Chapter 1929: They Come With Unfriendly Intentions

“You, come here!” One of the guards pointed to Chu Xinghan, his face twitching impatiently. He didn’t seem to hold with much regard the person he was intent on victimizing.

Defiance shot out from Chu Xinghan’s eyes. His resilient, resolute nature had once caused him to be discarded by the Purple Sun Sect. In fact, he had almost died at the hands of a former ally.

After all these years, he was still the same stoic, indomitable man.

Chu Xinghan had no intention of cooperating: Jiang Chen saw it in his eyes. He wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

A moment later, his actions confirmed this. Chu Xinghan raised his head, glaring coldly at the uppity...

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