Chapter 1942: A Vortex of the Earth

Jiang Chen had fought demigods before and had a solid understanding about their level of power.

With his current cultivation, it would be difficult for him to defeat one or even fight head-on, but he was confident he’d be able to play the game and at least remain undefeated.

He was quite different from who he’d been when he’d left. Having ascended to sixth level empyrean and acquired the heritage from the fourth and fifth palaces, both his martial dao and equipment had progressed substantially.

If he could break through to the seventh level, he would be able to go toe-to-toe with a demigod.

He thought back to previous battles with demigods such as Forefathers Goldenbell and Yuchi. At the time, the Vermilion Bird had been the main force. This time though, he had taken matters into his own hands.

He smiled slightly when brown cloak fell silent. “What’s wrong? Are you more afraid of exposing your identity than of death?”

The man scoffed. “Afraid? I’m just wondering how much of a fool you must be to negotiate with me.”

Jiang Chen was growing impatient. “Cut the nonsense. Just tell me if you have the guts to take the deal.”

Browncloak laughed derisively and declared in a haughty tone, “You’ll get what you want if you can survive ten attacks from me. Come on then, boy.”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly and threw his companions a determined look.

Huang’er gently tugged on his elbow, the look in her eyes concerned.

Jiang Chen patted the back of her hand. “Don’t worry. I’ve met my fair share of demigods.”

Huang’er knew it was unlikely for him to change his mind once he’d made a decision. She reminded him, “Be careful. Don’t get carried away by the fight or take unnecessary risks.”

She was worried, but she knew that with the Vermilion Bird’s protection, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be in dire danger even if he did end up losing.

Jiang Chen silently told the bird, “Brother Vermilion, Brother Long, maintain the formation and don’t worry about me. Protect Huang’er and the others.”

With that, he walked out of the formation and flew towards an open space.

“It’s sacrilegious to fight on top of the ruins of House Yan,” said Jiang Chen. “Why don’t we move to another location, gentlemen?”

Browncloak snorted derisively. “Unnecessary.”

The man had made his apathy known, so Jiang Chen didn’t push things. He nodded. “So be it then.”

Browncloak didn’t seem to take Jiang Chen seriously at all. He smiled faintly. “Why don’t I let you attack me three times first?”

Jiang Chen scoffed. “I feel embarrassed for you and your immature taunting. Make your move. Show me ten of your most powerful tricks. Don’t regret not trying your best afterwards. I have nothing but contempt for those who justify their mistakes with excuses. That’s the sign of a coward.”

“Hmph, I don’t need to use my most powerful move to kill you.” With that, browncloak lifted a hand and slammed it at the ground.

An enormous vortex appeared and swirled towards Jiang Chen with tremendous speed, its impetus so powerful that it seemed the sky would fall in and the earth crumble. The ground before Jiang Chen was quickly churned into the vortex. 

Jiang Chen recognized it as an attack of the earth element. It was essentially an earth vortex.

Regular cultivators might fail to get out of the way in time and be sucked into the vortex, but earth element attacks posed no threat to him. His Earth Bodhisattva Orb was a powerful item of the element. Refining it made him almost invincible to earth attacks.

This tremendously powerful attack was just a trifling detail to him. The orb enabled him to stay rooted to the ground, completely unbothered, as the earth shook and trembled.

To onlookers, the vortex seemed to swallow Jiang Chen in an instant. Waves of dust and earth measuring hundreds of meters cascaded upon the area. He disappeared into them like a small ship vanishing into the boundless ocean. There seemed no hope for his survival.

“Ah!” The sight shook Huang’er and Yan Qingsang to the core. Huang’er was especially affected and her heart sank. It felt as if the rug had been pulled out beneath her feet. Her legs went weak and she almost collapsed.

Elder Shun caught her in time and reassured her in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, Huang’er. He wouldn’t be Jiang Chen if he was defeated so easily.”

That said, the elder wasn’t actually feeling that confident. He had trouble keeping track of battles at such a level.

Although he was an empyrean cultivator, the cloaked man was obviously at least a demigod, which put the fight at a level higher than his observation capabilities.

The brown-cloaked man smirked derisively and shook his head when he saw Jiang Chen disappear into the vortex, muttering, “Another young man who’s full of himself. The genius of the sacred land is nothing but a product of the times. He has nothing to back his reputation up. How laughable for him to puff himself up like that.”

He was quite confident in his technique. One had to dodge the vortex for a chance at survival. Once caught, all the sand and earth would envelope the victim and tear them to pieces. 

Originally, the brown-cloaked man had been worried about disobeying his master’s will, but Jiang Chen had lost too easily. A young man who didn’t deserve his fame didn’t deserve his mercy either. Even if his master blamed him, the punishment wouldn’t be severe.

The other three cloaked men shook their heads. They’d thought the successor of the sacred land would have something to back up his boastful claims. They didn’t expect their companion to kill the young man with only one move.

Apparently they’d quite overestimated the young man. They exchanged mocking glances.

At this time, the immensely strong swirl at the center of the vortex gradually died down, with the dust and smoke around it being sucked in as well.

Something was off.

Browncloak knew his technique well. The vortex would die down after a while, but not like this.

Doubt flickered in his eyes.

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