Chapter 1930: Stunning the Blue Eagle Guard

Jiang Chen hadn’t expected to run into Chu Xinghan here. The two young men held a mutual admiration of each other, and Chu Xinghan had become Elder Shun’s disciple to boot. Jiang Chen couldn’t possibly stand on the sidelines when he was going to be killed.

That was the reason behind the intervention, which gave the Blue Eagle Guard another excuse to attack.

Chu Xinghan was actually completely befuddled. He’d been in Myriad Abyss for years now and knew how aloof the locals were and how dangerous the jianghu could be. It was unimaginable that someone would come to his aid.

He’d been prepared to die, yet a young man had stood up for him and saved him at the last moment. 

His rescuer didn’t seem to fear the Blue Eagle Guard. He maintained an easy smile even when faced with the aggression from so many guards.

He must be someone important. 

Moreover, Chu Xinghan had an unexplainable inkling that his rescuer was an old acquaintance.

Taking a closer look at the man’s appearance, he didn’t find anything familiar about it, and he was sure he’d never known someone with such a strong consciousness and presence.

So why was the man familiar? Chu Xinghan didn’t have an answer.

The Blue Eagle Guard had gathered around Jiang Chen and was prepared for a fight. The air was thick with tension and killing intent. The slightest movement would be enough to trigger a fight.

Commander Yan took in a deep breath and boomed, “I’m going to ask you one last time, young sir. Who are you?”

Jiang Chen broke out in laughter. “Why bother asking when you’ve clearly made up your mind already? Just do whatever you want to do. You’ll only be embarrassing yourself by getting to the bottom of this.”

“So you insist on defying the Blue Eagle Guard?” There was a growing doubt in Commander Yan’s mind. Something about the young man made him wary.

Even young geniuses from powerful factions would at least show some signs of nervousness in such a situation. However, this man didn’t seem at all concerned. His confidence gave even Commander Yan, who had a wealth of experience, pause.

Could they afford to offend the young man?

He pushed aside his doubts and hardened his resolve. To hell with that. The young man is too insolent. Even if he is from an important faction, we’ll take him down first. If he resists, we’ll kill him. What’s he gonna do?

Anger boiled and made him bold.

“Take him!” ordered the commander. “If he resists, kill him!”

At his order, the empyrean cultivators at the frontline growled and split into groups, their faces contorted as they charged Jiang Chen.

Looking at them piercingly, Jiang Chen manifested a golden behemoth of a mountain with a fling of his hand, from which came countless air torrents that rushed in all directions like a golden waterfall.

The torrents of air covered Huang’er and Chu Xinghan in a protective circle.

The magnetic golden mountain had become progressively stronger as Jiang Chen continued to refine it. Capable of both offense and defense, the mountain could deter most regular cultivators.

The empyrean cultivators struck relentlessly at the mountain, but they couldn’t break through the defenses and get to Jiang Chen.

Unfazed, Jiang Chen shot them a glare, and his Evil Golden Eye split through the air in the form of golden arrows, hitting three cultivators at the front.

They froze, their movement slowed. The next moment, it felt as if their blood had also congealed due to some unknown force, its flow decelerating.

“Shit!” The three cultivators finally realized they were in trouble, but it was too late. Their consciousness had already started to dull.

Commander Yan thought that they’d been hit by Jiang Chen. He shouted, “Retreat, all of you!”

He was on the right track. It was survival instinct to back away from danger. However, he didn’t know what the three cultivators were facing. His warning was useless. 

The petrifying force of the Evil Golden Eye had seeped into their meridians, blood, and organs, and then entered their consciousness.

Their movements slowed visibly, their expression pained and increasingly desperate.

In no time at all, they had stilled completely. Their bodies were frozen and harder than stones. They had become immovable, lifeless statues.

The cultivators trying to break through the magnetic mountain looked on with fear in their eyes, their hearts pounding. Reflexively, they took a few steps back.

Jiang Chen looked idly at them. They didn’t even have the courage to meet his gaze.

Commander Yan finally realized what Jiang Chen’s method of attack was. “Watch out and don’t meet his eyes!” he exclaimed. “He has a powerful eye technique.”

It was too little, too late.

Those with a weaker will suffered the same fate as their peers when Jiang Chen’s gaze swept over them. One after another, the guards were turned into statues.

The same thing befell more than ten of the arrogant and egoistic guards. Not even the most aggressive empyrean cultivators had escaped the fate. Without any forewarning, Commander Yan lost all his best people to Jiang Chen.

He felt a sharp pang in his heart. These were his best officers. Without them, he was a beast without wings and fangs. What would a commander do without anyone to command?

Resentment burned in his eyes, but even he cautiously averted his gaze from Jiang Chen. It was clear that he dreaded the young man’s terrifying eye technique.

He could tell that Jiang Chen’s cultivation fell short in comparison, but the young man’s eye technique and consciousness were no lesser than his. In other words, even he had to be cautious when fighting the young man. He couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to defend against the eye technique.

The wandering cultivators struggled to recover their dropped jaws. It wasn’t the first time they’d witnessed a raid from the Blue Eagle Guard. The guards had been unchallenged in Bluesmoke. They’d never suffered such loss before.

They turned to Jiang Chen with conflicting emotions in their eyes. Who was this young man?

No wonder he didn’t care about the Blue Eagle Guard’s threat. His cultivation was at such a great height and his techniques so powerful!

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