Chapter 1919: Enacting Punishment

Imperial Prince Huo soon returned with the cultivators originally stationed on the islands. They’d been turned into mindless slaves.

The imperial prince shot Master Han a glare. “You certainly stretched your hands out far! The islands are hundreds of thousands of miles away from your isles. You have no business being here! How dare you barge in and claim it as yours? Do you consider Myriad Abyss a lawless land?”

Normally, the middle-aged man would’ve killed Imperial Prince Huo ten times over for talking like that. The prince was inferior to him in both status and cultivation. Now however, he kept averting his eyes.

“Imperial Prince Huo, we can restore their minds,” he stammered. “Also… we didn’t know the islands are the young lord’s. Had we known, we wouldn’t have had been bold enough to stir up trouble here, even with all our courage combined.”

That was the most honest thing he’d said so far.

He carefully didn’t address Jiang Chen by name before introductions were made. He’d be in a world of trouble if he got the wrong person.

His blunt remark jabbed the imperial prince where it hurt the most. “So Heavenlight set out to walk all over Rejuvenation, didn’t it?”

Such was the truth, but the middle-aged man couldn’t possibly acknowledge it. He knew that Rejuvenation had gained a powerful patron. Although Rejuvenation itself was nothing in his eyes, it’d be unwise of him to offend them while this young lord was here.

He bowed timidly to Jiang Chen. “Your achievements are great despite your youth, venerated young lord. Very few possess such cultivation and might at your age even in Myriad Abyss. If I’m not mistaken, you must be young lord Jiang Chen?”

He had exceedingly thick skin and knew when to change his tune. A moment earlier he’d been an arrogant bully, but he quickly set aside his pride and spouted off flattery as easily as breathing when the situation called for it.

Jiang Chen had met many like him. Without proper punishment, the man would soon forget about his lesson and repeat his mistakes. If shown too much mercy, the man would consider the young lord a pushover.

He ignored the man’s words and turned to Imperial Prince Huo with a cold expression. “Have you checked the mines yet? Have the spirit veins been touched?”

Imperial Prince Huo had surveyed the area. “They were still at the planning stage and haven’t really put their plans into motion yet.”

Master Han responded in a servile tone, “We haven’t done a thing. Although we’ve sketched out a development plan, we weren’t going to get started until the day after tomorrow. That’s the most auspicious time.”

Jiang Chen snorted. “Consider yourselves lucky.”

“Yes yes, we are.” Master Han was a professional brown-noser through and through. There was no trace of pride left in him.

“But I’m not done with you.”

“We foolishly offended young lord Jiang Chen,” the middle-aged man rushed out. “Naturally we should pay for it. We’ll willingly accept any punishment. I only hope you’ll give us a chance to atone for our crimes. Whatever Heavenlight is capable of, we’ll do it.”

Tritalent had realized they couldn’t defy Jiang Chen after knowing his true identity. The same was true for Heavenlight. They didn’t dare play tricks nor were they bold enough to stand their ground. Compromise was the only way for survival!

It didn’t take long for the cultivators from Rejuvenation to recover their mental faculties. They were shocked to see Imperial Prince Huo and their peers. Their jaw dropped even further when they noticed how much deference the middle-aged man was showing to the imperial prince. What was going on here?

They knew the man was from the Heavenlight Isles. Why would he be so respectful to Rejuvenation?

Their questions were answered when they were told about young lord Jiang Chen

When asked, they told Imperial Prince Huo and Jiang Chen that Heavenlight had arrived two days ago. They’d come prepared, bringing craftsmen so they could claim all the spirit stones in a short period of time.

These fellows certainly had a healthy appetite.

Jiang Chen mused and quickly came up with an idea after learning everything. Since Heavenlight had brought their craftsmen, he might as well use them. He could spare them their lives, but they weren’t going to escape punishment.

“You should’ve been killed for coveting my property, but I’m a merciful man. I’m not going to kill you. However, it’s up to you to atone for your crimes.”

Master Han immediately bleated, “I’m willing to do anything!”

“First, none of you are leaving the islands until the excavation is complete. If it takes a year, you’ll stay for a year. If ten, then you’re staying for ten years. Whoever tries to escape will run only to their death!”

Master Han shuddered. He knew Jiang Chen was serious.

“Second, all of you will work as miners to extract the spirit stones, employing labor to make amends.”

Master Han pulled a long face at the prospect of being a miner, but he didn’t dare voice his dissents. Not even all of Heavenlight’s top experts combined would be able to save him now. Manual labor was a small price to pay for his life.

Young lord Jiang Chen had been merciful enough to spare him.

“Third, you’re my captives from now on. Even after your work here is done, you must buy your freedom with spirit stones. These are my three conditions. Any objections?”

Jiang Chen didn’t intend to list too many requirements. He was already essentially milking their value twice.

Master Han bobbed his head earnestly. “No objection! Young lord Jiang Chen is admirable for your magnanimity!”

He didn’t dare object. Jiang Chen could kill him with a thought. Although he had a lot of guards protecting him, they were nothing when facing a god.

The Vermilion Bird could easily take out all of them with a single mental strike.

It was good enough he was offered a way out. Of course he wasn’t going to argue.

Besides, it was just hard work. According to their previous estimations, it’d take less than a year for them to deplete the spirit veins if they were quick.

Afterwards, they’d have a chance to buy their freedom with spirit stones. It wasn’t that bad a deal. Better than fighting Jiang Chen head-on, at least, which was just courting death!

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