Chapter 1956: Return to the Sacred Land

Jiang Chen spent close to ten days in closed door cultivation for his breakthrough and consolidation of his martial methods and items afterwards.

When he emerged, Huang’er had been waiting for him for a while, her parents by her side.

“Brother Chen, there you are!” Huang’er threw herself into Jiang Chen’s arms like a swallow eagerly returning to its nest. Her face radiated undulated joy. “Brother Chen, I now have a father and mother as well. Just like you.”

Jiang Chen was very happy for her. Noticing Yan Qianfan and An Yu’er, he hurriedly greeted them. “This junior is Jiang Chen. It’s an honor to meet the two elders.”

An Yu’er chuckled. “Oh, we aren’t old enough to be called elders. You...

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