Chapter 1905: Setting the Tone

The atmosphere grew heavy.

Some didn't refute Imperial Prince Huo to out of considerations face, but his words did hearken back to some nightmarish memories of the past. If these so-called patrons were actually reliable, would Rejuvenation have fallen so far? They were naturally opposed to any mention of another after what they’d gone through.

Furthermore, they hadn’t approved of the imperial prince’s insistence on finding another.

However, his expression gave no sign of worry. He glanced lightheartedly at the emperor upon the throne.

“Royal brother, I’ve toiled on behalf of Rejuvenation these past few years. Yes, there’ve been some mishaps of fortune here and there, but I’m sure that I’ve obtained an opportunity for us this time. This patron is a hundred times more trustworthy than any we’ve ever had before. The ambushers from Tritalent were like children who’d just learned how to walk, annihilated in the blink of an eye.”

“Who is it, pray tell?” mused the emperor.

“His name has been one of the hottest topics here in Myriad Abyss as of late. In fact, he single-handedly changed the course of the rebellions in both Eternal and Martial Divine Nations.”

“Do you mean… the Eternal Sacred Land’s young lord, Jiang Chen?” The emperor was stunned.

“Indeed, royal brother. None other!”

The mood in the room instantly shifted when the name was uttered. Those who opposed immediately found themselves having a change of heart.

Those who’d been neutral before felt their eyes light up.

To all of the people here, Jiang Chen was a living legend. The young man was truly above the clouds, and no one had any delusions about actually being able to reach him. Many in the wider world idolized and looked up to him.

When they’d found out that Jiang Chen had taken over Winterdraw, no one had dared suggest seeking justice, much less attempt to regain the lost island.

They had never fantasized such a character would have any relationship with Rejuvenation at all. Could someone as meager as Imperial Prince Huo really gain the young expert’s favor?

Or was he just making everything up?

The emperor drew a sharp breath. “Good brother.” He looked with heated eyes at Imperial Prince Huo. “This is an important matter. Please do away with any exaggeration. In the past, didn’t you say you never got responses to your presents? Young lord Jiang Chen has always been absent from Winterdraw, has he not?”

“When have I exaggerated before, royal brother? Rejuvenation was lucky to finally catch the young lord actually on the island. In fact, I met him myself.”

“Oh? Did young lord Jiang Chen agree to help Rejuvenation?” The emperor was very pleased.

“Yes. However, I decided of my own accord to give half of the spirit stones on those islands to the young lord.” The imperial prince saw no reason to conceal the fact. It wouldn’t stay hidden for long regardless.

The atmosphere turned a little odd after his statement.

“No wonder the young lord is willing to help. Imperial Prince Huo is certainly generous with the emperor’s assets. That’s why you agreed to it so easily, no?”

“Haha, what a spendthrift.”

“Imperial Prince Huo, your prodigal nature will one day cost Rejuvenation everything!”

Imperial Prince Huo’s expression darkened. Chief Warden Ding, who’d been silent until now, stepped in angrily to defend him. 

“You bunch of windbags, why didn’t you step up when Rejuvenation was under threat by Tritalent? Where were your solutions then?

“The imperial prince finally finding a patron to rid us of Tritalent is a wonderful thing, but now your opinions are supposed to matter? Let’s be honest. Without outside support, how long do you think Rejuvenation can last?!”  

Chief Warden Ding was extremely indignant. He’d been involved in the matter from beginning to end and knew the amount of stress Imperial Prince Huo had had to shoulder.

He wouldn't stand for derision and mockery now that a solution had been found.

These people would never be reliable in a time of need, but were incredibly quick to oppose anyone that did make themselves productive.

A mediator stepped forward. “Your Majesty, Chief Warden Ding is right. Without something to change our situation, we wouldn't have been able to keep those islands for long. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that they would’ve fallen into Tritalent hands.”

This was the undeniable truth.

The emperor nodded. “You were correct in your decision, good brother. Rather than have Tritalent take away all of the spirit veins to enrich its coffers and strengthen its armies, why not give half to young lord Jiang Chen? We retain the remainder while winning a long-term favor. Making friends with the young lord of the Eternal Sacred Land is much better than financing the enemy, doesn’t everyone agree? Does the matter even warrant any consideration?”

The ruler’s attitude was very clear; his subjects didn’t dare voice any contrary opinions.

They couldn’t come up with an alternative solution anyway, even if they tried, much less when just flapping their mouths.

Someone quickly changed the topic. “Your Majesty, I wonder if young lord Jiang Chen agreed simply because he was in a good mood? Will he really follow through on his promise and help us resolve the Tritalent problem?”

Everyone looked at Imperial Prince Huo again.

“Young lord Jiang Chen always makes good on his promises,” the prince replied coldly. “I’m sure you’ve heard about what kind of person he is already. Back during Eternal Divine Nation’s rebellion, he wasn’t actually at the sacred land, and yet returned to it out of a sense of duty without regard for the dangers there. He eventually became instrumental in actually quashing the rebellion. Do you think someone like that is likely to be the dishonorable sort? If even he isn’t trustworthy, who is?”

“My loyal subjects, my wise brother has done something well this day. Rejuvenation requires a patron to rise. Young lord Jiang Chen is blessed with great fortune. Even if we had given the islands to him entirely altogether, so what? If we can follow in the Eternal Sacred Land’s shadow, what worries would we have about our future?”

The emperor’s vision saw further ahead. He knew that just a little boost from young lord Jiang Chen was enough for Rejuvenation to jump several rungs up.

If they announced right now that the young man was the Rejuvenation Isles’ protector, the other surrounding factions would froth at the chance to ally with them!

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