Chapter 191: Must You Really Throw Your Weight Around?

Chapter 191: Must You Really Throw Your Weight Around?

The plain-clothed man revealed a trace of a smile when he saw Tang Long admit to his identity. “Mm, that means I’ve found the right man. I’m here on someone else’s orders to take you somewhere.”

Tang Long looked at Yu Dui and his men, then back at his home again.

The plain-clothed man smiled, “If it’s inconvenient, you can bring your family as well.”

Tang Long was overjoyed, “Yes, yes. I’ll come with you right away.”

He didn’t know this man and didn’t know where they were going, but he wouldn’t hesitate even if they were heading for a chasm of dragons or tiger lair right now. If he didn’t leave but stayed instead, then these border guards would take all their lives. Xiaoqing would surely even be taken away and violated until she died.

“I say, aren’t you getting something wrong here?” Baldy Yu Dui said sinisterly.

“What am I getting wrong?” The plain-clothed man smiled faintly.

“Our border guard is arresting a traitor right now, who the hell do you think you are to swagger in here? Do you believe that I’ll chop you in half with a single slash of my sword?” A swarthy shorty jeered from behind Baldy Yu Dui.

The plainsclothes man chuckled. “I don’t really believe you, and don’t you try to fool me either. The border guard doesn’t come to the capital in order to handle their cases. Only the Dragonteeth Guard has the right to inquire about cases here. Even if the border guard were to arrest someone, they’d have to go through the Dragonteeth Guard.”

“Whatever. This is a special case! Who the f*ck are you? If you’re not going away when we tell you to, then you won’t leave either!” The swarthy shorty waved the executioner’s blade in his hands and roared out angrily.

“What, you want to resort to violence?” A shadow of a smile hung on the plain-clothed man’s lips.

Baldy Yu Dui stared at this nondescript man. “Just who are you? We have a bone to pick with this Tang Long, if you want him for something, you’ll have to wait your turn, don’t you think?”

“I say, why do you guys have so much nonsense to say? This isn’t the border, it’s the capital. If you want to investigate a case, then go to the border. Stop spouting bullshit, I don’t have that kind of time to waste on you.”

“How arrogant!” A vicious glint dawned in Baldy Yu Dui’s eyes. “You’re so arrogant as to not even give us border guards the respect we deserve. Don’t you even think of leaving either!”

With a wave of his hand the four of them formed a line, thoroughly blocking off the doorway.

The plain-clotheds man had maintained an aloof expression all along and didn’t lose his temper. When the four of them set up their formation, his face finally darkened, “So you do want to make use of your advantage in numbers to bully the minority?”

“That’s exactly what we’re doing, what are you going to do about it?”

“You have no backup and want to shove your nose in here. You’re looking for death!”

“If you have the ability to, then call more people here and display your influence for us to see! Yeah we’re making use of our superior numbers to bully people, people like you!”

The nondescript man laughed in his anger. “Good. Good. Good!”

He suddenly flourished his sleeves and a cloud of red flames flew into the air like a rocket, sending out a fog of smoke.

“This is bad, he’s calling for backup!”

“Kill them, make it a quick battle!”

Tang Long stood in front of the casually dressed man, “Sir, I’ll stall for a bit, you go inside first.”

The man chuckled, “No rush, don’t worry, a good show will take place shortly.”

Baldy Yu Dui’s face suddenly changed drastically, “Just who are you?”

The man laughed carefreely, not even bothering to look at the balding commander. He leisurely raised his head to look at the sky, “Won’t you find out who I am very soon?”

Baldy Yu Dui was greatly shocked to see this man was neither panicked nor frantic. A scary, foreboding feeling suddenly rushed to the forefront.


Ear-piercing bird cries suddenly sounded in the sky.

Then, chirp, chirp, chirp…

Countless more ear-piercing bird cries rang across the air.

Yu Dui felt chills all over his back and he hastily turned his head around. What greeted his eyes were silhouettes shooting across the azure sky, surging forth from all directions.

“Yellow Winged Lesser Dragons?”

“You… You’re from the Dragonteeth Guard?”

Within the span of a few breaths, hundreds of Yellow Winged Lesser Dragons had arrived. They all had a fierce momentum and exuded a strong killing intent as they hovered in midair.

“Commander Gu, you summoned us?”

“This subordinate greets Commander Gu!”

“Everyone from the eleventh team accounted for and reporting in!”

The Dragonteeth Guard all made downward salutes to their commander.

The casually dressed man nodded slightly, “These four men are from the border guard. They’ve overstepped their jurisdiction and threatened me, saying that they’re going to leverage their strength in numbers to bully the weak. What do you make of this?”

“The border guard? Why are they not on the border and are throwing their weight around in the capital?”

“And they dare threaten our great Commander Gu?”

“Commander Gu, there’s nothing more to say. Arrest and execute them!”

The four border guard members were stupefied and trembling from head to toe at this moment, completely reduced to a gibbering mess. Even Baldy Yu Dui’s whole body was shivering at this moment, his face ashen-colored.

“Com… Comman... Commander Gu… this is a misunderstanding, absolutely a misunderstanding. We’re actually not here for a case, just joking around with brother Tang Long.” This baldy was someone adaptable to the circumstances. Although he was nervous and afraid, he still strived to defend himself.

“Misunderstanding? So you threatening me just now was a misunderstanding?”

“Yes, truly a misunderstanding. Us border guards admire the Dragonteeth Guard the most. Great Commander Gu, we are all colleagues. This is an internal conflict, we hope that you lift your hand in mercy and don’t blow this up into a greater matter.”

