Chapter 192: Tang Long Becomes a New Person

Chapter 192: Tang Long Becomes a New Person

Young master Chen!

Tang Long had thoroughly confirmed his suspicions now, it was indeed that great benefactor again!

Tang Long was touched. He’d never thought that a person he’d randomly met whilst patrolling the border would become the great harbinger of luck in his life. Jiang Chen had helped him time and time again, with this time’s tantamount to sending coal during when stuck in snow.

“I… young master Chen, young master Chen, he’s… my great benefactor.” Tang Long was deeply moved and finally regurgitated the words “great benefactor” after building up to this delivery.

Commander Gu was actually also quite curious, and when he saw Tang Long speak thus, he thought that Tang Long and young master Chen’s relationship was indeed quite deep. He’d have to take good care of Tang Long in the future.

If I displeased General Tian, how would I continue to be a commander? Commander Gui was also rather grateful to Tian Shao.

It was because of Tian Shao being promoted to a vice general that the position of commander had been freed up and Tian Shao’s superiors had asked him to recommend someone to fill the position of commander.

Tian Shao could’ve absolutely recommended the original vice commander, but he hadn’t and had instead promoted him all the way from the position of lieutenant.

A lieutenant directly promoted to commander. It was therefore apparent the depths of Commander Gu’s gratitude towards Tian Shao. Therefore, he would bring forth his greatest efforts in tackling what Tian Shao asked him to do.

It was precisely this series of promotions that had resulted in the timely appearance of Commander Gu, finally helping Tang Long escape disaster and change his life forever.

“Tang Long, how should we handle these fellows? Do you have any suggestions?” Commander Gu simply decided to give Tang Long as much face as possible.

“I get to decide?”

Commander Gu smiled. “You’re the person at the heart of all this. They intended to commit murder. As the intended victim, you absolutely have the right to inquire after this. Intention to commit murder and robbery within the capital are all crimes that are served with the death penalty.”

Commander Gu was hinting at Tang Long that he could pursue this to their death and give these guys the death sentence to prevent trouble in the future.

Baldy Yu Dui and the others were all old hats, how would they not understand these connotations? They knew that this was Commander Yu hinting at Tang Long to put them to death, and they hastened to throw themselves onto the ground.

“Tang Long, old brother Tang… I, old Yu, was wrong. I had eyes but failed to see, thus offending you. Seeing that we were colleagues before, please let us go this once. We’re… we’re willing to be your dogs!”

“Big brother Tang, we were wrong! Our minds were in an idiotic haze and we offended you. Do you remember? I once gave you a bun to eat when you were starving.”

“Big brother Tang, don’t kill me. I have a younger sister, I’m willing to give her to you as your concubine.”

“I have a younger sister too, and she’s a twin! Big brother Tang, you’re now part of the Dragonteeth Guard, a sixth rank guardsman. You have a noble’s identity, it’s a customary for you to have multiple wives!”

Tang Long smiled coldly. He knew these fellows all too well. They were chameleons. They were afraid of death now and begged for mercy, but once they were freed, they would become poisonous vipers with a quick change of heart.

They were well-versed with such tactics.

“Commander Gu, these people trespassed on private property and wanted to beat and kill me. They wanted to make off with my wife as well, a thousand deaths wouldn’t atone for their crimes! I want to lodge an accusation against them and inform on them!”

“Alright, trespassing private property, intent to kill, and attempting to steal another’s wife. Any of these are worth a death sentence. Come, arrest them and take them back to be executed!”

When these fellows heard this order, they swooned with fright and attempted to resist. However, resistance in the face of several hundred Dragonteeth Guard only undoubtedly increased the rate of their own suicide.

They’d just hefted their blades and swords in preparation of advancing on Commander Gu when they were shot to death by countless sharp arrows, turning them into porcupines.

“Clean up the area and take the bodies back to report in.”

Commander Gu killed a few people as if he were killing a few chickens, paying them not the slightest bit of attention. He turned and spoke to Tang Long, “Tang Long, I’m giving you three days of respite. Report to the Dragonteeth Guard headquarters in three days! Remember, don’t be late. When you enter the Dragonteeth Guard, you follow the Guard’s rules!”

“Understood!” Tang Long drew his body up and made the gesture of a soldier, snapping off a military salute.

“Alright, we’ll leave first for now. You take care of matters at home.” Commander Gu waved his hand and a group of Dragonteeth Guard left like the wind, along with the bodies.

The momentum of a myriad of Yellow Winged Lesser Dragons all taking off together was enough to cover the sky and blot out the sun. It was a mighty and wonderful panorama, enough for emotions to surge and roil in Tang Long’s chest, greatly agitating him.

He’d be able to join in a team like this in mere days and become one of them. He could live proudly just like them!

“Brother, that was too cool just now!” Tang Zhong pushed himself forward on his wheelchair with great excitement, wishing dearly that he could stand up.

Tang Long also smiled ruefully, “That was cool alright, but let’s not have a repeat of what happened just now. I’d almost thought that we were done for earlier and was prepared to throw everything to the wind and fight them to the death.”

“Brother, you’re part of the Dragonteeth Guard, a sixth rank guardsman. Let’s see who dares bully us in the future!” There was deep pride in Tang Zhong’s voice. He was almost ready to take flight and soar to the sky in his excitement.

Tang Long also felt as if he was dreaming. If it weren’t for the traces of blood on the ground, he’d almost suspect that he had been dreaming just now.

“Xiaoqing, you’ve suffered a fright, haven’t you?”

Tang Long turned and looked at his wife, frightened like a little deer, feeling somewhat apologetic.

