Chapter 1913: To Subdue

The emperor was dazed for a few moments. Confusion filled his mind. Submit to young lord Jiang Chen’s protection? Would that mean becoming a puppet of the Eternal Sacred Land?

“The Tritalent Isles really doesn’t know good from bad, eh?” Imperial Prince Huo interjected icily. “Countless factions all over the world would jump at the chance for young lord Jiang Chen’s protection. For you, this is practically a free lunch. Why do you hesitate? Do you want to die at the young lord’s hand before realizing your mistakes?”

The imperial prince wanted Tritalent to become Jiang Chen’s subordinate faction, of course. That way, they would listen to the young lord’s orders in the future.

Since Rejuvenation was going to do the same from now on, Tritalent wouldn’t dare bother them in the future. Whatever possible friendliness between the two was another matter.

Rejuvenation needed some time to rest and recuperate in the next few years.

Jiang Chen glared coldly at the Tritalent collective.

“Your hesitation means you have no desire for it. Fine enough. However, know that Rejuvenation is under my protection. If you aggravate them in the future, that is the same as provoking me. Don’t expect the same kind of mercy next time!” His tone grew frosty as well.

Zhao Situ became extremely anxious. “Your Majesty, what are you waiting for?” he messaged the emperor. “Rejuvenation will only grow under young lord Jiang Chen’s banner. Rather than be consumed later on, why don’t we join the young lord now? Even if he doesn’t treat us equally, our heritage will still be passed down.”

He knew very well that Rejuvenation had never been the peaceful sort. If they were allowed to recover to its former state, they would surely attack every faction around them with Jiang Chen’s protection.

Since Tritalent had been significantly wounded in this exchange, the reverse of recent events would occur. It would be optimistic simply to survive, much less hold their own.

The emperor snapped awake from his reverie. “Young lord Jiang Chen,” he shouted, “Tritalent is willing to yield. Please grant us your protection as well!”

“Is that what you really think?” Jiang Chen asked with a faint smile.

“Absolutely! I hesitated not because I was unwilling, but rather worried that we would be assimilated by Rejuvenation later on. What would become of our heritage then?”

The emperor was smart enough to make plain the reason for his delay. Perhaps the young lord would give him a response.

Jiang Chen chuckled. “Regardless of my dominance, why would I wipe out your heritage? If you fall under my protection, you’ll grow stronger for it. Of course, since you two are both under my protection from now on, you can only be allies. Absolutely no invading each other from this day forth, either of you.”

“Of course, young lord. We shall defer to you.” The emperor was delighted.

As long as their heritage was preserved, he was open to most other things. Tritalent was in bad shape right now and couldn’t do much in the near future anyway.

Sharing patronage would mean that Rejuvenation would never be able to openly attack them again. Thus, surrendering to Jiang Chen actually seemed to be the best choice.

Jiang Chen waved a hand. “Alright. What’s your name?”

“The surname of the imperial family of Tritalent is Yan. His Majesty’s name is Yan Duo,” Zhao Situ hurriedly replied.

Yan Duo?

Jiang Chen nodded. “Emperor Yan Duo, Imperial Prince Huo. Let me make this clear today. Now that you’re both under my banner, I will treat you equally. From this day forth, let any grudges be washed away. There will be no more fighting between your two factions henceforth. Do you understand?”

“As long as Tritalent has enough tact, Rejuvenation will not strike the first blow,” Imperial Prince Huo responded.

“Tritalent will listen to the young lord’s every word. I guarantee it.”

“I hope you can really do it.” Jiang Chen sighed softly. “The future is difficult. If you’re preoccupied with civil strife, one of you will attain victory in the short term… but long term, both of you will lose.”  

Yan Duo and the imperial prince both blinked.

“I can’t speak too plainly right now. Perhaps another time. I want to say only one thing: put everything you have into making yourselves stronger. There’s a wave of drastic change on the horizon, and its scope will be far greater than you can ever imagine.”

Jiang Chen’s mood was dampened by thoughts of demons and other offworld enemies.

The seriousness in his voice sobered up Yan Duo and Imperial Prince Huo. They couldn’t guess the reason behind it, but they respected that reason’s gravity.

“Alright, Imperial Prince Huo. I hope the affair has concluded satisfactorily. Both of you should be able to proceed in peace from now on. Rather than plotting against each other, I advise you to cooperate and build a stronger bond. I foresee that many smaller factions will be shattered by the oncoming tide.”

These words further complicated the two men’s thoughts. It wasn’t their place to ask, but their concern for these future world-changing events only grew.

“Come, take me to those islands. I’d like to take a look.” Jiang Chen changed the subject.

The imperial prince’s eyes brightened. “Sure.”

Though Yan Duo lusted after those islands as well, he knew that Tritalent could no longer participate.

“Young lord, would you like to come sit awhile in the imperial palace?” He bowed.

“Maybe next time.” Jiang Chen waved a hand.

Yan Duo didn’t insist. The pressure bearing down on him could finally be alleviated by the young man’s departure.

Jiang Chen left as quickly and decisively as he’d come.

The men from Tritalent finally let out sighs of relief. They wiped at their brows and backs, happy to simply still be alive. There was a great deal to be thankful for on this day. An heir with a worse temper would’ve massacred a great number of them.

Yan Duo didn’t find it shameful at all to kneel in surrender before Jiang Chen.

The first thing he did after returning to the islands proper was issue an important command. “Listen up, people of Tritalent! From this day onwards, the Tritalent Isles submits to the authority and protection of young lord Jiang Chen. Our past grudges with the Rejuvenation Isles are wiped clean. Anyone who picks a fight with them is bringing disaster down on us all, and shouldn’t expect any tolerance or sympathy!”

The emperor didn’t dare defy what young lord Jiang Chen had emphasized just now. Any further animosity toward Rejuvenation was equivalent to turning a deaf ear toward the youth’s advice.

Such a thing could not be permitted at this juncture. From what the young lord had said, there would be some cataclysmic event in Myriad Abyss Island’s near future. What this event entailed wasn’t clear yet, but a problem for someone as great as him must be very serious indeed. His tone wouldn’t have been so grave otherwise.

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