Chapter 1932: Taking Down Commander Yan

Disparate pairs of Blue Eagle Guard gathered together and pulled out their crossbows, wanting to help their commander by attacking the formidable foe who had come out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, their plan was destined to fail.

Arrows flew at Jiang Chen like locusts, but they couldn’t get closer than a few meters to the man before being blown away by the natural defenses of his tempered body. However, in doing so, the Blue Eagle Guard angered the Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan, who had been secretly watching.

Those lackeys had dared make a move before they had?! This was a challenge to their authority!

Long Xiaoxuan howled. Without even showing his form, endless wafts of black fog manifested and tumbled through the air. It was one of Long Xiaoxuan’s techniques—Black Prison.

When activated, it caught every one of the Blue Eagle Guard and trapped them in a prison of black smoke. Their wails and cries rang through the sky.

Commander Yan was dumbfounded. The young man was still locked in a fight with him. Why would the remaining guards get attacked so suddenly? The young man’s female companion hadn’t done anything. Were there others?

Commander Yan froze, overwhelmed by a sense of terror he’d never felt before. He’d remained calm before because he was sure he wouldn’t be in danger even if he couldn’t defeat the young man. As a ninth level empyrean expert, it was next to impossible for the young man to threaten his life.

However, it seemed that he’d been too optimistic.

All he could hear was the Blue Eagle Guard’s pained cries. The elites of his team were completely enveloped by the writhing black smoke, their forms obscured.

“The hell!” Commander Yan’s heart skipped a beat. This was it. If he didn’t flee now, he’d lose his chance to retreat as well. He immediately cycled his twin weapons and sent two torrents of frosty blade edge at Jiang Chen, trying to rush backwards to escape. 

Jiang Chen scoffed and threw an enormous golden bell into the air. It morphed into sudden existence and rang with tremendous might.

The solemn sound invoked the impression of sutras being chanted. Strange patterns emerged from the body of the bell and glowed with a golden light, awakening the secret power within and bringing about its hidden effects.

Countless rays of light shot from the bell and smothered the commander.

He slowed under the pressure and broke into a cold sweat. He hadn’t expected the bell’s control to be so powerful! Even someone at his level found it impossible to break free.

Before taking action, Jiang Chen had already made up his mind to keep the commander from leaving. Even when the commander had lost the will to fight, that didn’t mean Jiang Chen was going to let him off the hook.

After taking the bell from Forefather Goldenbell, the more he refined it, the more he realized it was more complex and powerful than he had thought.

He was quite certain that the golden bell was a divine weapon. Although he couldn’t tell its rank yet, one thing was for sure—the bell had been wasted in the forefather’s hands. The former owner hadn’t tapped into much of its full power.

Jiang Chen was slowly discovering the true potential of the bell, but a large part of it remained untapped.

The patterns on the bell, especially, were connected to the ancient times. If he could understand all of them, he’d be able to further boost the bell’s might.

Under the pressure of the divine treasure, Commander Yan gradually lost his strength and his resistance grew weaker. After half an hour, he collapsed to the ground like a pile of mud.

Jiang Chen subdued him without any hesitation.

The cage made of black smoke slowly dissipated, leaving nothing in its wake. The guards who had been flaunting their power had vanished into thin air. If not for the bodies on the ground and the newly formed statues, the Blue Eagle Guard might as well have never been here.

The wandering cultivators erupted into cheers and applause, expressing their respect and gratitude for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen snorted. He hadn’t made a stand for the wandering cultivators, and yet they considered him their savior. He shot a glance at Huang’er and transmitted, “We’ll talk inside.”

Before he could step back into the inn, the owner went up to him with a group of clerks. All of them dropped down to their knees.

“Please have some mercy, sir. This small establishment cannot accommodate someone as great as you are if we want to continue doing business. You’ve killed so many of the Blue Eagle Guard. That’s going to get us into a lot of trouble. Please step away from the inn. We can’t afford to offend either you or the Blue Eagle Guard.”

Jiang Chen didn’t expect that he would be considered a troublemaker. Anger translated into a sharp smile. “Do you mean that I’m the one to blame and not the Blue Eagle Guard?”

The owner bowed down in pleading. “We don’t dare judge the Blue Eagle Guard for doing their jobs.”

Jiang Chen was furious. He didn’t want to take his temper out on the owner, but he wasn’t going to leave just when asked to do so. He’d paid for the room, and it was a matter a principle that he should stay.

He didn’t know how many more members Blue Eagle Guard had in Miracle City, but Commander Yan was the head of the guards. With the man under his control, why would he fear the guards?

“Hmph, if I leave now, aren’t you afraid that the Blue Eagle Guard will take their anger out on you? With me here, they’ll only target me when they come to seek revenge. I’ll be here to take the brunt of their anger. What more do you want?”

In a flash, Jiang Chen flew past the owner and the clerks like a ghost and disappeared.

The owner’s face turned ashen. Before he could speak, the other patrons of the inn started to reprimand him.

“Are you in cahoots with the Blue Eagle Guard?”

“Agreed! Our safety isn’t ensured at all here, and you have the audacity to kick your patrons out?”

“You’d better watch out. You’ve angered that young master! Perhaps he’ll burn this unethical establishment to the ground.”

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