“Don’t blow this up? If I hadn’t called in my men, would you have blown this matter up? If my men hadn’t come, your weapons would likely be using me for target practice by now? Was it you guys who want to make this a big deal or is it me? I’ve come to look for someone, but you want to kill me along with them. The border guard truly is something alright.”

Commander Gu was no pushover. He was here on behalf Vice General Tian Shao’s orders this time, to find someone called Tang Long and recruit him for the Dragonteeth Guard.

Although Commander Gu didn’t know who Tang Long was, Vice General Tian Shao himself had given the orders and emphasized that this person was young master Chen’s friend!

Who was young master Chen? He was someone who dared offend even first prince Ye Dai himself, someone whom even honored Tutor Ye wanted to take as a disciple, a person of great abilities who held the Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion!

How would Commander Gu make light of an affair having to do with his friend? Therefore, when he’d gotten off work and received Tian Shao’s orders, he’d changed into ordinary clothes and searched for Tang Long straightaway. He was wearing casual clothing because he didn’t want to make too big of a deal.

Who’d knew that him keeping a low profile would result in these borders guards running rampant. They’d snorted in front of and glared at him, a commander of the Dragonteeth Guard, saying that they were going to use their superior numbers to bully the minority.

Trying to force a showdown of power and numbers with a commander of the Dragonteeth Guard in the capital, these fellows were looking to humiliate themselves!

“Great Commander Gu, we were wrong, it was our fault. We’re willing to offer gifts in apology and a recompensation…. As long as the great Commander Gu calms his anger, we’re absolutely willing to pay.”

“Money? Do you think the Dragonteeth Guard lacks money?” Commander Gu’s face darkened. “Do you think I lust after money?”

“Lay down the weapons in your hands if you recognize the situation you’re in. Prepare to be arrested and offer no resistance, or you’ll be killed without exception!”

As a commander in the Dragonteeth Guard, Commander Gu commanded ten thousand Dragonteeth Guard. He was someone who was rather influential in the capital.

Some border guards raising a hue and cry in front of him were indeed courting death!

Baldy Yu Dui fell to his knees with a thump, begging in a trembling voice, “Great Commander Gu, please spare us, spare us. We surrender, surrender! Do anything you want as long as you don’t kill us!”

The fellows that had been ruthlessly domineering just now were all on their knees on the ground now, kowtowing like chicks pecking rice and wailing in their anguish.

Commander Gu was blind and deaf to it all as he turned around, “Tang Long, I’m here on orders from Vice General Tian Shao of the third Dragonteeth Guard army to invite you to join the Dragonteeth Guard and join my team. Are you interested?”

Tang Long was still floundering in the midst of confusion at this moment.

The great rises and falls of the scenes just now had occurred far too quickly. The feedback to his brain couldn’t quite keep up with what was happening.

It had been Baldy Yu Dui and his men, with malice written all over their faces, who had been about to turn to violence and kill people just now. How had this Dragonteeth Guard commander suddenly emerged?

And, he’d brought with him so many Dragonteeth Guard who were as fierce as wolves and tigers.

Yu Dui and the others had been throwing their weight around just now, but were now begging on the ground like dead dogs and kept asking for mercy.

This change was too much of a shock to Tang Long.

“This… this is influence, this is power.” Tang Long sighed with emotion in his heart and looked at the cowering figures of Yu Dui’s group. He felt damn good at heart, and so he hadn’t reacted yet to Commander Gu’s invitation.

“Brother, brother, Commander Gu is asking you a question!” It was Tang Zhong inside the house who first recovered his wits.

“Ah? What?” Tang Long suddenly came to and scratched his head. “Commander Gu, I was too worked up just now. Were you asking me to join the Dragonteeth Guard?”

“Yes.” Commander Gu had a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Think about it.”

“No need to think about it, I’m definitely saying yes! I, I must say yes!” Tang Long could barely keep his enthusiasm in.

What else was there to think about?

Just how awesome was the Dragonteeth Guard? All had been displayed just now.

Besides, he’d been fired by the border guard and was unemployed now. He thought he was dreaming to be chosen by the Dragonteeth Guard.

This was leaping from hell to heaven in an instant!

Although he didn’t know why he’d been suddenly recruited by the Dragonteeth Guard, somewhere deep in his subconsciousness, he felt it likely had something to do with his great benefactor, Jiang Chen.

“Tang Long, you’re very lucky.” Commander Gu laughed and patted his shoulder, passing a medallion over. “Start off as a sixth rank Dragonteeth Guard.”

The Dragonteeth Guard had interns, followed by the ninth rank, eighth rank, seventh rank, sixth rank… proceeding forth level by level until a first rank Dragonteeth Guard. Only then would one have the right to be a captain, lieutenant, commander and from there on finally being eligible for vice general!

There weren’t many rookies that started off as a sixth rank Dragonteeth Guard. It wasn’t unheard of, but it was very rare. Such fortuitous things belonged to those noble sons with an exceedingly strong background or those with connections.

Tang Long becoming a sixth rank Dragonteeth Guard as an ordinary commoner was absolutely a miracle that defied the heavens.

No wonder even Commander Gu said he was lucky. He was indeed lucky. A nobody like Tang Long would’ve become a corpse long ago thanks to those border guards if he hadn’t been lucky.

“Commander Gu, I’d like to ask, why…” Tang Long still wanted to get to the bottom of things, despite guessing that it was likely due to Jiang Chen.

“Tang Long, I’m rather curious, what’s your relationship with young master Chen? Such a personage as young master Chen actually personally reminded our General Tian to look after you and bring you into the Dragonteeth Guard. He also said that you’re a reliable and dependable person. It seems like young master Chen was right.”

Commander Gu rather admired Tang Long. When those border guards had intended to do something just now, Tang Long had stepped in front of him. He was truly someone who could be relied on to stand his ground under such circumstances!

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