Chapter 1958: The Source of the Five-Colored Crystals

“Young master Chen, your aura now is really very intimidating! Honestly, mine isn’t much stronger than yours. If I didn’t know you so well, I would think you’re more than just a human,” the Vermilion Bird remarked.

He had seen many great human cultivators, but none of them were as incredible as Jiang Chen. The ancient human leaders had been strong because of their cultivation, but Jiang Chen’s strength came from something more.

He was only recently seventh level empyrean, but the pressure and area of effect of his consciousness rivaled the Vermilion Bird, who was now a bonafide god. It was difficult not to applaud the human for it.

“Alright, enough small talk. I’ll take you to the vein.” Jiang Chen hadn’t been by for several years, but he was still familiar with the terrain. It took no time at all for them to reach the quarry’s periphery.

“An intense killing aura lingers in the air.” This was the Vermilion Bird’s first impression. “No plants grow here, nor do I sense other life. Why is this?”

“It’s as you perceive.” Jiang Chen smiled and nodded. “I will summon Little White.”

He used the secret method to contact the tiger, as they’d agreed upon a few years back.

The earth immediately began to tremble. Suddenly, a white shadow darted out from the earth.

“Huh? Is this Little White?” The Vermilion Bird blinked. Long Xiaoxuan felt like he was seeing things as well.

The beast before them was humongous and majestic. Its birthmark of heritage was more prominent than ever. The wings upon its back could now be extended and retracted at will.

“Haha? Young master Chen, Brother Long, Old Brother Vermilion Bird?” The Astral White Tiger was very glad to see its three old acquaintances.

Long Xiaoxuan came forward to scrutinize the tiger more closely. “Is that really you, Little White?” he clucked.

“I changed a lot, huh? I bet you don’t even recognize me. Yes, I am the Astral White Tiger you all know and love—Little White!”

The tiger was quite excited. It was obvious that it had benefited a great deal from its time cultivating here. Its personality had grown alongside its size—it was no longer nearly as shy as it had once been. It was perfectly relaxed alongside its sacred beast peers.

However, it was a little disappointed when it saw Long Xiaoxuan’s cultivation. “I worked hard, but it looks like there’s still a gap between us.”

Long Xiaoxuan was advanced empyrean, nearly ninth level. Though Little White had broken through to empyrean here and repeatedly ascended, it was only fifth level empyrean.

But considering its starting point, this was already progress at a perverse speed.

Long Xiaoxuan had begun to cultivate several years before it. The level disparity was hard to overcome all at once.

Jiang Chen knew that the three sacred beasts would eventually reach similar heights after ascending to godhood

Right now, the Vermilion Bird was stronger than Long Xiaoxuan, who was in turn stronger than the tiger. This was entirely due to how long they’d cultivated for and their personal fortunes.

The bird had cultivated for significantly longer than Long Xiaoxuan and the Astral White Tiger. Because it hadn’t spent much of that time with Jiang Chen, its development had comparatively been hindered. Its fortunes had completely turned after meeting its young human friend.

After exchanging greetings, Little White was depressed to find that it was still the weakest of the trio.  

“Don’t be so upset, Little White.” Jiang Chen laughed. “You and Brother Long will attain godhood sooner or later. When you do, you’ll become Old Brother Vermilion’s equal. Your bloodlines and potentials are not so different, and your futures will converge.”

“Ah well, it’s all because I’m the youngest of the bunch.” Little White laughed. “Fine, fine.”

“If you know you’re younger, then be humbler. Don’t call me ‘Brother Long’. Call me ‘big brother’, got it?” Long Xiaoxuan declared.

Little White pouted and pulled a face.

Jiang Chen was pleased to see the sacred beasts coexisting in harmony. Without him, they would definitely engage in a much fiercer rivalry against each other.

“Enough joking around. Little White, your cultivation has advanced very quickly. Have you scoped out the vein as well?”

“I think I have a good shot at taking it with me, Brother Chen,” the tiger responded seriously.

“How sure are you of doing so?”

“Maybe forty or fifty percent. With your help? Sixty or seventy,” guessed Little White.

“Okay. Let’s do it then. These crystals can’t be used to set up a formation, but they are valuable cultivation resources nevertheless. Why should we leave them for another when Myriad Abyss is on the brink of chaos?”

Jiang Chen had no intention of waiting any more.

Perhaps these crystals were related to the pentacolor stones used to repair the sky in the primordial times. They had formed the basis of each and every world’s elements once upon a time.

Because these crystals similarly came in a myriad of colors and functions, Jiang Chen supposed that he wasn’t far off from the truth. They were evidently not the originals though, otherwise he’d be sitting on a gold mine.

A single primordial thing—especially something as rare as pentacolor stone—was sufficient to gain authority over a new world.

It was impossible for such a relic to remain on Divine Abyss.

Nevertheless, these crystals would be extraordinary if they’d managed to inherit a hundredth of that strength. That would be more than profit enough.

The young man and his three bestial friends got to work instantly.

Little White spoke about some of the rules they had to follow, especially when it came to the vein’s dangers.

“Don’t worry! The killing intent is pretty strong, but Old Brother Vermilion’s divine constitution means that you essentially can’t be hurt. Brother Long and young master Chen are too capable to be affected by the more typical perils. No need to be too tense. I’ll tell you about things to avoid ahead of time.” The tiger’s speech marked his growth. He could finally take the lead.

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