Xiaoqing shook her head, “Brother Tang Long, I’m fine. I’m not afraid as long as you’re here.”

Tang Long smiled, “Don’t you worry. Our family will be fine in the future. Go buy some fish Xiaoqing, I’ll get some water and clean our doorway. These blood trails don’t look good.”


Although Xiaoqing had been a bit frightened, a child from the slums would have often seen scenes filled with blood and gore. She wasn’t frightened to the point of being unable to venture forth from her door.

She was about to set out when she noticed that many heads were poking out of the houses in the alleyway. All these people had long since crammed the little alleyway full of people.

“Yo, Xiaoqing, where are you going?”

“Don’t go out, our house has just cleaned up half a sheep, take a sheep leg with you.”

“Xiaoqing, look, here’s some fish that your Uncle Zhang caught earlier this morning. It’s quite fresh. Here, take two back to eat, don’t look down on them now.”

“Xiaoqing, our house doesn’t have much, just a few chickens. I’ll catch a hen for you and make a stew out of it for you. It’s more nutritious that way.”

“Xiaoqing, our house only has an old hen that we can’t bear to slaughter. It lays an egg everyday. Auntie has brought a basket of eggs for you. Look at you, your face is a bit pale and you don’t look too good. You need to take in more nutrients.”

Xiaoqing was at a bit of a loss. These neighbors usually weren’t this enthusiastic and warm hearted! Why did their passion burn so fiercely all of a sudden?

Although Xiaoqing was introverted, she didn’t like taking advantage of others either. She kept turning them down and attempted to push through the alleyway to go to the market streets.

“Xiaoqing, don’t be such a stranger. Look, it’s so dark already. When will dinner be served if you go out to the markets just now?”

“Not to mention that maybe the vendors have long since packed up. It’s late in the afternoon and the fish won’t be fresh either. Don’t go, don’t go.”

“Tang Long, don’t you know that you should treat your wife well? Come come, tell Xiaoqing to come home and accept all these items. Don’t be strangers. Us uncles and aunts have all watched both of you grow up. Isn’t it natural for us to help you?”

Tang Long smiled. These neighbors had all suddenly appeared to offer their affection and love. This was absolutely impossible normally.

Them acting so out of the ordinary today was naturally because of the Dragonteeth Guard!

That shocking scene just now had enabled him, Tang Long, to advance like a carp leaping over the dragon’s gate, and become a sixth rank Dragonteeth guardsman.

A sixth rank Dragonteeth guardsman was equivalent to receiving the position of a sixth rank noble. The family of his would thus cast off the identity of commoners and become nobles.

Although it was only a sixth rank position, within the slums, particularly this alleyway, this was definitely the first and possibly the last!

“Xiaoqing, since the uncles are so enthusiastic, then accept their items. We’ll reimburse them some money later and save making a trip.”

Tang Long smiled and cupped his hands. “The matters of just now must have frightened everyone just now.”

“No, not at all. Tang Long, you’ve gone up in the world now. You’ll be leaving us before long, right? Remember to come visit us often in the future.”

“Yes, don’t forget these poor streets in the future.”

“I knew that kid Tang Long would do something great when he was small. Dragonteeth Guard, tsk tsk, you’ll be flying to and fro across the sky in the future. Glorious indeed!”

“Little Six, do you see that? Stop being up to no good in the future and learn more from your brother Tang Long. If you can enter the Dragonteeth Guard, even as an intern, I, your father, will die happy.”

Dinner that night in Tang Long’s house was as sumptuous as it’d never been before. He didn’t invite the neighbors to join in. There were too many for him to extend invites to.

He could only give them all some money later on.

“Brother, I salute you with this cup of wine. You’ve really shot into the sky with one impressive feat this time. Our Tang family in the future will count as nobles as well.”

Tang Long too felt a multitude of emotions. “Come, us brothers should drink to our deceased parents. Xiaoqing, you as well.”

After a few cups, Tang Zhong spoke again, “Brother, they’re always talking about young master Chen. Do they mean Jiang Chen? I think we should probably go thank him?”

“Yes, there is a need for this. When I report in to the Dragonteeth Guard, I’ll ask around for where young master Chen lives, otherwise I won’t even know where to go to thank him.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen had no idea of Tang Long’s fate and that such a thorough twist had happened in a short two hours. He’d only felt that Tang Long was not a bad person and that he’d been fired from the border guard. That’s why he’d happened to say something to Tian Shao and asked him to pay some attention to Tang Long.

Jiang Chen held on persistently over the next couple of days, inducing the five dragons of qi to form the spirit ocean, forge the spirit ocean, and increase his strength.

The Maze Realm Autumn Hunt neared as the days went on.

Dan Fei approached in a stately manner on this day.

However, Gouyu was already behind closed door cultivation this time and was assailing the spirit realm. The two women didn’t meet in an unavoidable confrontation this time.

“Jiang Chen, why have I heard that you seem a bit unwilling to form a team with me?” Dan Fei’s smile held hint of mischievousness in it.

“Sister Dan Fei, did you come all this way just to ask me this?”

Dan Fei lifted her chin as she opened her palm, a simple and unsophisticated ring appearing in her hand. “This is a storage ring and can be viewed as my payment to you, so that you brat, can stop nagging all day, as if you’re that unwilling to form a team with me. Now will you stop running your mouth?”

A storage ring?

Jiang Chen had been incredibly busy since he’d arrived in this life that he really hadn’t had time to consider items like storage rings. He only just recalled that such things existed in this world when he saw Dan Fei take one out.

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