to have it.”  

He wasn’t the kind of guy that took gifts for granted. It was a spectacular show of faith for someone to offer their help freely in the first place.

He gave generously in return with a Crowning Empyrean Pill. “I refined this myself. I hope you don’t mind its simplicity.”

It would be boorish of him to check exactly how many spirit stones he’d gotten, but the fact that both master and student had given them separately meant that the sum was far from paltry. Whether a Crowning Empyrean Pill was a fair trade or not, it served to strengthen their relationship in a beneficial way. Even if he lost money on it, that wouldn’t be a big deal.

The holy girl hadn’t given the spirit stones in order to receive anything back. Her face reddened at the proffered pill, unsure of whether to take it or not.

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