Chapter 196: Let’s Talk About the Split in Profits Before We Cooperate (Teaser)

Chapter 196: Let’s Talk About the Split in Profits Before We Cooperate

“What’s wrong?” Dan Fei was slightly surprised to see Jiang Chen’s sudden out-of-character performance.

Jiang Chen said in a low voice, “There’s a spirit rank spirit animal ahead, and more than one.”

“Is that true?” A look of surprise shot out of Dan Fei’s eyes when she heard Jiang Chen’s words. She hastened to ask, “You can sense them? How far away are they? Are their young with them?”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brow in contemplation and smoothed it out slightly after a long while, “They’re already gone. No young, all adult spirit rank creatures.”

“Oh, no young? What a pity.” Disappointment flashed across Dan Fei’s beautiful features.

“I think you’ve gone crazy in your desire for a baby spirit animal? Even if there was one, how would you steal it? Do you want to be attacked by a crowd of spirit animals?”

Dan Fei stuck out her tongue as she chuckled, “How can one get the tiger’s cubs besides going into the tiger’s caves?” Some risk has to be taken in order to obtain the baby spirit animal.”

Whenever this woman spoke of a baby spirit animal, her limpid eyes would shine with a fervent ardent light that was definitely not present normally.

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