Chapter 1959: A Bandit Halfway Through

“Little White, this vein is the perfect place for you to cultivate. Do you think it’s unfair for us to take it away?” Jiang Chen asked.

The tiger flashed a toothy grin. “I like the atmosphere here, but I need the crystals much more. As long as you give me plenty of those, there’s no problem going anywhere else.

Jiang Chen thought about it for a moment before deciding to go ahead.

He knew that the powerful experts who’d escaped from the Boundless Prison wouldn't rest idle. Right now, they were already traveling the world and surely looking for resources to plunder.

If one of them took an interest in this place, the vein wouldn't be spared. Moreover, his furry friend would be caught up in the trouble. An Astral White Tiger was an ideal beast for these experts to subjugate or enslave.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to lose both the crystals and a friend.

Under Little White’s guidance, the quartet began to execute the vein harvesting plan.

In about half a month, it was completely ransacked. No crystals were left where the vein once was.

The Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan were equally excited. Quite a few of the crystals were appropriate for their cultivation as well. The red ones, for example, were perfect for the bird. Similarly, the green ones particularly suited Long Xiaoxuan.

Jiang Chen was delighted at the tremendous yield. “Let’s split up the loot later. This isn’t a good place to stay. Our commotion might very well have alerted others to our presence. Thankfully, all the crystals are stowed away. Even if someone came now, they wouldn’t know it was us.”

The three sacred beasts nodded cheerily.

Jiang Chen and company arrived on the surface. As they were about to leave, a powerful consciousness from the distance blasted in his general direction.

He braced himself. “So there was someone!”

He had a feeling that his lengthy delay would garner undesirable attention. It was just as he’d expected.

A strange chariot broke through the northern clouds. Instead of horses, eight exotic beasts drove it. They were ferocious and imposing in their own right.

The chariot was lavishly decorated with gold and jewels. Its body was brilliantly etched, its design classical and ostentatious.

A man sat upon the chariot, his visage as handsome as an emperor. His very appearance gave off the impression of wealth. Five servants flanked the vehicle, all of them every bit First Wind and his comrades’ equal.

This was obviously another divine expert. These servants of his were demigods.

It was no longer a good time for Jiang Chen to leave.

He wasn’t planning on sticking around for long though. A single glance was enough to spur his departure.

“Halt.” A voice full of authority sounded from the chariot.

Jiang Chen’s footsteps tarried. “Are you talking to me?” he shot back coolly.

“Who else is there but you?” The god upon the chariot spoke with a slow, measured gait. It was almost enchanting to listen to.

Even someone as capable as Jiang Chen felt his grip on reality slip a little. He shook it off in an instant though, and laughed.

“I don’t recall making your acquaintance. There’s no reason for me to stop.”

The wealthy god smiled faintly. “Young man, I am more experienced than you could possibly hope to comprehend. Do you think it wise to try to trick me?”

“Why do you say that?” Jiang Chen replied evenly.

“Don’t play the fool. Hand over the goods you found here. After that, I promise I will allow you to leave peacefully.”

A highwayman, as expected.

The young man shrugged, returning an equally detached smile.

“I did acquire a few spirit stones. However, this territory belongs to me. I don’t believe you have the right to interfere in my affairs. Why should I give what is rightfully mine to you?” Though his tone was lighthearted, his response was rather serious.

“Heh…” The divine cultivator broke into booming laughter. “Interesting, interesting. I’ve always thought that pathetic excuses for cultivators abounded in Myriad Abyss. I didn't expect a youth with your spine to be in such a remote place. Regardless… you’re too naïve. Do you think I’m reasoning with you?”

“What does that matter?” Jiang Chen frowned slightly.

“Alright. Tell me, young man, what faction do you belong to?”

“I’ve told you already that I see no reason to give you anything. That includes my identity.” Jiang Chen wasn’t scared of this adversary.

The Vermilion Bird was more than capable of putting up a real fight.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen, Long Xiaoxuan, and the Astral White Tiger could handle the god’s servants. Slaying one or two of them in the process wasn’t out of the question.

The divine cultivator furrowed his brow. He could no longer maintain his dignified veneer.

One of his servants was a bushy-browed man. He took this opportunity to step forward, raging. “My master is a supreme god, kid. The fact he’s talking to you is a blessing unto itself. What reason do you have for your rudeness? You clearly have no interest in living any longer.”

“A god, is he?” Jiang Chen chuckled. “Gods are remarkable beings, but they’re hardly supreme.”

He had seen countless of them in his previous life. Many had bowed down and offered him their simpering smiles. In fact, some had served as his house guards. Thus, his attitude was different from everyone else’s. He didn't have an innate fear of gods.

Jiang Chen’s retort enraged the demigod servant.

He cupped a fist toward his master. “Sir, please allow me to take down this imbecile kid. You may do what you like with him.”

“Go. Myriad Abyss Island is such a stale place. Young people these days don’t know what’s good for them. Bah, humbug,” responded the god, as if lamenting the state of the world.

Jiang Chen snapped his fingers. The Vermilion Bird erupted from the void of space, its maw opening to release a scorching fireball.

Its flames seemed to burn the very air, filling the sky with a terrifying crimson. 

The hellish blaze spread like wildfire.

The bushy-browed demigod was blasted in the face by a powerful heat wave. His breathing was stifled from the lack of air, and his eyebrows were instantly singed.  

The fire was so powerful! The demigod didn’t dare rush headlong into danger. The fire before him was far more fearsome than anything he knew. Only death awaited him ahead.

The divine cultivator sitting within the chariot glowered. He looked warily at the Vermilion Bird. He could see that the bird was a god as well!

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