Chapter 1918: Complete Capitulation

Jiang Chen’s strong presence immediately raised the hackles of the middle-aged man from Heavenlight. He looked at the young man with guarded eyes. He had a bad feeling about this. There must be a reason why Imperial Prince Huo had been so brazen, and the young man was very likely to be it.

Was he someone very important? Most who called themselves young lord had the influence to back that up.

Master Han cautiously toned down his arrogance.

“Who might you be?” He stared at Jiang Chen carefully.

Jiang Chen scoffed. “Why do you ask? Are you trying to see if I’m someone you can afford to offend?”

Jiang Chen’s mocking expression angered Master Han greatly. For the longest time, it had been him looking down on others. When was the last time someone from Heavenlight had been subjected to such scorn?

An elder looking bodyguard transmitted with a solemn expression, “Master, from the way he holds himself, it’s obvious he’s no small fish. The deaths of Azure Tiger and Azure Ox are very likely his doing as well.” 

Master Han managed to contain his anger and swallowed a curse. “If you’re someone I can’t afford to offend, I’ll get out of your hair. In Myriad Abyss, strength is law.”

“Get out?” Jiang Chen huffed out a laugh. “That’s easy for you to say. You’ve trespassed into my property and tried to steal what’s rightfully mine. Do you think I’ll just let you off the hook?”

“What else do you want?” The middle-aged man believed he’d made enough compromises. If the young man refused to back down, he would tolerate things no further.

“You don’t have the right to know. You better pray that you haven’t laid a finger on the spirit vein or extracted any stones. Otherwise, none of you will be leaving here alive.” Jiang Chen’s forceful tone allowed no room for argument.

The air thickened with tension.

Imperial Prince Huo silently praised Jiang Chen for his assertion of dominance. Heavenlight was nothing compared to the Eternal Sacred Land!

Master Han boiled with rage. He’d met his share of arrogant men before, but none as arrogant as this young man. None of them will be leaving here alive? Did the young man honestly think he’d be able to capture all of them with so small a force?

How ludicrous!

Jiang Chen clapped his hands, ignoring the man’s reaction. “Brother Vermilion, let’s give them a show.”

Without missing a beat, the Vermilion Bird shrieked and emerged from the void. It expanded its wings, its body growing in the howling wind until it was a hundred times bigger. The sun was obscured by its wings and the airspace shrouded by its enormous body. Fire spread and dyed the firmament red.

The bird exerted its power over the area like it had capped a lid on the skies. The surrounding space was sealed off, making everyone from Heavenlight feel infinitely stifled and sick. Blood boiled and they almost collapsed.

Even the bodyguards, the most powerful of them all, felt a bone-deep terror they couldn’t describe. Fear turned all of their faces ashen.

Shocked, the old bodyguard turned to the middle-aged man, “Master, this is the power of a god!”

Master Han was already trembling under the bird’s might. His mind went blank with explosive shock when he heard the old man’s words.

A god!

He never expected to run into a god in Rejuvenation’s territory! How was this even possible? The middle-aged man broke into a cold sweat.

“From this moment on, none of you are allowed to move,” Jiang Chen said faintly. “Whoever takes even a single step will be killed without prejudice!”

His tone wasn’t particularly vicious, but there was an undeniable killing intent to it. Those from Heavenlight cowered and lowered their heads reflexively, too afraid to meet his gaze.

“Imperial Prince Huo, take your men and look for Rejuvenation’s members stationed here,” said Jiang Chen. “Find out what’s happened.”

Imperial Prince Huo sighed softly. “I’m afraid there may not be any survivors.”

Jiang Chen nodded. “An eye for an eye. If all of them were killed, Heavenlight will pay for it in kind.”

Imperial Prince Huo’s eyes lit up with gleeful delight.

Without Jiang Chen’s support, it’d be impossible for them to kill those from Heavenlight to avenge their people. With the young lord here, Heavenlight wouldn’t dare resist at all.

If they angered Jiang Chen, their own deaths would be the least of their worries. The entirety of Heavenlight Isles would be in danger.

The middle-aged man rushed out, “Gentlemen, gentlemen, please listen to me. The ones stationed here are still alive...”

“Where are they?” Jiang Chen asked sharply.

“They… they...” stammered the middle-aged man. He gritted his teeth and admitted, “We made them our slaves and planned on having them excavate the mines.”

Imperial Prince Huo flew into a rage. “How dare you! This is ridiculous!”

The middle-aged man had lost all his air of superiority. There was no place for pride when faced with a god. He had no power to back his arrogance up.

Although he hadn’t guessed the young man’s identity, it was unquestionable the young man must be from a faction at least ten times more powerful than Heavenlight.

A god could easily destroy Heavenlight ten times over!

The old bodyguard’s expression changed when realization dawned on him. He leaned closer to his master and transmitted, “This subordinate has figured it out, master. The young man… is young lord Jiang Chen from the Eternal Sacred Land!”

“The Eternal Sacred Land?” A shiver ran down the middle-aged man’s spine. He’d made the connection too. He looked at Jiang Chen’s proud stance, then at the enormous Vermilion Bird blotting out the sky.

That was Jiang Chen, whose reputation was far-reaching and growing exponentially.

He couldn’t believe his eyes; his mind swirled with a mass of unanswered questions. Young lord Jiang Chen was a prominent figure from the Eternal Sacred Land. Why would he have anything to do with a third-tier faction like Rejuvenation?

What had Rejuvenation done to deserve Jiang Chen’s support?

Or did the young lord truly own half of the spirit stones here?

Seized by panic, Master Han finally realized what an enemy he’d made for himself.

He’d offended the most well-known young genius in Myriad Abyss, and the Eternal Sacred Land behind him! If he did nothing to control the damage, their heads would roll, and Heavenlight was doomed to total destruction.

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