Chapter 188: Dan Fei’s Invitation

Chapter 188: Dan Fei’s Invitation

What disappointed Jiang Chen was that old man Fei wasn’t in the capital but had instead been missing for quite a while. There was no trace of old man Fei in the entire Qingyang Valley.

“Is this old man playing hide and seek with me?” Jiang Chen mused inwardly. But he also believed that even though old man Fei was crafty, he wasn’t the sort to run away from his obligations.

If old man Fei was really that sort of person, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have given him the recipe for the Renewal Purity Pill. He’d observed the old man a few times and confirmed his temperament before giving that recipe to him.

“This old man has been pining after this pill for forever, surely because of its particular use. In that case, he must be furiously collecting materials in preparation of refining this pill?”

It was a good thing that although old man Fei had left, he had given instructions to these disciples that if Jiang Chen came by, they’d have to serve Jiang Chen as if they were serving their own ancestor.

Therefore, when Jiang Chen arrived, all these associates were incredibly fervent. Jiang Chen handed over the list that he’d prepared earlier and all the items were collected in short order, with the associates refusing to accept any money for...

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