Chapter 1945: The Ultimate Showdown

Opposite the browncloak, Jiang Chen could feel the tangible difference in his opponent. His powerful consciousness allowed him to detect that his opponent was charging up for his strongest move.

Doesn’t he have three moves left? Is he using his best one ahead of schedule? 

The young man didn’t dare underestimate his enemy. He was facing down a demigod, not an ordinary cultivator. He didn’t have the right to take someone this strong lightly.

Jiang Chen focused his mind a hundred and twenty percent. Tempered body, Bewitching Lotus, magnetic mountain, Earth Bodhisattva Orb, and the new golden bell—all available was brought to bear.

In fact, he also temporarily brought a few formation disks to life as well, reinforcing them with a few suspended runes. He was only a beginner at the last art. Having obtained its details from Old Pill Rune, he had learnt it to a certain degree, though without major success.

In a fight like this though, he needed to use whatever he had. Each and every additional ward would be useful.

He didn’t slouch in the area of offense either. When necessary, a good offense could substitute for defense. The Holy Dragon Bow and Taiji Pisces Swords were potent weapons of murder. Complimenting them was the Heavenly Chalice Sword Formation, just as lethal in its own ways.

The browncloak noticed Jiang Chen’s changes. “I hope you really savor this next one, kid!” he cackled. He knew that Jiang Chen had prepared every way that he could for his final strike.

They had a mutual understanding. However, browncloak was already snickering to himself internally. If his opponent was focused on the physical side of things, he had pretty much already lost.

His strongest attack was potent both physically and mentally. Its essence lay in using the robust physical portion as a smokescreen to land a sneak attack on the consciousness. Of course, if that in itself was enough, then all the better.

But if it came down to the mental portion, he could instantly crush his opponent’s awareness once it was successful. As that was a cultivator’s most vital weakness, a victim had no chance of survival after being struck.

Browncloak made a series of hand seals. Within moments, tendrils of black mist gathered all around him. They spewed and gushed in constant mystery.

He swept the hem of his garment across the ground, placing down a small black flag there. He did so multiple times in succession, dropping them all about the surrounding terrain.

At a glance, the flags looked utterly chaotic and randomly placed. However, when the black mist spread over them, the area the flags covered took on a more sinister aura.

In the next moment, a bone-chilling wind from hell itself froze the air around them.

Jiang Chen found that the ground under him was visibly frosting over. It didn’t seem quite like an ice attribute ability though.

Not panicking for an instant, he used his God’s Eye to pierce the hazy curtain. It allowed its user to see through every veil, whether darkness, maze, or mist that hindered his vision.

Thus, the shape outlined by the little black flags beneath the dark mist was brought sharply into view.

It was a great demonic beast.

A lumbering hulk rose out of the ground, slowly getting to its feet. It was a pitch-black, demonic monster, colossal and ferocious. Its limbs rippled with powerful muscles.

“Prepare to die, kid!” A bigger black flag suddenly appeared in browncloak’s hands. He pointed it toward Jiang Chen, who felt his consciousness waver.

In the next moment, the muscled monster charged toward him.

The sheer momentum and savagery of the monster tipped Jiang Chen off to its toughness. Harrumphing, he uttered an incantation that directed the Bewitching Lotus of Ice and Fire’s myriad of tentacles to intercept it.

Within an instant, thousands upon thousands of vines entangled the monster in their coils.

The beast was particularly vicious and brutal. An ordinary monster would be unable to move a single inch once ensnared, but a single roaring flex of its extremities caused the vines right against its skin to rip and tear.

Thankfully, the lotus had strong regenerative abilities. Though it was continually damaged, its vines and tendrils nevertheless swarmed ceaselessly upon the monster.

Jiang Chen knew that it could not be allowed much more range of motion. Otherwise, the monster would break free of all the vines upon it. He activated his magnetic golden mountain, sending magnetic storms hurtling in the monster’s direction.

The storms weren’t especially damaging, but they would interrupt and hinder their target’s movements. An opponent that was enfeebled this way would be unable to gather their strength or find their combat rhythm.

He didn’t stop there either. The best counter to this monster was his golden bell. It had gained in strength with every fight he brought it to, and he’d continuously tapped into the ancient energies within. Its offensive and restrictive abilities had both been considerably increased.

The bell flew forth with glorious humming. Aureate light flared from every inch of its surface, seemingly weakening the demonic beast. In fact, the monster was already trembling a little.

Though it still struggled violently, it did so with much less frequency and strength.

A strange smile curled at the browncloak’s mouth.

He waved the flag in his hands, pointing it at Jiang Chen several times again.

Jiang Chen felt a series of disturbances in his consciousness again. Immediately after, the chain seal there agitated with resistance!

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The hell, SOTR has suddenly turned into Diablo 2! But it's refreshing watching a fight in which JC has to bring everything forward.