Chapter 1961: Competition of Geniuses, Suggestion of Alliance

Jiang Chen was still reeling from the chance meeting with the divine cultivator after leaving.

Their conversation had seemed civil, but in truth, they had been one step away from erupting in a fight. Both had been testing the other’s ability.

If the Vermilion Bird hadn’t been with him, Long Xiaoxuan and the Astral White Tiger wouldn’t have been enough for him to deter the divine cultivator. Thankfully, it’d just been an empty scare.

Jiang Chen sighed. It was certainly true that many powerful cultivators had escaped from the Boundless Prison, if he had run into one so easily. Nevertheless, he had been in high spirits since acquiring the pentacolor crystals.

The crystals were more valuable than the spirit stones he had received from Rejuvenation. The latter had been more important to him at the moment because he needed them for the Great Formation. In terms of cultivation, the crystals would serve him far better.

Once he returned to the Eternal Sacred Land, Jiang Chen gave some of the crystals to his three sacred beast companions. They were all thrilled by the offer. They wouldn’t have to worry about resources for their cultivation for the next few decades!

Jiang Chen wanted to ask Divine Kasyapa about the divine cultivator he’d just encountered, but decided against doing so. He didn’t want to waste any time when he couldn’t afford the luxury.

“Young master Chen, the venerated forefather decided to return to the sacred land to see you after hearing that you’ve returned,” said Ziju Min. “You should be prepared.”

Jiang Chen paused. Could the elder have guessed right? Was the forefather going to take him to the offworld battlefield sooner than they’d agreed upon?

In truth, Jiang Chen wasn’t ready to go. He had unfinished business in the human domain.

“Oh, young master, have you collected enough spirit stones?” asked Ziju Min.

“Not yet.” Jiang Chen jokingly asked, “Are you going to chip in, Elder Ziju?”

Ziju Min laughed heartily. “If you’re just going to use the stones to cultivate, I can help, but the amount of stones you need is too big. What I can give you is far from enough.”

That was true. Ziju Min had some spirit stones in his possession, but not enough to make a difference.

Jiang Chen frowned, worried about how he should gather more stones.

“The ten divine nations is holding a genius competition this year, Young Master Chen,” offered Ziju Min. “It’s our tradition. The competition has been postponed due to the rebellions. At first, we were discouraged from holding the competition at all, but someone with foresight argued that the loss we suffered is exactly the reason why we must uncover new geniuses. We need new blood. Therefore, the genius competition...”

“You aren’t telling me to partake in the competition, are you?”

That didn’t appeal to Jiang Chen at all. He’d only participated in the sword competition because he had no other way to take care of House Xiahou. The genius competition held by the ten nations seemed like a pissing contest with no purpose.

He wasn’t the least bit interested.

He couldn’t be considered a young genius given his status and power. It didn’t make sense for him to go against a group of youths.

“The competition may be beneath you, but it’s an opportunity for you to get to know others in the ten nations and gain influence. It’s also a chance to build connections. There are many prosperous lands in the ten nations… I believe you’ll be able to collect the spirit stones you need then.”

Jiang Chen finally understand what Ziju Min was implying. “Is this the forefather’s idea, or the first prime’s?”

“Haha, neither. It’s my suggestion to you. Of course, both the forefather and the first prime will support you. The first prime has mentioned many times that you should get to know the geniuses from the other nations and become their unquestionable leader, establishing your position. It’ll be crucial for laying down the foundation of an alliance between the ten nations...”

Jiang Chen was puzzled. “An alliance? Aren’t the ten nations working together already?”

Ziju Min sighed. “That’s only when we’re facing outside threats, and being on the same side doesn’t make us allies. There aren’t really any true friends between the ten nations.”

Now, Jiang Chen understood. The ten nations had been established to eliminate the offworld invaders. However, it was every man for themselves on the offworld battlefields. Each nation focused only on protecting their homeland.

Under the circumstances, there was a lack of communication and coordination despite being on the same side.

“So you’re serious about forming an alliance this time?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“We should be.” Ziju Min sighed. “The ten nations are beginning to realize that a big threat is looming over Myriad Abyss Island. Things are becoming more and more delicate. If we don’t put aside our selfish needs and work together, Myriad Abyss and even the entirety of Divine Abyss may fall. Then it’ll truly be the doom of all races on the continent.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t sure what to say.

An alliance had to be formed, but would it be enough? If people couldn’t overcome their selfish desires, forming an alliance wouldn’t help.

Who should be the head of the alliance? Who should be in charge?

Those were the most basic of questions that needed answers. The ten nations were at equal footing in terms of foundation and their level of power. It was impossible to pick a leader to whom everyone deferred to.

Jiang Chen didn’t voice his doubts. Perhaps the circumstances would be enough to change human nature. Even the most selfish of people might make compromises under the pressure of reality.

They had a few more drinks as they chatted about the Ten Divine Nations. Jiang Chen listened with great interest as Ziju Min was a great storyteller. He gave the young man a detailed and fascinating rundown of events, current and old.

That reminded Jiang Chen. ”By the way, Elder Ziju, how’s Shi Xuan from Flora Divine Nation doing?”

He hadn’t had the time to take care of the man since he’d become Jiang Chen’s pill slave. Ziju Min had been in charge of taming him.

Ziju Min chuckled. “The same old. We haven’t brought him over to our side yet and he doesn’t respect us yet. Since you’re here, young master Chen, you should take some time to teach him a lesson.”

They drank as they talked.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s consciousness detected something. He shot to his feet. “Greetings to the venerated forefather.”

Ziju Min jumped up and stood on the side respectfully.

“Elder Ziju is here as well?” The forefather grinned at Jiang Chen. “I’ve heard a lot of things about you these days, young man. Good, you’ve met my expectations.”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips without a word. He worried that the forefather would order him to go to the offworld battlefield as soon as he opened his mouth.

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