Chapter 1931: Facing Off Ninth Level Empyrean

Commander Yan was deeply conflicted. He could count on one hand the number of ninth level empyrean experts in Bluesmoke. Moreover, the guard had acquired a powerful patron recently. That was why they had been so aggressive and bold, and why they dared enforce the law in such an unreasonable manner.

They had been unchallenged in the past, running rampant in Bluesmoke without encountering any resistance.

However, as the saying went, it was impossible not to get one’s shoes wet when frequenting the river bank. They’d finally targeted the wrong person, offending a man they never should have.

Jiang Chen had been in a dark mood these days, stressed about the demonic threat and the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement. He’d planned to just sell his ancient jade in Bluesmoke, but trouble had come knocking even though he’d done nothing to warrant it.

He hadn’t intended to do anything to the Blue Eagle Guard, it was they who had foolishly made a move against him. One really couldn’t always get what they wanted.

“Commander Yan, I’ve already witnessed how arrogant the Blue Eagle Guard can be. Unfortunately, you aren’t powerful enough to back up your arrogance. Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve?” Jiang Chen’s tone dripped with sarcasm.

Commander Yan glared at Jiang Chen, his eyes as vicious as those of a wolf’s.

Jiang Chen didn’t even have to summon the Vermilion Bird to fight the commander. He was eighty percent sure that he’d be able to defeat the man himself. As for the Blue Eagle Guard, they didn’t even pose a challenge to someone at Jiang Chen’s level. He could take all of them on easily.

Commander Yan refused to acknowledge his defeat. He growled, “I admit that you’re good, kid, but I’m going to test you myself.”

He decided to take matters into his own hands. If he won, all was good. If he failed, he’d retreat and fight another day.

Jiang Chen scoffed at the commander’s insistence on struggling. He came to full attention and focused his mind. If there was going to be a fight, he would win. He wouldn’t let Commander Yan control the flow of the battle or allow the man to pull away and retreat easily.

Commander Yan’s presence grew exponentially stronger.

With a sudden whip of the commander’s arms, countless rays of blinding light shot towards Jiang Chen like torrential rain. There was no warning, but the young man was prepared.

He boosted the magnetic mountain’s defense again, pushing it to its limits.

The rays of light turned out to be Commander Yan’s concealed weapons. Blades fashioned like swallow wing-feathers hit the golden air currents and were attracted by the mountain.

The mountain was capable of resolving any attacks from metal weapons, and neatly rendered Commander Yan’s sneak attack ineffective.

“Hmph, is this all you’ve got? Absolutely nothing to boast about.” In truth, Jiang Chen was drenched in cold sweat. If he hadn’t been prepared, even if the attack hadn’t hurt him, Huang’er and Chu Xinghan might be hurt.

That further deepened Jiang Chen’s dislike for the commander.

The commander was the head of the Blue Eagle Guard, yet he cared nothing about honor when he fought. This was a man who would do anything to further his goals. Jiang Chen resolved to take out Commander Yan no matter what.

Commander Yan was mortified and angered by his failure. He reached out and summoned his feathered blades. With a twist of his wrists, the two snow-white blades twirled and advanced towards Jiang Chen.

This in turn stoked Jiang Chen’s competitive spirit. He howled and exclaimed, “I’ll meet your twin blades with my twin swords!”

He had many means of attack that could defeat the commander, but he decided on using the Taiji Pisces Swords.

The two blades came to him with a whip of his hands, the yang sword in his left, the yin sword in his right. He crossed the blades before him in the initial stance of Sword of Genesis. The swords created a unique energy when used together.

Commander Yan was an experienced fighter. The moment Jiang Chen presented his weapons, he realized that the young man was no small fish and wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Regret rose from the bottom of his heart. He’d been too reckless after all. If he’d found out who Jiang Chen was before making a move, his people would still be alive, and the Blue Eagle Guard would still have the upper hand.

But it was too late to think about that.

Commander Yan hardened his resolve. There would be no peaceful resolution to the situation. He had to finish what he started and take out the young man.

The feathered blades in his hand were the perfect weapon. Every move flowed into the next like a river. Once his attack started, it was unstoppable.

However, even in the face of such relentless attack, Jiang Chen remained composed. The Sword of Genesis was, in essence, infallible no matter how ferocious the opponent’s attack was. He could meet every attack and resolved it easily like they were sparring.

Having started picking up the Sword of Genesis only some time ago, Jiang Chen was at best a novice. There was a long way to go before he could master it.

Nevertheless, it was enough for him to fight the commander’s feathered blades. Although Commander Yan’s attacks were relentless and seemingly unstoppable, he was more frustrated and surprised than anyone. His attacks didn’t even leave so much as a scratch on Jiang Chen!

The young man danced around and evaded the blades with grace. When the commander attacked ferociously, the young man’s swords always easily rendered the assault useless.

Battles like these were the most frustrating.

Commander Yan had killed countless experts, but Jiang Chen’s strange swords were posing a real challenge. A deep sense of helplessness overtook him.

He tried many strategies—aggressive, patient, slow and unrelenting, and bold. None of his attempts mattered to the young man. His moves and rhythm remained unchanged.

Commander Yan grew more and more anxious and insecure.

The more powerful members of the Blue Eagle Guard could tell the challenge their commander was facing. They gathered together and discussed what they could do, trying to come up with a solution to their commander’s plight.

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