Chapter 1941: An Agreement of Ten Moves

Destroying House Yan obviously didn’t weigh on the four cloaked men’s minds. In their eyes, their superior power over the house justified their deeds.

They weren’t fazed at all by Jiang Chen’s demand for an explanation.

The one cloaked in brown smiled slightly. “Of course we have our reasons. If you were in the same boat as House Yan, we would’ve taken care of you as well. You’re lucky though. Our master decided to spare you.”

Jiang Chen frowned. The man’s tone made it clear that he was used to being in charge. Even knowing that Jiang Chen was the heir to the Eternal Sacred Land didn’t change his attitude. These people must have quite an important background.

However, Jiang Chen was also a proud man. The more forceful the other was, the less cooperative he would be.

His gaze turned frosty as he riposted in a frigid tone, “I don’t know who your master is, but we’ll determine our own fate. We don’t need your fake mercy.”

“Oh?” The brown-cloaked man’s voice sharpened. The air went thick and still with tension.

Yan Wanjun and the others felt their hearts race.

“Jiang Chen, should we ask for the sacred land’s help?” Yan Qingsang asked quietly.

Jiang Chen didn’t answer. He looked over the brown-cloaked man and his companions. “You may be used to giving out orders, but let me tell you something: Not everyone is going to dance to your tune, and not everyone is easy prey for you.”

“Tsk tsk, kid. I heard you contributed to the resolution of the Eternal Sacred Land’s uprising, but as far as we know, it was all due to luck and a few tricks you pulled. Do you think we’re anything like the idiotic rebels in your nation?”

“I don’t care who you are. You four aren’t entitled to talk to me like you’re better.” Jiang Chen scoffed, his tone casual.

The four cloaked men exchanged a glance and huffed. They’d killed many people to get to this point. There was a lot of blood on their hands. They felt nothing after killing everyone in House Yan. In fact, they never felt anything when they took a life. Their minds remained strong and unwavering.

They wouldn’t have been civil with Jiang Chen if not for their master’s order.

So he was the successor of the sacred land. Big deal. They still wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. The Eternal Sacred Land was nothing in their eyes. The venerated forefather was the only one who could even pose a threat to them.

And their master wasn’t any inferior to the forefather.

It only made sense that they would consider themselves superior and act accordingly. However, they didn’t expect Jiang Chen to refuse to cooperate. They now felt the urge to kill the young man.

“Our master told us to spare you, kid, but it’ll be unwise of you to abuse that privilege and strut around before us.” The brown-cloaked man’s expression darkened. “I’ll have to teach you a lesson even if my master is going to punish me.”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. “Are you going to come at me together, or one by one?”

“All of us against the five of you?” The cloaked man snorted derisively. “You don’t deserve such treatment.”

Bluecloak seemed to remember something at this time. He messaged browncloak, who nodded and also responded silently.

Jiang Chen didn’t know what they were talking about, but he could tell it was something important. He also noticed them glancing over his shoulders a few times during their conversation.

They were subconsciously looking at Huang’er.

He wasn’t sure if he was mistaken, but it made him thirst for their blood. Targeting Huang’er was the quickest way to make Jiang Chen their enemy.

If they’d massacred House Yan for a good reason, Jiang Chen might not fight them to the death. However, Huang’er was the one thing most precious to him. Anyone who dared lay a hand on her must die!

Nonetheless, Jiang Chen could tell they didn’t desire Huang’er the way a man would a woman. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for him to pursue that thought further.

Brown cloak leveled Jiang Chen with a cold stare. 

“There was a young man from House Yan who was as arrogant as you. I think his name is Yan Zhenhuai. However, he was too weak to back up his arrogance, so he’s now a pile of dust. I hope you won’t let me down and will have something to back up your attitude. 

“I won’t be a bully. If you can survive five exchanges with me in a duel, I’ll forgive your trespassing today. If you can’t, it’ll serve a boastful fool like you right to die at my hands.”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. “If we’re going to fight, why should we limit ourselves to only a few exchanges?”

“What do you mean?” Browncloak paused. He didn’t expect the young man to be dissatisfied with his offer.

“We should let our strength speak for ourselves even if it takes hundreds or thousands of exchanges of blows. Don’t you feel embarrassed for boasting before we even start fighting? What if you fail to defeat me after a few hundred moves? Won’t that be the apex of shame?”

Browncloak burst into laughter. “A few hundred? Kid, if you can survive ten moves from me, I’ll gladly let you have my head!”

Jiang Chen had thoroughly angered the man.

Which was exactly what he was trying to do. He’d fought demigods before, even before he ascended to sixth level empyrean. Moreover, he’d exchanged blows with the man earlier with his Evil Golden Eye.

Even if he couldn’t defeat the demigod cultivator, he was sure he’d be able to protect himself.

The man’s promise to give him his head gave Jiang Chen the upper hand. He asked gravely, “Do you mean that?”

Browncloak raged. “Of course I did.”

Jiang Chen scoffed. “I don’t want you to go back on your words.”

“You way overestimate yourself, kid. How are you going to make me regret my words?”

“I can’t force you to honor your words when it comes down to life or death. I don’t want your head. Instead, tell me who you are if I can survive ten attacks from you.”

Jiang Chen changed the terms of the game. The man had three companions. If he was defeated, they weren’t going to just let him kill their comrade, especially since browncloak seemed to be the leader of the group.

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