Chapter 1885: Taiji Pisces Swords

The twin blades looked like two flying fish in motion, only slightly longer. Their shapes were exotic and beautiful in their own way.

“What do you think?” Mad Fiend grinned at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked at the swords, his breath catching as he felt their unique energy. They were at least demigod-level weapons, or even divine ones.

“These swords would rank among the top ten weapons even in the ancient times. They’re called the Taiji Pisces Swords.”

The Taiji Pisces Swords?

Jiang Chen stared at the uniquely-shaped blades, his heart pounding. He could tell the swords’ value with a single glance.

These were a pair of yin and yang swords, one masculine and one feminine. The spirit energy of nature had forged them into powerful divine weapons that could influence the rule of yin and yang.

Such weapons were very powerful, and since they had been created by nature, they came with the heavenly law’s blessings, flawless in all aspects.

Jiang Chen would be lying if he claimed to be unmoved.

“Young man, I hope the next time I challenge you to a duel, you’ll fight me with the Taiji Pisces Swords.”

With a shake of his arms, Mad Fiend sent the blades of yin and yang to Jiang Chen. Blinding light radiated from the swords, emitting the powerful energy of heaven and earth. Jiang Chen could feel something old, something from the primordial age.

The swords must have an illustrious and storied history.

He could barely contain his excitement. His hot gaze fixed on his new weapons.

The swords resonated lowly, shining with an extraordinary sheen as they crossed before Jiang Chen, rather than falling into his hands.

Jiang Chen paused and glanced at Mad Fiend. Understanding dawned in the next second. This was a test to see if he was good enough to tame the swords.

Having understood, Jiang Chen wasn’t worried. He didn’t mind proving himself to Mad Fiend and showcasing his techniques.

He was second to none in his wealth of knowledge and mastery of various skills. He was capable of taming powerful weapons in more ways than one. However, it’d require a delicate approach to tame the Taiji Pisces Swords. Weapons born of nature were sentient and often proud.

To tame them, he had to first understand the weapons’ attributes and characteristics—their personality and temper.

With his powerful consciousness, Jiang Chen was able to gain insight with a bit of observation. In terms of weapons grade, these were absolutely top class. 

He transmitted his intention to communicate to the swords. Contrary to usual methods, his delicate control over his consciousness allowed him to talk to the swords as he would with humans.

Once he’d gotten to know them a bit better, he deployed arts to manipulate them.

He made repeated hand seals to reel them in. The proud spirits still hung in the air, but they slowly drew close to the human. 

“Oh?” Mad Fiend was surprised by how easily Jiang Chen had won the swords over.

He’d thought it’d take a long time and some unique technique for Jiang Chen to wield the swords, but to his surprise, the boy had succeeded after just a few moves.

Once again, all of his preconceived notions had been proven wrong when the swords slowly drifted into Jiang Chen’s hands.

“You’re something else, kid,” Mad Fiend said with a delighted smile. “No one at your age has been ever able to tame the swords as easily as you have. What’s your secret?”

He couldn’t be more curious about the young man, who had done the impossible again and again. Anything seemed possible when it came to the young man.

Jiang Chen smiled. “I’m fortunate to know a thing or two about manipulating weapons. The Taiji Pisces Swords should’ve posed a great challenge, but they seem fated to fall in my hands. I was able to quickly refine them in my own way.”

“You’ve refined them already?” Mad Fiend muttered. “True geniuses are often young, but even in the ancient times, there wasn’t anyone quite like you. No one could surprise me to such a degree and gain control over the divine swords in such a short amount of time.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. “You aren’t going to take them back, are you, senior?”

“Of course not.” Mad Fiend waved his hand in denial. “Alright, time’s a-wastin’. Go ahead to the fifth palace. You’re good enough to take that challenge, and you stand a good chance of passing.”

Jiang Chen didn’t expect to be let off the hook so easily in this palace. He gladly accepted the swords and cupped his hands at the old man. “The swords will be of great help to me, senior. When I use them to slay enemies, I’ll remember your kindness.”

Mad Fiend laughed heartily. “You’re welcome. I’ll take you slaughtering demons as thanks enough. Besides, once you pass all six palaces, everything will be yours anyway, and we old ones will be under your command.”

That, Jiang Chen did know.

“Alright, the portal is ready for activation. If you still need time, you may cultivate in this palace. If you don’t, I’ll send you to the next once now!”

Jiang Chen nodded after a pause. “Please send me to the next palace now. Things are constantly changing. The earlier I get this over with, the better the chance we’ll win the war.”

Demons might not invade in large numbers just yet, but it was better to be prepared.

What would be waiting for him in the fifth palace?

Jiang Chen opened his eyes once he’d been teleported.

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