Chapter 1953: Breakthrough, Seventh Level Empyrean Realm

Receiving the empyrean relic was a pleasant surprise. Jiang Chen didn’t make a show out of turning it down as he knew how valuable it was. Used properly, it would be a great boon.

Not only could it push him to seventh level empyrean in a short period of time, it might halve the effort needed to ascend to eighth or even ninth level empyrean.

After all, the relic had been refined with the life essence of a ninth level empyrean expert.

“I hope I’m not too bold for accepting the relic, senior. Thank you for the generous gift.”

“I said it’s to repay your favor,” said Divine Kasyapa, waving a dismissive hand. “This seat also believes that you’ll make the most out of the relic. I don’t know any other young men who deserve it more than you.

“I hear that you’ve been collecting spirit stones?” A storage ring shot out as he spoke. “Consider this my contribution. It’s not much, but it’s something.”

Jiang Chen took the ring and a peek. Inside was a vast sum of high-ranking spirit stones. He was ecstatic. This would account for ten percent of what was needed for the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement!

Combined with the stones already in his possession, he had now collected eighty to eighty-five percent of the stones. Another twenty percent meant reaching his goal.

He was going to prepare a little more than the number needed in case of emergencies.

“The senior is most generous whenever he makes a move. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“Haha, no need for thanks. It’s only right for me to contribute towards your sense of duty, if not anything else.” Divine Kasyapa smiled nonchalantly, then suddenly slapped his forehead with a chuckle. “I’ve just remembered something. I hear that you have two divine creatures as your companions—a vermilion bird and a true dragon. Is that true?”

That was no secret to many in Myriad Abyss. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to hide it from the divine master, so he didn’t try. He nodded in affirmation.

“The bloodlines of the four ancient divine beasts are the oldest of them all. It’s said that they were the foremost bloodlines even in the heavenly planes. It’s remarkable that such beings have graced the Divine Abyss Continent with their presence. May I shamelessly ask for two drops of their blood essence?”

Jiang Chen did have the essence of both the true dragon and the vermilion bird, but not a lot. However, he saw no reason to deny the divine master’s request.

He presented Kasyapa with two drops of blood. “It’s extremely difficult to come by, but since you asked for it, senior, naturally I’ll give them to you.”

The divine master had given him a lot of valuable things. Jiang Chen had to repay him for the generosity.

“Haha, in that case, this seat will accept your gifts with gratitude. Rest assured that I will repay you for them. I owe you a favor. If you need my help, seek me out and I’ll honor my words!” Acquiring the blood essence put Divine Kasyapa in a wonderful mood.

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded without another word.


Over the next few days, Jiang Chen stayed on the island with Huang’er. In a few days, her parents would emerge from closed door cultivation. Naturally he would keep his beloved company.

He made the best use of time by refining the empyrean relic.

It proved to be very impressive. It wasn’t the first time Jiang Chen refined a relic, but still it took him a great deal of effort to refine this one. He eventually succeeded in the end.

Once refined, Yun Zhan’s overpowering life essence rushed into Jiang Chen’s body like an endless stream. This was his opportunity to ascend to advanced empyrean!

Though he was in Divine Kasyapa’s territory, there were few places safer for ascension than the island. Jiang Chen told Kasyapa what would happen and settled down in a relatively quiet location before focusing on cultivating.

The Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan had been hiding on Jiang Chen. They transformed into their human forms to protect him while he broke through.

Jiang Chen hadn’t introduced the two spirits to Divine Kasyapa. They knew that the divine master had asked for their blood essence, but they didn’t care. They’d given the essence to Jiang Chen. It was his to do with it as he would.

Besides, given how active their bloodline was, it was no matter to extract a drop or two essence every now and then. What others hailed as the true bloodline energy, holiest of holy, was nothing but essence extracted from their own blood. It wasn’t that big a deal.

“Brother Long, young master Chen has acquired an empyrean relic and might ascend to seventh level empyrean over the next couple of days, entering advanced empyrean like you,” said the Vermilion Bird with a smile. “Isn’t it unbelievable that a human cultivator can rival a true dragon like you in cultivation speed?”

Long Xiaoxuan rolled his eyes. “Nothing about him surprises me anymore.”

The Vermilion Bird echoed his sentiment. “True. I fancy myself a being with great experience and used to know a fair share of the ancient heavyweights. However, none of them was as unfathomable as the young master. Every time I think I understand him, he proves me wrong and surprises us.”

Long Xiaoxuan sighed. “When I met him, he was just an origin realm cultivator. Now, he holds his composure before a god like they’re equals.”

The more time the two spent with Jiang Chen, the more impressed they were by the human and the closer their relationship to him became.

The Vermilion Bird never forgot that its life would’ve come to an end in the ruins of the Primosanct Sect if not for Jiang Chen. It would’ve never had the chance for rebirth.

Long Xiaoxuan knew that without Jiang Chen, he’d still be stuck in the cave, paralyzed by fear, let alone grow to this point.

Jiang Chen didn’t let the two sacred beasts wait for long. Three days later, unusual natural phenomena loomed over the island and lingered. Even Divine Kasyapa was drawn to the tremendous sight.

Jiang Chen had thought it’d take him much longer to ascend to seventh level empyrean, but coming to visit Huang’er’s parents with her had yielded unexpected benefits.

Once ascended to advanced empyrean, he could feel his power and cultivation taking a substantial step further. Every cell and pore of his body danced with energy.

The chain seal in his consciousness was now more visible to him. He seemed to be one step closer to the truth. Jiang Chen was elated. He had a feeling that he would soon discover the secret of the seal!

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