Chapter 1949: Divine Kasyapa

The first thing Huang’er’s maternal grandfather did upon his freedom was to seek revenge on Eternal Divine Nation. Since the original perpetrator, House Xiahou, had already been eradicated, he had nowhere to vent his anger. House Yan had served as an outlet for his fury—hence the unfortunate massacre.

The truth was finally out in the open.

“Brother Chen…” Huang’er’s longing for her parents could not be controlled. She grew increasingly anxious.

Jiang Chen instinctively understood what his beloved felt. A single exchanged glance or movement was enough to tell him what was on her mind.

“I’ll go with you,” he affirmed without hesitation.

Yan Wanjun’s mouth trembled. He wanted to say that he would come too, but couldn’t.

First Wind’s master—in other words, his son’s father-in-law—didn’t have a good opinion of him. It was doubtful whether his presence was wanted at all. If he went anyway, he would only be making things more awkward for all involved.

Repressing his desire to see his son again, he turned to Huang’er. 

“Just as well that you go for a visit. I let them down in the past, just as I did you. It’s good that you and your parents should reunite with one another. House Yan’s fate… was the result of karma. I’m in no position to speak further. Go on.”

First Wind snickered. In his opinion, Yan Wanjun was only putting on an act to garner sympathy from his granddaughter.

Huang’er had a different perspective. She’d already reconciled with her grandfather and could understand his adversities and hardships. Moreover, she knew her grandfather had always lamented his past choices.

“Grandfather, you couldn’t do much by yourself back then. It’s been so many years… I think father would understand. You’re father and son at the end of the day…”

Yan Wanjun let out a long sigh. He waved gloomily, but said nothing more.

“Qingsang, Elder Shun, go back to the sacred land with Elder Wanjun. I shall accompany Huang’er on this trip,” Jiang Chen instructed.

“Alright. Take care of Huang’er and yourself too.” Elder Shun nodded readily. As an outsider—a past subordinate at most—he wasn’t qualified to comment here.

This was a family affair.

First Wind and his companions didn’t oppose Jiang Chen’s presence. “The master has heard about his newfound grandson-in-law, who is supposed to be a legendary genius. He wants to see whether the praise is overblown or not. It’s most ideal that you come, young master Chen.”

His tone was drastically different from his formerly proud self. Evidently, Jiang Chen’s methods and abilities had won his respect and the right to speak.

“Come, lead the way.” Jiang Chen remained impassive in the face of his new treatment.

His coolness won him an even better appraisal from the four cloaks. It was rare to find someone in the younger generation who was First Wind’s equal in battle, but his temperate and stoic nature was rarer still.

This young man was destined for greatness. An appropriate match for the young miss. The master was sure to be pleased.

Along the way, Huang’er found out from the cloaks that her maternal grandfather’s name was An Jiashe. In the Boundless Prison, he was known as Divine Kasyapa. 

Her mother’s name was An Yu’er.

Huang’er wasn’t usually much of a conversationalist, which made her incessant badgering of the four cloaks along their journey uncommon. She continually asked after her parents.

The place that Divine Kasyapa lived in was very remote. Even by airboat, it took several days to get to what looked like a deserted island.

“Here?” Huang’er was a little surprised. “I remember this place being one of the forbidden lands in Myriad Abyss. The Ten Divine Nations usually don’t let others trespass here.”

“Haha, no place in Myriad Abyss is forbidden to the master,” First Wind declared easily.

“Let us land.”

The airboat descended upon an island.

Jiang Chen was fascinated by the route they’d taken. The island had been rather hard to get to, requiring several dimensional jumps. In other words, it didn’t ordinarily exist to the rest of the world.

This was a bonafide secret realm.

Divine cultivators were elusive indeed. Without guidance, it was essentially impossible to find a secret realm like this, short of it opening voluntarily.

Jiang Chen marveled at the flora and scenery he saw as he moved along. These wouldn’t be out of place at all in the heart of the ten sacred lands. Myriad Abyss had its own fair share of wondrous locales after all.

Though clearly no one had found this place before, this Divine Kasyapa had plucked it trivially from the aether. Because of this, the man piqued Jiang Chen’s curiosity. What he had done was quite admirable in his own right.

Coming to an engraved obelisk, First Wind made several hand seals as he transmitted, “Honored Master, we Four Elements of Nature have brought Miss Huang’er back home.”

Piercing light flared from the obelisk in the next instant, conjuring a number of wavy runes that opened up like a series of gates.

“Go ahead.”

The space past the entrance was completely different.

Rather than magnificent buildings and architecture, there was only a wild landscape, accentuated with splendid flowers and trees that embodied the very soul of nature.

At the end of the narrow path was a tower—more accurately, a pagoda.

A sacred light emanated from it, imparting to the viewer a dignified feeling. Before even entering, Jiang Chen could already feel the power the light possessed. It gave off the impression that it was completely inviolate.

“You’ve returned.” A voice echoed from the direction of the pagoda.

Far from being harsh, the voice was actually quite endearing. Without knowledge of the House Yan slaughter, Jiang Chen would perhaps suspect the owner of this voice to be a very kind senior of some sort.

Suddenly, the pagoda grew even more brilliant for a few moments. After this radiance subsided, an almost illusory figure appeared outside.

Man and pagoda seemed one with each other, and both carried a sense of ancient history.

“Master.” All four cloaks saluted their master with due respect.

Seeing that Huang’er was entranced by the pagoda, Jiang Chen didn’t disturb her. Instead, he cupped his fist in his own salute. “This junior offers sincere greetings, Divine Kapasya.”

“Jiang Chen!” The voice of the divine came once more from the direction of the pagoda. “So you’re the one they’re talking about everywhere? In the Eternal Sacred Land and beyond?”

“It is I. I would think any such rumors of my prowess are far too exaggerated, however. I’m less than a fraction of what they make me out to be.” Jiang Chen laughed.

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