Chapter 195: A Bizarre Combination Running into Bizarre Matters

Chapter 195: A Bizarre Combination Running into Bizarre Matters

In contrast to other small teams, Dan Fei’s only had two members. This was rather unique. However, although they were only two, they were also the ones who drew the most eyeballs and most attention.

There was no reason other than Dan Fei’s outfit. For those noble sons and disciples used to seeing Dan Fei’s elegant and refined clothing, her primal and revealing side made the testosterone within their bodies rapidly increase uncontrollably.

“That’s odd, I thought Miss Dan Fei always acts independently? Why does she have a companion this time? Who’s this brat? How can he form a team with Dan Fei?”

“What the hell? Are the manners and morals of this world changing? Even the Dan Fei who comes and goes freely has started to form teams. Oh heavens, my goddess is forming a team with another man by herself. Damn it, damn it!”

“Just who is that fellow? I need to find out more about him later. Could it be that Dan Fei, who holds such high standards actually has a sweetheart?”

“Ai, if I could form a team with Miss Dan Fei, I’d be willing to pay any price.”

If the countless men’s nagging mutterings and all of their whining complaints towards Jiang Chen had all transformed into spittle, it would’ve...

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