Chapter 1896: Returning to Myriad Abyss Island

Jiang Chen had kept the spark of hope alive for the human race. The Vermilion Bird’s ascension further fueled the spark.

News of the bird’s ascension reached all parts of the human domain in less than a day. Cultivators from around the domain left Veluriyam Capital still bubbling with excitement and brought the uplifting development back to their territory.

The Vermilion Bird sought Jiang Chen out after everyone had left.

“Young lord Chen, things aren’t looking too good here,” it said in a low voice.

“Did you discover something new, Brother Vermilion? The current human domain is a hapless group of easy prey. If demons do break through the ancient seal and invade in droves, we’re not ready to fight them at all. Countless lives will be lost and utter devastation inevitable.”

“I haven’t made any significant discoveries. The lord of celestial demons fled to another domain, but the seal you restored still stands, which tells us he hasn’t come back yet. However, I’ve been making the rounds in the different territories and noticed a good number of unusual details. I believe a large scale invasion will break out soon, likely in eight to ten years.”

Eight to ten years?

Jiang Chen sighed inwardly. He knew the bird wasn’t the sort to exaggerate the danger. That meant his earlier calculations had been too optimistic. The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement could deter demons, but he had less than a decade to reactivate it.

His heart sank with the enormity of the task.

Should an invasion break out, he couldn’t imagine how the human domain was going to defend itself from the race known for its brutality in the heavenly planes.

“How much progress have you made in activating the formation, young lord?” asked the bird.

“I’ve accumulated less than twenty percent of the resources needed. I’ll have to go to Myriad Abyss for the rest.” Jiang Chen sighed silently. He’d never felt such a heavy urgency before.

He could very well walk away from the demonic invasion with his family and let the human domain rot, but he wouldn’t allow himself to. He’d promised Emperor Peafowl and the seniors in the Six Palaces of Heritage. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he abandoned his kind. His conscience would be forever tormented.

He had to return to Myriad Abyss Island. The great formation had to be reactivated before the invasion!

That was the only way to change the fate of the human race, or the domain would fall in the first wave of the demonic attack.

The great formation could keep the demons out and make them advance in a different direction. Even if they did end up sweeping through the entire Divine Abyss Continent and returning to the human domain, it would be a very long time before they were back, and the human race would have some breathing room.

Hearing that Jiang Chen was leaving for Myriad Abyss again, his family was saddened, but didn’t try to convince him otherwise.

This time however, Huang’er wasn’t going to be left behind. “I’m going with you, Brother Chen.”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly and didn’t turn her down. Huang’er had ascended to empyrean realm. Although she was still at the initial stage, she was strong enough to keep herself safe even in Myriad Abyss.

Besides, the two of them had been weathered life and death together. It made him feel more grounded to have her by his side.

Dan Fei wasn’t jealous. She knew how important Huang’er was to Jiang Chen. She blinked away the tears brimming in her eyes and choked out, “You’re meant for greatness, my husband. Neither I nor our daughter will weigh you down. I only hope that before you venture into any danger, you’ll remember you have me, our daughter, your parents, and other family members to come home to.”

Jiang Chen was deeply moved. He knew everyone, from his family to the entire human race, depended on him. Their survival was his responsibility. Without him, his family would fall apart. He was more useful to them alive. Therefore, he had to protect himself no matter what.

Jiang Feng and Xu Meng teared up upon hearing that their son was leaving again.

His father bid him farewell with a simple “Be careful, take care of yourself” and a pat on the shoulder, brief and concise as a typical father would be.

Meanwhile, Xu Meng reminded him again and again to be on his guard and not be reckless with his own safety. She hadn’t been a mother to him for long, but she genuinely cared about him. He listened intently to whatever she said.

“Father, mother, don’t worry. I’ve never forgotten about second brother. I know without saying that I need to keep an eye out for him. The heavens will keep good out of harm’s way.”

His younger brother was Xu Meng’s biggest regret in her life. She’d never forgive herself as long as he remained missing.

Xu Qingxuan wasn’t as sentimental. She grinned at Jiang Chen and Huang’er. “Big sister Huang’er, I hear that there are sixteen famous beauties in Myriad Abyss. You have to keep a close eye on my brother.”

Huang’er smiled slightly back. “I’m not going to. If your brother is charismatic enough to bring all sixteen of them back to Sacred Peafowl Mountain, I won’t object to that at all.”

“For real?” Xu Qingxuan asked dramatically. “You’re too generous, sister-in-law! Won’t you be jealous?”

“Of course I would be,” Huang’er said with a wise smile. “However, there are more important things to do than to be jealous. Besides, your brother’s focus is on the greater world. How would any of those beauties catch his attention?”

Jiang Chen and Huang’er didn’t linger after saying their goodbyes. They beckoned to the Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan also prepared to leave.

The eight brothers of the Primordial Stone Golem Tribe, loyally defending the sacred mountain all this time, called out to Jiang Chen. “Young lord, can you take us with you this time to see the world?”

The simple-minded eight brothers were eager to try their luck in Myriad Abyss upon seeing the amazing progress Jiang Chen had made during his time there.

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