Chapter 191: Must You Really Throw Your Weight Around?

Chapter 191: Must You Really Throw Your Weight Around?

The plain-clothed man revealed a trace of a smile when he saw Tang Long admit to his identity. “Mm, that means I’ve found the right man. I’m here on someone else’s orders to take you somewhere.”

Tang Long looked at Yu Dui and his men, then back at his home again.

The plain-clothed man smiled, “If it’s inconvenient, you can bring your family as well.”

Tang Long was overjoyed, “Yes, yes. I’ll come with you right away.”

He didn’t know this man and didn’t know where they were going, but he wouldn’t hesitate even if they were heading for a chasm of dragons or tiger lair right now. If he didn’t leave but stayed instead, then these border guards would take all their lives. Xiaoqing would surely even be taken away and violated until she died.

“I say, aren’t you getting something wrong here?” Baldy Yu Dui said sinisterly.

“What am I getting wrong?” The plain-clothed man smiled faintly.

“Our border guard is arresting a traitor right now, who the hell do you think you are to swagger in here? Do you believe that I’ll chop you in half with a single slash of my sword?” A swarthy shorty jeered from behind Baldy Yu Dui.

The plainsclothes man chuckled. “I don’t really believe you, and don’t you try to fool me either....

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