Chapter 1876: The Final Preparations

The meeting in Sacred Peafowl Mountain rejuvenated Veluriyam Capital. Almost everyone came away with something out of it. Those who didn’t receive a Taiyi Skymender Pill had Jiang Chen’s promise; they would get their share as long as they ascended to peak great emperor.

That gave the great emperors in the capital something to look forward to, as well as motivation. Even those at emperor realm were significantly incentivized.

After the meeting, the Vermilion Bird cackled. “Don’t you still have a good number of empyrean decrees, young master Chen? Why didn’t you give them out?”

“There’s no need at the moment. These are principal descendents of the Veluriyam bloodlines. They have the potential to ascend without refining a decree.”

“Heh, but not everyone does.”

“True, but Taiyi Skymender Pill will give them a boost. If they can’t seize that opportunity, then that’s their fate. I’ve done the most I can.”

Jiang Chen had indeed given them enough help. He’d never intended to take anything from the human domain. The only reason for taking on the mantle of the young lord of Sacred Peafowl was because Emperor Peafowl’s personal charisma. He simply admired the former ruler for the latter’s character. He’d never wanted any power.

Then, the sense of duty had prompted him to take on more and more responsibilities and obligations until one day, he realized he’d become inseparable from the fate of the capital and the human domain. They’d become part of his flesh and blood, embedded into his life.

If the human domain was destroyed, he’d be able to survive, but what about the others? What would happen to his parents, wife and daughter, dao partner, and confidantes?

What about his numerous close friends in martial dao?

Their lives were centered around him and Veluriyam Capital.

He wasn’t who he’d been when he’d first reincarnated. He could no longer live his life with disregard of the strings attached to him. Every decision and action must be made with careful consideration of the greater good.

“When do you plan to enter the Six Palaces of Heritage?” asked the Vermilion Bird.

“These next couple of days,” responded Jiang Chen.

“Ah, then do so quickly,” said the bird. “I’m going to the Primosanct Sect for the next few days to check if the boundary steles have been damaged. The escaped ruler of the celestial demons will always be a potential threat.”

“Aren’t you going to try to reach divine realm in closed door cultivation?”

The divine bird was one step away from ascending. It could make the breakthrough any moment.

“That’ll require an inspiration that can’t be forced. Closed door cultivation may not be the best approach. I can feel the moment getting closer, and I want to wait and see what will give me that final push. It’s a forgone conclusion that I will reach godhood.”

The bird was optimistic. It was happy and thrilled that it had a chance to achieve what it hadn’t been able to reach in the ancient times.

For descendants of the four divine beasts, reaching divinity meant becoming immortal. Naturally, the bird was highly excited.

That was why it was so devoted to Jiang Chen. The young man had turned its fate around in ways words couldn’t fully describe. The bird had evolved and risen from the ashes!

That was no exaggeration. In fact, it was somewhat of an understatement.

“Be careful,” reminded Jiang Chen. “Demons are a cunning bunch. Be on guard and don’t fall for their traps.”

The Vermilion Bird was powerful enough that Jiang Chen didn’t have to worry about it, but there was no harm in being cautious.

Jiang Chen returned to his residence once the bird left. After returning to Sacred Peafowl Mountain, he didn’t actually have a lot of time for his family. He had too much to attend to every day.

His parents were here, as were his wife, daughter, friends, and disciples.

The tragic couple Jiang Feng and Xu Meng had been together ever since their reunion. They seemed to be making up for lost time. Their only regret was the son who was still missing.

Jiang Chen was now the ruler of Veluriyam Capital and the leader of the human race. Everyone depended on him for their livelihood.

Xu Qingxuan was constantly by their side. She was considerate and extraordinarily talented. With Jiang Chen’s help, she improved quickly, making her the brightest existence among the youths.

Both Huang’er and Dan Fei were respectful to Jiang Feng and Xu Meng and treated the elders with great care.

Then there was Nian’er. She spent time with her grandparents everyday and was her lovable, adorable self. The old couple was living the dream life.

“Chen’er, you’re meant for greatness. There are many things that are beyond my judgement, so I don’t intend to intervene. However, you must remember to protect yourself no matter what you’re doing. Don’t forget that your family depends on you. The entire Veluriyam Capital too. There’s a heavy weight on your shoulders.” Jiang Feng wasn’t one to preach, but he couldn’t help giving his son this reminder.

Xu Meng looked at Jiang Chen with caring eyes. “Your father is right, Chen’er. You are meant for greatness, but even so, your safety comes first.”

Jiang Chen knew his parents were worried about him. He chuckled. “Don’t worry. Your son is more scared of death than you two believe.”

Xu Qingxuan snickered. “I don’t believe you, brother. I hear that you encountered great dangers and took a lot of willful risks to find my sister-in-law in Myriad Abyss.”

“Where did you get that from? Your brother is fine. What dangers are you talking about?”

“Haha, you’re still denying it! I admire you for that, brother. You’re the greatest man in the world. I’m going to find a dao partner like you, who will take any risks and do anything for the woman he loves without so much as a frown.”

Jiang Feng sighed softly. “I’ve heard as well, Chen’er. You and Huang’er will follow each other to the end of the world. I support you for that. If a man isn’t going to fight for the woman he loves, what good is an empire that he’s built for himself?”

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Ah, I really like Jiang Feng. He's a real bro, but not afraid to give voice to his emotions. He also gives the best one-liners. Does anyone remember when he was duke and said he'd rather raise pigs on his land than rent it to his enemy?