Chapter 1882: A Clash Between Dragons and Tigers

Jiang Chen’s consciousness began to run at maximum capacity. He rifled through the contents of his mind in search of a good method.

“Hmm? This spear method is pretty good.”

One rose to the top of his perception. Named the Searing Sundrake Spear, it was a technique that emphasized sweeping strikes and dominance over the battlefield.

Jiang Chen had studied it carefully in his previous life. The original master of the method had used it to sweep aside his competition on a material plane. Even in the heavenly planes, he had relied on it to make his name known far and wide.

The technique had been valuable enough for his father to place it in a great library in the heavenly planes. That alone showed what kind of power it held, and how extraordinary it was.

Most importantly, the spear technique’s original master had also been a descendant of the dragons, with the bloodline to match it. That meant that it was extremely compatible with Jiang Chen’s current status.

His dragon blood would serve to amplify the effects of the technique, allowing it to unleash energies tenfold that of someone without this quality. The technique itself was remarkable, but a dragon bloodline boosted its potency significantly.

Jiang Chen had only a hundred hours remaining. But he felt little stress about that fact. He had studied this martial technique many a time in his previous life.

Others might need time to study the finer points of a technique, but for him, it was easier than breathing. He had small issues here and there, but nothing actually tough to overcome.

Any small bottleneck was completely pushed through by his powerful consciousness, fueling an incredible comprehension. His grasp over the Searing Sundrake Spear deepened more and more.

Mad Fiend didn’t think much of Jiang Chen’s efforts, but kept his promise not to disturb the youth nevertheless.

In time, the hundred and twenty hours were finally up.

The old man chuckled as he faced down the young man walking out. “You’re punctual, kid, but are you sure a hundred twenty hours were enough? If not, I can give you a couple extra days.”

Jiang Chen grinned. “That’s alright. I didn’t actually need that much time, so I used the remaining time to meditate a little. Why would learning a martial technique need a hundred twenty hours?”

Mad Fiend became blue in the face. He had seen many braggarts before, but none with so much bluster as this young man. Learning a martial technique in less than five days?

“Hmph. You’re young, but already an irresponsible talker. It looks like you’re not the best candidate for inheriting the Six Palaces’ heritage.” Mad Fiend’s expression darkened.

“Why do you say that?” Jiang Chen smiled coolly.

“Isn’t it obvious? Your flippant attitude is enough to tell.”

“Am I flippant?” The young man smiled wryly. “Can’t you accept when someone’s telling the truth, senior? Have you been bottled up so long that your heart has become smaller than a grain of sand?”

“You should know the limits of your sharp tongue, kid. Fine, fine, fine. Let’s see what you’ve learned in these five days!”

Jiang Chen shook his forearms, conjuring a chain of strange runes that appeared upon the True Spirit Post’s surface like electricity. They glowed eerily in an unorthodox manner that was worthy of being wary of.

Mad Fiend eyed his opponent, putting away some of his prejudice for the fight ahead. Perhaps the young man before him wasn’t so flippant after all. An expert knew his field well enough to recognize skill from others. This young man’s very aura was noteworthy.

Mad Fiend was instantly fired up. He grinned toothily, brandishing his cane. “Are you ready now? Here I come!”

He raised his cane high overhead, then brought down a storm of radiance upon Jiang Chen.

The fourth protector was a madman indeed. He fought with a feverish fervor that imbued the strength of ten mountains into the swing.

Jiang Chen roared, his own blood heating up. His fighting spirit was roused by the power of his opponent’s attack. The dragon blood in his veins roiled, creating a draconic resonance in the air.

His True Spirit Post darted forward like a bolt of piercing lightning, threatening to penetrate heaven and earth itself. His bloodline fueled the energies of his spear technique, producing a heat wave that burned with the brilliance of a hundred suns.


The two legendary weapons collided against each other in the air, sending a number of terrifying shockwaves outwards.

The light of the cane and the draconic energies of the spear intermixed with each other in glorious spectacle. The sky became blindingly bright.

“Well fought. Again!”

Mad Fiend felt quite stimulated by the frontal clash. His desire to fight that’d been repressed since ancient times suddenly exploded.

He brought his cane forward for a reprise.

Jiang Chen respected the attack as much as he could. His True Spirit Post flourished like a golden dragon, blocking and parrying the cane at every opportunity.

Sometimes, he found windows for counterattack. Every thrust he returned took perfect advantage of timing, interrupting Mad Fiend’s offensive rhythm.

The young man knew that the Searing Sundrake Spear he’d studied so briefly couldn’t possibly match Mad Fiend’s fighting experience. However, the old man’s cane and techniques were of a lower level. The Searing Sundrake Spear was truly one-of-a-kind in the material planes.

Thirty to fifty percent of its actual strength was sufficient to counter Mad Fiend’s familiarity with his treasure and method.

Both combatants had their advantages and disadvantages. The fight was once again at a standstill.

Jiang Chen was unsurprised by this, but Mad Fiend was greatly taken aback.

His opponent had learned his technique practically overnight! Furthermore, this was a green kid he was dealing with. If the best he could manage was a tie, what was his age and experience good for?

The eccentric old man had some slight doubts about the impromptu nature of the study, but ceded the point in the end. When Jiang Chen had taken out the True Spirit Post for the first time, he really hadn’t refined it yet.

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