Chapter 1902: The Tables Turn In A Second

Twelve advanced empyrean experts arrayed themselves in a circle, completely surrounding Imperial Prince Huo’s airboat. Their formation was clearly premeditated and well-practiced.

Gao Kui radiated disdain. He considered his prey with a diabolical smile. “Imperial Prince Huo, do you think you left the Rejuvenation Isles without anyone knowing? We’ve kept a close eye on you these past few days. You were hard to track, but your carelessness finally showed through. We’ve picked up your trail in the end. What do you think? Is this a good place for an ambush?”

“Not a bad place, all things considering.” The imperial prince smiled coolly.

“A fine burial site, wouldn’t you agree?” Gao Kui’s deep hatred for Rejuvenation was undisguised. His tone was filled with violence and rage.

The imperial prince nodded. “Yes, yes. A very good burial site.”

“Then let me send you to hell!” Gao Kui brayed with laughter.

“Oh? Were you talking about my burial site? You must have gotten something wrong,” Imperial Prince Huo protested with an air of seriousness. “I believe it’s for you lot.”

Gao Kui blinked, then roared with laughter. “You’re very funny even on death’s doorstep, Imperial Prince Huo. Do you think you can possibly escape?”

“Escape? Who said I wanted to escape?” The imperial prince feigned astonishment. “Did I say anything like that?”

His acting was incredibly realistic. He turned to Chief Warden Ding for exaggerated confirmation.

The warden returned his question with a brilliant smile. “No, sir.” He shook his head. “Truly, I’m confused myself.”

Gao Kui’s fury instantly ignited.

Imperial Prince Huo and Chief Warden Ding were bastards through and through! Why weren’t they panicking, even though they were obviously about to die? Why weren’t they cooperating?

For a brief moment, the situation became mildly absurd.

“If you insist on being stubborn, Imperial Prince Huo, you can repent your sins in the underworld!” Shrieking, Gao Kui waved to the other men. “Kill them! Kill them all!”

Imperial Prince Huo sneered. Suddenly, there was a different shriek in the air—the sound of a bird’s cry. A crimson light pillar pierced the sky.

The Vermilion Bird’s ferocious form blotted out half the firmament. A slight bit of energy was released into bloody, biting currents, surging towards the cultivators at the front.

They had barely a moment to react before being swept into the flow. The Vermilion Bird shook its wings a little, consuming them into its radiance.

Not to be outdone, Long Xiaoxuan’s draconic body moved as well. His gigantic claws grasped two nearby experts by their midsections.

Two shrill screams later, his victims’ bodies souls were utterly crushed by his Claw of Crushed Mountains and Rivers.

Jiang Chen jumped into action himself as well. The Holy Dragon Bow channeled his draconic energies into two arrows that soared at different targets.

Though he was sixth level empyrean realm, his combat strength was far greater than that. He could take on even ninth level empyrean experts head-on with ease, much less snipe them at a distance with his bow.

The Holy Dragon Bow, coupled with the draconic energy from a son of a celestial emperor, was capable of inflicting injuries on gods. Advanced empyrean cultivators were easy prey.

Pop, pop!

Two crisp noises later, two ninth level empyrean heads exploded like watermelons. They died on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, nine cultivators on Gao Kui’s side had died.

Only three remained: Gao Kui himself, the one-eyed man with a mane of hair, and a cultivator near the back.

Gao Kui couldn’t believe his eyes. His comrades were falling all around him. Was he dreaming?

His head went blank with shock. “Commander Gao, let’s get out of here!” the one-eyed man shouted. “They have powerful experts with them!”

Alas, their reactions were far too slow. The surrounding space was already locked down by a cloud of fire.

No matter where they headed, a hell of flames awaited them. The scorching temperatures singed their souls before they could even approach.

They could only return to their original location. There was no more arrogance in their eyes, just terror!

The tables had completely turned in the blink of an eye.

Imperial Prince Huo was profusely exuberant. He had finally made the correct decision, and it was already paying off! Young lord Jiang Chen had instantly reversed the situation!

No matter what kind of fighting would take place later between Rejuvenation and Tritalent, the death of twelve advanced empyrean experts would significantly reduce the strength of the latter!

Such a huge loss irreparably damaged Tritalent’s military capital, which would force a reevaluation of the differences in strength between the two rival factions.

This moments-long battle had completely changed the war, as well as the Rejuvenation Isles’ fate.

Gao Kui felt entirely the opposite as the imperial prince. He was more than terrified; he was abjectly lost and despairing. He couldn’t understand how all of this had happened. Hadn’t they been on the verge of killing Imperial Prince Huo?

Who had the imperial prince managed to petition? He hadn’t even caught how the enemy had slain his comrades.

The fighting had taken place in a flash. Mighty beings had showed their strength on the battlefield by reaping the lives of his men.

Gao Kui had no delusions left after that convincing display. The entities he was fighting against were too terrifying. He wouldn’t have a chance to run.

“You were right about one thing, Gao Kui. This place is a perfect burial site for you lot.” Imperial Prince Huo was exercising a victor’s right. His tone and mood were completely relaxed.

Gao Kui was absolutely ashen. “Imperial Prince Huo, who did you invite?!” he screamed, glaring in the prince’s direction. “I’ve lost, and I don’t expect to leave alive. Can you at least tell me who I lost to, so I can die with some understanding?”

The imperial prince sneered. “Why should I tell you? I’d prefer you to be ignorant.”

Gao Kui was as white as a sheet. His lips trembled and he couldn’t stop shaking his head. Evidently, he was stuck in the throes of despair.

Suddenly, he howled in exasperation, pouncing in Imperial Prince Huo’s direction like an arrow in flight.

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