Chapter 1957: The Magpie’s Nest is Occupied By the Dove?

Cloud Camel Mountain wasn’t that far from the capital. With Starfate’s speed, Jiang Chen reached his destination in no time at all.

Things had changed greatly. Back then, the mountain had been House Yan’s, and many of its experts had been stationed here. Now, there was no one from House Yan at all.

House Feng, who’d been fighting over the mountain with House Yan, had seized the opportunity to claim it.

Members of House Feng thronged in the area, obviously considering the place their territory.

Although they had been part of the rebellion organized by House Xiahou and the imperial family, they hadn’t been that involved. They were thus able to cut their losses and save themselves.

Originally, it didn’t make sense for House Feng to continue fighting over the mountain. Although House Yan had fallen out with Jiang Chen, there remained a connection between them. Given those circumstances, House Feng didn’t dare make House Yan their enemy.

However, things ended up taking an unexpected turn. House Yan was suddenly destroyed, throwing good fortune into House Feng’s lap. They claimed the mountain as their own before House Yan’s blood was even dry on the ground.

Jiang Chen frowned.

Long Xiaoxuan cackled. “Who are they? It seems the mountain has changed hands?”

Jiang Chen huffed. “Changed hands? No, they’ve looted a burning house and taken what isn’t theirs. This is House Yan territory. Since when does House Feng have any right to it?”

“That’s right,” volunteered the Vermilion Bird. “This is House Yan territory and you’re part of the family as a son-in-law. That makes the mountain yours. Young master Chen, shall I help you destroy all of them?”

After the rebellion, Eternal Divine Nation couldn’t afford to lose more people. If the bird took the matter into its own hands, there would be no survivors.

“No, I’ll do it.”

Jiang Chen leapt out of Starfate. In a flash, his tempered body shone brightly, golden light streaking through the sky. His Evil Golden Eye cast downwards, covering the entire mountain with his consciousness.

“Whoever the House Feng overseer is, show yourself!” Jiang Chen’s voice boomed at everyone’s ear like cracks of thunder, all-powerful and intimidating.

Below, members of House Feng shuddered, their minds wobbling and blood boiling. The executives stationed at the mountain soared into the sky. Many with keener eyes spotted Jiang Chen and recognized him.

“It’s young lord Jiang Chen!” someone called out in surprise. 

“It’s the young lord of the Eternal Sacred Land!”

The shrieks were fearful and timid. It was clear that they were scared of Jiang Chen.

One of them muttered, “What is he doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He’s here to reclaim the mountain for House Yan. I hear that Yan Wanjun didn’t die in the destruction of the house. Neither did his grandson Yan Qingsang and granddaughter Yan Qinghuang.”

“So the young lord is going to take over the mountain?”

“But it belongs to House Feng.”

“Ai. Not necessarily. Ownership has always been disputed, and House Yan used to be in control of the area. We… we’d better be prepared.”

“That’s right. If young lord Jiang Chen is here for the mountain, it’ll be next to impossible for us to keep it.”

A sixth level empyrean elder from House Feng soared into the sky and cupped his hands at Jiang Chen from a distance. “Are you the young lord of the sacred land, Jiang Chen?”

Jiang Chen glanced at him. “You’re one of House Feng’s elders. You should be able to make the decision here. I’ll give you fifteen minutes to leave this mountain. Those who don’t leave by then won’t have to leave at all.”

“Young lord, you...” The elder trailed off. He hadn’t expected the forceful attitude. Jiang Chen didn’t even give him a chance to make his case!

The elder had prepared a lot of arguments, planning to debate ownership with Jiang Chen. Having the wind taken out of his sails like this threw him for a loop that was hard to recover from. 

The elder only reacted after a while. “Young lord Jiang Chen, the mountain has always been ours,” he muttered. “House Yan forcefully took it from us. It’s only right for us to take it back.”

Jiang Chen scoffed. “It’s always been yours? Do you think you can trick me just because I haven’t been part of Eternal Divine Nation for long? You and House Yan have been fighting over the territory for more than a thousand years. And you say it’s always been yours? Do you take me as a fool?”

His threatening tone sent a shudder down the elder’s spine. He heard the young man’s words loud and clear as the warning it was.

“Enough with the nonsense. I don’t want to listen to any more hot air. What I know is this: the mountain used to be under House Yan’s control, and I’m taking it back for House Yan. You have no claims over the mountain. If you don’t take my offer and walk away, don’t blame me for being merciless. The fifteen minute countdown starts now. If you want to waste your breath, go ahead and talk until your end arrives.” Jiang Chen’s tone was chilling.

The elder shuddered, his expression clouded. He carefully considered Jiang Chen and realized that the young lord was a hundred percent serious.

It’d be humiliating for them to leave without resisting, but if they stayed and fought back, the young man seemed to possess the power to kill all of them on his own.

The elder was also very puzzled. During the sword competition, Jiang Chen’s cultivation on just been roughly on par with Xiahou Zong. How had he made such great progress in only a few years?

The circumstances forced them to capitulate. House Feng’s forces started scattering the moment Jiang Chen increased the pressure on them with his consciousness. Those with weaker will had long since fled.

In an hour, there wasn’t a shadow of the House Feng members. The elder had also left obediently.

He had neither the power or courage to go against Jiang Chen, let alone the entire sacred land. It’d be no different from suicide. He had no choice but to back down.

Jiang Chen expanded his consciousness further. He wasn’t satisfied until he made sure that there was no one from House Feng within a hundred miles of the mountain.

“Members of House Feng, heed my words,” he declared. “From now on, the mountain is a restricted area. No one, House Feng and other factions included, are allowed to enter under pain of death!”

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