Chapter 192: Tang Long Becomes a New Person

Chapter 192: Tang Long Becomes a New Person

Young master Chen!

Tang Long had thoroughly confirmed his suspicions now, it was indeed that great benefactor again!

Tang Long was touched. He’d never thought that a person he’d randomly met whilst patrolling the border would become the great harbinger of luck in his life. Jiang Chen had helped him time and time again, with this time’s tantamount to sending coal during when stuck in snow.

“I… young master Chen, young master Chen, he’s… my great benefactor.” Tang Long was deeply moved and finally regurgitated the words “great benefactor” after building up to this delivery.

Commander Gu was actually also quite curious, and when he saw Tang Long speak thus, he thought that Tang Long and young master Chen’s relationship was indeed quite deep. He’d have to take good care of Tang Long in the future.

If I displeased General Tian, how would I continue to be a commander? Commander Gui was also rather grateful to Tian Shao.

It was because of Tian Shao being promoted to a vice general that the position of commander had been freed up and Tian Shao’s superiors had asked him to recommend someone to fill the position of commander.

Tian Shao could’ve absolutely recommended the original vice commander, but he...

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