Chapter 1895: The Vermilion Bird God

Jiang Chen’s confidence calmed the panicking crowd. The horrified fear permeating the air gradually faded.

They implicitly trusted everything that the young lord said. They looked at the young man curiously, only realizing belatedly how wide the cultivation gap was, despite everyone occupying the same space.

Jiang Chen was bound for greatness. The human domain wasn’t big enough to accommodate him, and he’d travel further and further away from the cultivators here.

“Young lord Jiang Chen, are the phenomena brought about by Senior Vermilion’s breakthrough?” someone mustered the courage to ask.

All eyes focused on Jiang Chen, waiting for a definitive answer.

Jiang Chen nodded with a smile. “I can guarantee that it was the Vermilion Bird, and I’m ninety percent sure it has ascended to divinity. That’s the only explanation for the scale of the strange phenomena.”

“Divinity? Young lord, does that mean the human domain has our own divine protector now?”

“How thrilling that is! If we have a divine protector, what can the demons do to us?”

“There’s hope yet for our race! The heavens don’t wish for us to be wiped out!”

“Don’t get excited just yet. The Vermilion Bird is no human. Only one of our kind can be truly loyal to us.”

“Bullshit, you’re just trying to stir things up. Everyone knows that the Vermilion Bird is young lord Jiang Chen’s closest companion.”

“Right. Your ignorance isn’t funny. The Vermilion Bird is a kind and devoted ancient divine beast. In the ancient times, it made an oath to the Primosanct Sect and it guarded the sect’s ruins with admirable persistence. The human race is fortunate to have a moral and loyal being like it on our side.”

Over the years, news that young lord Jiang Chen had a powerful Vermilion Bird companion had spread through the human domain. The bird’s ascension was absolutely worth celebrating. Humanity possessing a divine protector meant that the demons would be less of a threat.

Jiang Chen sighed. “This is no game. No god can single-handedly save a race or even a plane from danger. It’s a good thing the Vermilion Bird has ascended, but don’t expect it to fight off the entire demonic army on its own.”

His tone grew harsher as he added, “Don’t think for one second that the Vermilion Bird’s protection is enough to eliminate the threat. Don’t ever assume we can relax our guard! You’re deluding yourself if you think so. Those from the ancient times knew how powerful demons are and how catastrophic their invasion would be. If you get careless, you’ll see for yourself how much damage they can do to our world when they invade!

“Earlier, when you didn’t know what was causing the strange phenomena, just the fear of demons was enough to render all of you helpless. Given your physical and mental fortitude, do you think you’ll be able to resist the demons? And an attack is a very real possibility!”

No one dared to look up when Jiang Chen’s piercing gaze swept through the crowd. They didn’t want to be subject to his scrutiny.

Old Crane nodded and added seriously, “Young lord Jiang Chen has spoken my mind. The current human domain isn’t prepared for a demonic invasion at all. Our future will be in jeopardy if we keep proceeding like this.”

In the distance, the boundless crimson clouds above high expanded and inched closer to the Veluriyam Capital.

Jiang Chen laughed. “Senior Vermilion is returning.”

He soared to the sky and and zipped towards the tinted clouds.

Excited shrieks pierced through the air. The Vermilion Bird couldn’t stop its joyous exclamations. Jiang Chen moved to meet the bird and responded with dragon roars.

Another being took to the sky. It was Long Xiaoxuan, resting in the capital. His cultivation still exceeded Jiang Chen’s at staggering seventh level empyrean, an important milestone for one of a true dragon bloodline.

The strength from his bloodline had grown powerful enough for him to recover his heritage memories, which enabled the dragon to continually stay one step ahead of Jiang Chen in cultivation.

However, Jiang Chen was confident that the odds of him defeating the dragon in a duel were over ninety percent.

Man, dragon, and the Vermilion Bird came together in the vast sky.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. “Congratulations on ascending to divinity, Brother Vermilion. It’s good news for both the Veluriyam Capital and the human domain.”

The bird chortled happily. “It is indeed cause for celebration to ascend to divinity, but I owe a great part of my success to you!”

The bird spoke only the truth. Jiang Chen had helped it in many ways. Without him, it would never have gotten to where it was now. It might’ve faded out of existence back when it reached the end of its last life cycle.

Thus, there was no artifice in the bird’s expression of gratitude to Jiang Chen. 

The crowd of cultivators below could hear their conversation, but since man and beasts had been talking in the language of ancient beasts, they understood nothing and exchanged confused looks.

Jiang Chen led the Vermilion Bird to where the auction was being held in the Veluriyam Capital.

The bird morphed into a man and was welcomed by thunderous applause. It wasn’t an attempt to flatter or curry favor, but a genuine expression of respect.

“Your hospitality is appreciated. For that alone, this spirit will do what I can for the human domain, if nothing else.”

The bird had always been on friendly terms with the human race, and it owed its ascension to them. Therefore, its promise was genuine and heartfelt.

The crowd erupted in cheers, motivated by the bird’s promise. The thought of being helpless before the demonic invasion had been a despairing one, but now they saw a ray of hope!

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Guys, I got it. The dragon is the real MC. His cultivation is the highest and he's got that cheat from his heritage memories! XD

And dude. FECK the guy who says Moltres can't be loyal cause he ain't human. How uh, specie-ist can you get? After the poor bird guarded the lonely ruins of dead sect for thousands of years, to the point where it almost died? Get outta here man.