Chapter 1917: Terrified and Fearful

Imperial Prince Huo unrelentingly revealed the identity of these mysterious enemies.

The middle-aged man turned absolutely furious. If the imperial prince had done this before, he wouldn’t have been embarrassed at all. Rather, he would have enjoyed it quite a bit.

He had held the advantage at the time and saw Imperial Prince Huo as nothing but prey. He enjoyed seeing the terror of others.

But now, Azure Ox and Azure Tiger had died for seemingly no reason at all. The middle-aged man began to suspect whether these people were even from Rejuvenation. Since when had it become this strong?

He glared at Imperial Prince Huo angrily, his alert eyes roving for something.

The imperial prince knew that the man opposite him was filled with terror right now. This was especially true because Jiang Chen and his draconic friend had fought in an inscrutable way. Not understanding what one’s opponents were doing was the most frightening blow to one’s morale.

“Master Han, was it? Heavenlight is used to being presumptuous in its own land, no doubt. However, this isn’t your territory.” Imperial Prince Huo was emboldened by the young lord’s support.

The middle-aged man had evidently come amply prepared. Though his guards’ fate had cast a shadow over his heart, he was here for the spirit stone veins. There was no way he would fail against the likes of Rejuvenation!

Fire spewed from his eyes as he fixed them upon the imperial prince. “If you’ve done all this knowing the great name of the Heavenlight Isles, that means Rejuvenation isn’t scared of trouble, yes?”

“Rejuvenation doesn’t make trouble for others, but we can handle any trouble that comes our way!” Imperial Prince Huo sneered. “Are the fates of Azure Ox and Azure Tiger not enough to make you repent?”

“Tsk tsk, Master Han, is he threatening us? Didn’t you say that Rejuvenation was no better than an ant?” The seductive woman rubbed coyly against the middle-aged man’s arm.

The man tossed her aside with a light flourish. “Women shouldn’t interfere in the matters of men.”

His cold anger cowed the woman into submission, though her resentment found a different outlet.

“Rejuvenation is really in for it this time!” She glared viciously at Imperial Prince Huo. “You can’t possibly bear the consequences of angering Heavenlight.”

“Windbag!” the imperial prince retorted. “I don’t understand why you’ve brought a loudmouth like her with you. She’s worse than useless and will only hold you back. Heavenlight’s name doesn’t seem to hold much water, does it?”

The middle-aged man ignited at these words. “You’re trying to provoke me, aren’t you?”

The prince shrugged. “So what if I am?”

“Congratulations, you’ve succeeded! Succeeded in bringing disaster to the Rejuvenation Isles, that is! I’m going to make this very clear. Before, I was just going to take all of the spirit stones here. Now, I’m going to conquer the entirety of Rejuvenation. I will crush your homes and annex your territory!”

Imperial Prince Huo laughed heartily. “An impressive boast! If I didn’t know any better, I would think a senior from the Ten Sacred Lands was here.”

The middle-aged man scanned the air with viper-like eyes.

“Hmph! I confess I did underestimate Rejuvenation. Still, do you think that killing two guards will spare you from catastrophe? Don’t be naïve! We investigated every detail about you before we came. If you know what’s good for yourself, don’t resist. Otherwise, I guarantee that there will be mountains of corpses and rivers of blood!”

The imperial prince scoffing. “Your bragging is truly one of the history books. Didn’t you ask around before you came here, Han?”

“About what?” the middle-aged man replied proudly.

“Alright. Even if you didn’t, aren’t you the least bit worried after your two guards died for no reason?” Imperial Prince Huo continued, snickering.

The middle-aged man’s heart sank. He was still filled with determination, but the repeated questions from Imperial Prince Huo in a strange tone tipped him off that something was wrong.

Was he still dealing with Rejuvenation? If so, what were they so sure about? They should be terrified and listless instead.

Wasn’t this imperial prince far too calm for the situation?

Why was that?

The middle-aged man didn’t care all that much about Rejuvenation. He thought their forces too insignificant compared to Heavenlight’s. 

However, reality was overruling instinct. Everything about this was strange.

“What are you trying to say?” His voice became a little strained.

In comparison, Imperial Prince Huo was very relaxed. “Didn’t your woman say that I was blind just now?” He shrugged. “Actually, I think you’re the one who needs to get your eyes checked.”

“Hahaha!” the middle-aged man roared with laughter. “Are you telling me that Heavenlight is ignorant about Rejuvenation’s supposed strength?”

“Who told you that these islands belonged solely to Rejuvenation?” the imperial prince declared seriously. “Don’t you know that someone else owns this place as well?”

This news stunned the man from Heavenlight.

This revelation hadn’t been in their report. The only thing they knew was that the Tritalent Isles had been fighting over these with Rejuvenation.

Tritalent was hardly a major faction either though. Certainly nothing worth being concerned over for Heavenlight.

Now that the middle-aged man’s origin was plain, Imperial Prince Huo no longer needed to hide who Jiang Chen was, either. The young lord chose this moment to materialize.

He swept his eyes across the islands below coldly. “I don’t know how strong the Heavenlight Isles are, but I own half these islands. You came without notice, which means you are trespassing invaders. Tell me, is there anything you believe will save yourselves from my wrath?”

He was truly upset by Heavenlight’s actions here. If they continued in their foolish ways, he didn’t mind killing them all.

Before that, though, he was content to press for spirit stones. He needed resources, not grudges.

If the Heavenlight Isles was willing to pay a substantial fine, he would consider giving them a chance at life. If the middle-aged man insisted on resisting, he would no longer worry about mercy.

The aura the young man exuded as he emerged from thin air clearly distinguished himself from Imperial Prince Huo.

The middle-aged man was shaken by his appearance and felt mildly uneasy.

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