Chapter 189: Dan Fei and Her Greatly Shifting Personalities

Chapter 189: Dan Fei and Her Greatly Shifting Personalities

Jiang Chen could only say candidly that his spot had long since been locked in by the fourth prince.

“That little monkey Ye Rong?” A hint of a crafty smile appeared on Dan Fei’s radiant face. “What if I convince Ye Rong to give your spot to me?”

“Um… forming parties and groups are allowed in the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt?” Jiang Chen was rather curious.

Dan Fei rubbed her head. She discovered that Jiang Chen was naive to the point of being completely ignorant.

“Duh. Of course parties and groups can be formed for the Autumn Hunt. What’s the point of these spots then?”

Jiang Chen still didn’t understand, “Sister Dan Fei, with your status, it shouldn’t be at all hard to find a few practitioners with an even higher level of training. Why does it have to be me?”

Dan Fei giggled, “That needs to remain a secret for now.”

“Not even the right to know? I’m not going!” Jiang Chen shook his head, he was quite dissatisfied.

“If you don’t go, do you believe that…” Dan Fei extended a slender hand and made a downward chopping motion. “Do you believe that I’ll do to you what was done to the Phoenix-Dragon? Snip snip… huh huh!”

Jiang Chen hadn’t thought that the usually pure and fresh Dan Fei would suddenly erupt with such fierce words.

“You don’t need to...

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