Chapter 1915: Enemies With An Unknown Origin

Jiang Chen was truly feeling a bit of actual anger. He didn’t expect someone to so boldly steal from his doorstep.

“Brother Vermilion, it seems we’ve been too polite,” Jiang Chen remarked in the ancient beast language. “They won’t see us as a threat without us teaching them a lesson, will they?”

The Vermilion Bird cackled. “How do you want to do this?”

Jiang Chen and the bird had weathered many hardships together. The bird had a genuine respect for Jiang Chen and thus listened to the human’s every idea.

“Wait for my order,” Jiang Chen growled, his expression dark.

The bird nodded. It could feel Jiang Chen’s ire. It grinned and leered at the airboats below with pitying eyes.

“Imperial Prince Huo, find out who those people are. Don’t tell them who I am just yet.”

If they were told about Jiang Chen, they might not reveal their true intentions.

With Jiang Chen’s support, Imperial Prince Huo had a newfound confidence. Although the airboats below were likely to belong to some second tier faction, he wasn’t afraid. Rejuvenation was under the young lord’s wing.

The imperial prince dove down with his confidantes and Chief Warden Ding.

“You there, listen up!” boomed Imperial Prince Huo. “This is Rejuvenation territory. No matter where you come from, you better wise up and get out of here!”

In no time at all, a large drove swarmed out of the islands. Troops of cultivators armed to the teeth came out of hiding. There were also a good number of craftsmen who looked to be experts in excavating mines.

Imperial Prince Huo could hardly contain his anger. Did these bastards really consider the islands their home?

They even had craftsman with them! Were they planning on taking all the spirit stones for themselves?

Imperial Prince Huo’s keen eyes zeroed in on a few noble-looking figures among the group. The leader was a bearded, middle-aged man. He was opulently dressed and his features handsome, but the scowl on his face made him haughty and aloof. It seemed that his very identity and status made him prideful, and he considered himself far superior to everyone else.

Next to the man was a woman dressed to seduce, her body very curvy and alluring. She clung to the bearded man’s arm in an intimate gesture.

The bearded man also had a few bodyguards with him. They held themselves with great composure and pride—far from nobodies.

Imperial Prince Huo sucked in a breath. Rejuvenation was no match for even the bodyguards. The four of them might be able to kill all his companions on their own, let alone when they had a large group of armored cultivators with them.

The middle-aged man looked at Imperial Prince, his gaze derisive and crass.

“What did you say?” It was an exceedingly rude question. He made it sound as if this was his home, and Imperial Prince Huo an intruder.

His strong bearing made the imperial prince question himself, but only briefly. Young lord Jiang Chen was watching him. If he showed any signs of cowardice, the young lord might look down on him, and he’d lose the young lord’s trust.

He tamped down his nervousness.

“This prince said this is Rejuvenation territory. No matter where you come from, get the hell out of here!”

The middle-aged man twisted his lips into a mocking smile. Instead of sparing a look at Imperial Prince Huo, he turned to the alluring woman. “Did you hear him, Xiaofei? What did he say?”

The woman giggled. “I think he told us to get out of here.”

The middle-aged man cackled. His eyes turned cold as they focused on the imperial prince. “If you piss off now, I, Han, may consider sparing your life.”

“Han? And who the hell are you? This is our territory. What gives you the right to say that?” Imperial Prince Huo raged. He’d seen many bullies before, but even Polylore Divine Nation wouldn’t have been so overbearing if they hadn’t lost their descendants in the trial.

Who were these people, and why were they being so brutish?

“It might have been your territory, but not now.”

“Bullshit!” One of Imperial Prince Huo’s guards couldn’t help but snap. “You thieves should know your place! This is our territory!”

“Oh?” The middle-aged man picked leisurely at his ear. “Are you trying to tell me that I can’t risk making Rejuvenation my enemy?”

Imperial Prince Huo waved a hand to stop him before the guard could retort.

He took in a deep breath. “Forgive this prince for not knowing who you are, my friend. However, everyone in the world must play by the rules. The islands have always been ours. Since when have they had anything to do with you? Do you have a written agreement of ownership transfer? A deed?”

“No,” the man responded coolly.

“Then how are the islands yours?”

The seductive woman giggled. “I say, how are you so blind? When my Master Han wants something, people scramble to give it to him with both hands. You should know your place. It’s an honor for him to ask something of you. Others can’t even beg for the privilege. No wonder Rejuvenation is still a third tier faction. You don’t know what’s good for you.”

Her words couldn’t have been more humiliating. Imperial Prince Huo might have lost his calm if he hadn’t been as experienced as he was.

He took another deep breath and scoffed. “This prince has met my fair share of powerful cultivators, but I’ve never even heard of a Master Han. You don’t look like people from the Ten Divine Nations, and even they play by the rules. Do you fancy yourself better than the divine nations?”

The prince had quite a sharp tongue.

Seemingly irritated with the imperial prince’s persistence, the middle-aged man arched an eyebrow. 

“I’ve changed my mind. You refused to leave when I told you to. Now I’m not going to let you go. Azure Ox, Azure Tiger, take care of this ‘prince’ who claims to own the place. Knock out his teeth and break all his limbs. Oh, and refine his soul afterwards. Let him know the consequences of challenging my authority!”

Two of his bodyguards took a step forward as soon as his words sounded.

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