Chapter 1948: News Of Parents

Jiang Chen finally understood the points of confusion he’d had before.

These people hadn’t been merciful in the slightest during the massacre on House Yan. They had only spared Yan Wanjun because of a rather unexpected connection.

The atmosphere became somewhat awkward.

Revenge of any sort was obviously out of the question now. Yan Wanjun wasn’t capable of such a thing, but even if he was, it was hard to judge whether the response was appropriate.

Huang’er felt rather mixed emotions when she found out that her maternal grandfather had been responsible for House Yan’s slaughter. She didn’t know what to feel toward the house in the first place, since it had oppressed rather than cared for her most of her life. Because of her kind and gentle nature, she didn’t utterly despise House Yan for it. To expect her to cherish it instead though, was entirely unrealistic.

Moreover, she didn’t want her two grandfathers to engage in any further conflict. They were both family to her.

Jiang Chen realized why the four cloaked individuals had regarded Huang’er differently than the rest. She was their master’s granddaughter and their young mistress in her own right.

As he expected, First Wind saluted Huang’er respectfully after he finished. “Miss Huang’er, the master has ordered us to wait for you here. When you do appear, he wants us to take you to see him.”

“Please come with us, young miss.” The three other cloaked men also saluted.

Despite having experienced a great deal in her life, Huang’er was rendered momentarily helpless by this drastic turn. She looked to Jiang Chen for assistance. She couldn’t make the decision by herself lightly.

“If your master really is Huang’er’s maternal grandfather, I see no reason she shouldn’t pay him a visit,” Jiang Chen declared coolly. “However, do you have any actual proof as to the veracity of your words?”

The four cloaks blinked collectively. To their chagrin, they didn’t have any physical proof.

Having traded blows with Jiang Chen, First Wind knew how adept the young man was in his own right. His opinion could not be ignored.

“Why do you need proof?” he argued. “If our master wasn’t the young miss’ grandfather, why would he intervene in the matter of House Yan? Out of boredom?” He quickly turned to the young woman in question. “Young miss, blood calls to blood. Our master is the father of your mother, your very own grandfather. As his junior, shouldn’t you at least greet him once in your life?”

Thinking about it for a moment, Huang’er made up her mind. “A girl should listen to the words of her father, and then her husband when married. I have already tied my future with Brother Chen and agree with him. It’s hard to believe you without material proof.”

Despite what she said, Huang’er did already believe First Wind to a certain extent. It was hard to make up such an elaborate lie, given that there wasn’t much these demigods would want from them. Why would they waste their time here otherwise?

“The master would be very sad to hear you say that, young miss,” First Wind replied, a little flustered.

“He shouldn’t be. If my grandfather really loves me, he should’ve come to look for me himself rather than send you four.” Huang’er sighed softly.

She cherished all of her family members. Though her Yan grandfather hadn’t managed to protect her, she loved and respected him nevertheless.

As such, she was pleased to hear that she had living relatives on her mother’s side still. However, that didn’t mean she was going to lose her head over it.

She hadn’t met this grandfather in person before. They were closely related by blood, but intimacy couldn’t suddenly flare up with so short a period of contact.

“The master was right,” First Wind sighed. “He predicted you would say something like that, young miss. But if you knew why he hadn’t come, you wouldn’t be the same way.”

“Why didn’t he come himself? Can you tell me?” Huang’er asked with some curiosity.

“The master has taken your parents out from the Boundless Prison. Right now, he is healing their injuries and renewing their constitutions within a secret realm.”

“What? My parents have already been rescued?” Serendipitous joy lit up Huang’er’s face. Her parents were much closer to her than a mere grandfather.

There was an inherent connection between a child and their parents.

Jiang Chen was overjoyed to hear the good news as well. He knew that the problem had plagued Huang’er for a long time. If they were indeed safe and sound, it would be resolved at long last.

Yan Wanjun was equally delighted. He’d assumed that his son and daughter-in-law had died long ago within the Boundless Prison, as that place was exceedingly dangerous for any cultivator.

The suddenness of the good news caused him to weep tears of joy.

In this life, he owed his younger son Yan Qianfan the most. When the entire house had stood against him, even he could not back his own son. He had succumbed to the overwhelming pressure from those around him.

Every time he remembered it, Yan Wanjun felt daggers draw across his heart. He regretted his past choices, but could he truly walk down the other path if given a chance to do things over?

Not necessarily!

Yan Qingsang had some impression of his long-lost uncle. Since he was a little older than Huang’er, a few childhood memories yet lingered. He was happy on Huang’er’s behalf to hear that his uncle was alright.

The customarily calm Huang’er was greatly moved when she heard about her parents’ safety. She asked First Wind about them in earnest.

The browncloak answered with the utmost deference and care. He related absolutely everything he knew about what had taken place within the Boundless Prison.

When Yan Qingsang and his wife had first fallen into the Boundless Prison, they underwent several years of danger and trial without meeting the four cloaks’ master.

It had been a fortuitous encounter that allowed the couple to meet Yan Qianfan’s father-in-law. The latter sensed upon his daughter the presence of the token he’d left to his wife.

Father and daughter were reunited within the Boundless Prison. By then, First Wind’s master had already become a divine expert. He was supreme even within the great expanse of the Boundless Prison.

This allowed Yan Qianfan and his wife to live in relative safety from then on.

However, there was minimal possibility to escape from the dimensional enclosure. That was, until the recent ten divine nations’ rebellions. Every entrance to the Boundless Prison had been disturbed enough to allow a large number of imprisoned experts to break out.

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