Chapter 1884: A Swift Change in Attitude

Jiang Chen also sensed the change in Mad Fiend’s mood. Something had prompted the protector to slow down and even reel in his aggression.

Jiang Chen was quite surprised. He didn’t expect Mad Fiend to react so strongly to news about the demons.

Mad Fiend swept his staff horizontally across and lay down on the ground, exhaling deeply. “Fine, fine. No more fighting.”

Jiang Chen had never intended to fight to either party’s limits. He couldn’t be happier that Mad Fiend had decided to end the fight. There weren’t any rules stipulating that a challenger had to defeat the defender.

Besides, Mad Fiend had suppressed his power to Jiang Chen’s level in the fight. It wouldn’t be a real victory even if Jiang Chen won.

Jiang Chen withdrew the True Spirit Post with his usual faint smile, humble, but dignified. His bearing defined that he was bound for greatness. 

Mad Fiend considered the young man carefully, the fighting intent in his eyes fading visibly.

“Demons, demons...” Mad Fiend’s lips twitched as he muttered the word. His head suddenly snapped up. Amazing brilliance burst from his eyes as he stared at Jiang Chen. “Among the geniuses I’ve met, young man, you’re the one most likely to gain the pagoda’s ultimate heritage. I’ve never let any challengers pass without winning, but today, I’ll make an exception for you.”

Surprised, Jiang Chen blurted out, “Why?”

“What’s momentary gratification compared to the war against demons? I can tell that you have a bright future ahead of you, and you’re very likely to be the one the pagoda is waiting for. You’ve passed through the first three palaces. For the fourth, you’re likely to pass as well if you’re allowed to use every trick you possess.”

Jiang Chen looked owlishly at the old man. He didn’t expect the sudden change of attitude.

“My wife and little sister were both killed by demons,” Mad Fiend muttered in a melancholy tone. “The sooner you gain the pagoda’s heritage, young man, the sooner we regain our freedom. There’s nothing more I want than to join the crusade against demons.”

It was personal for him.

Realization dawned on Jiang Chen. He nodded. “The demons haven’t broken through the seal yet, senior, and there hasn’t been a large scale invasion. Also, the human domain isn’t strong enough to fight demons at the moment. It’s better to avoid a head-on clash.”

“Avoid a clash? Do you think demons will retreat just because you want them to?” Mad Fiend scowled and snapped. “I thought you were a hot-blooded young man. Are you getting scared already before a fight breaks out?”

Jiang Chen smiled ruefully. “I’ve fought demons more than once—a demon emperor many years ago, then a celestial demon lord. They are formidable enemies, but they aren’t unbeatable. The problem is the human domain is so much weaker than you can imagine. Empyrean cultivators emerge only once in a blue moon.”

“What? So few?”

“Less than you’d expect. There may have been more divine cultivators in the ancient times than there are empyrean cultivators now.”

Mad Fiend slumped dejectedly.

If what Jiang Chen said was true, the human domain was indeed too weak to fight the demonic army. It might not even survive a small scale assault.

There were a few experts in the Veluriyam Pagoda, but there was a limit to what they could achieve on their own. There was no hope unless they could become as powerful as the leading figures from the ancient times.

However, things were different now. They had to rely on the younger generation.

“Since the demons are so powerful and the human domain so weak, why haven’t you sought sanctuary elsewhere instead of staying here?”

Jiang Chen smiled wryly. “It’s easy for me to just leave, but I’m too involved in the human domain to do that. Every little thing I do will impact the human race.”

“Is that the only reason you stayed?” Mad Fiend asked disappointedly.

“On a broader level, I of course want to defend my homeland. Demons are known as pests in the heavenly planes. They wreak havoc wherever they go. It is the duty of every race and every individual to fight them.”

“Good, that’s what I want to hear. You must be the human domain’s finest and a leading figure now. Do you have any plans to deter the demonic army?” Mad Fiend gave Jiang Chen a once-over.

“There’s only one viable plan: avoiding the first wave of attack when the demons do invade. The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement is the only way to stop them from entering.”

“Hasn’t the formation already been activated before?” asked Mad Fiend.

“It has, but it’s a large-scale formation. We can activate it again with the right approach, the problem is the great amount of resources required. That’s not something the human domain can afford at the moment.” This indeed had been Jiang Chen’s biggest concern.

Mad Fiend mused. “The formation was set up and activated by three formation masters and three major factions in the ancient times. Of course, the weakened human domain won’t be able to activate it now.”

“I’ve learned how to reactivate the formation, but there’s the problem with a lack of resources. If that’s solved, I’m eighty percent sure I’ll succeed!”

“Resources!” Mad Fiend muttered. “There must be a great deal of resources to be gained from the pagoda’s heritage. The master of the Veluriyam Pagoda was one of the leaders of the human race. He was a man of great foresight with great attention to the details. He must’ve planned for the future. I’m sure you’ll receive a good amount of resources once you pass all six palaces and gain the pagoda’s ultimate heritage. It may not be enough, but it’ll cover a large portion of what you need.”

He knew a formation of that scale must require an unimaginable amount of resources.

“I’m letting you pass now. You’ll be able to defeat me sooner or later anyway. Every palace you pass yields you a gift. The fourth palace is no exception. You said before you didn’t have a good weapon. I’ll give you a pair.”

With a twist of his wrist, two blinding rays of light shot out of his hand.

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